Are Mechanical Keyboards Better for Wrists?

are mechanical keyboards better for wrists

Are mechanical keyboards better for wrists? CTS, or Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, is caused by repetitive motion of the wrist. This syndrome is slowly becoming more and more common among computer users. Because it’s so prevalent among office workers, many companies opt for ergonomic keyboards to help prevent people from getting this condition.

According to the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke (NINDS), nearly 2 million individuals in the United States alone experienced hand pain due to carpal tunnel syndrome in 2013 alone. The severity of the pain caused by this condition is so debilitating that sufferers can’t eat, work, or even sleep without massive amounts of medication and physical therapy.

Ergonomically crafted with long-term typing in mind, these keyboards provide better biomechanics when sitting at work and alleviate a lot of the stress that causes CTS in the first place. When it comes to ergonomic keyboards, you’ll want one that supports comfortable positioning while typing and durable construction that will last.

Are Mechanical Keyboards Suitable for Your Wrist?

There’s no need to rely on those gimmicky ergonomic keyboards, either. They’re just as bad as those old standard keyboards. They’ll offer you a poor typing experience AND won’t help your wrist problems.

If you’re considering switching to a mechanical keyboard, there are tons of companies out there that try to convince you they’re the best option out there. But if you do your research, you’ll find that most big-name brands fall short of their promises and often don’t noticeably improve your typing experience.

While the number of physical keyboard designs might seem overwhelming, 99% are variations on a handful of basic designs. Soft button keyboards are standard, but our focus here will be mechanical keyboards. They are the right choice for 99% of typists.

You may have heard that type of keyboard isn’t the fastest, but when you’re in a hurry or need to make any edits, it certainly gets the job done in no time.

The standard keyboard can be used without much difficulty and is meant for “light” users, while the quick-type keyboard is more suited for power typists.

These keyboards are best suited for the kind of worker who has to deal with several tasks simultaneously. This could be because they are in an environment that is constantly moving, or their job requires them to be available at any time.

These keyboards are highly responsive and ergonomic, making it harder for users to develop issues like carpal tunnel syndrome. The switches used in Mechanical Keyboards make them more accurate, leading to fewer errors in typing.

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What Type of Keyboard is Best for the Wrist?

Not all ergonomic keyboards are created equal. Not only are these devices designed for comfort, but they are often the best performers in their respective classes. With mechanical keys, the individual switches that make up the keyboard feel mounted on a spring. This design makes you press the keys more accurately and with greater force, making it easier to touch type.

The main factors potentially contributing to the carpal tunnel are wrist travel and pivoting. Every time you have to shift your hands in a new position (or kick things to an odd angle), you’ll end up dealing with micro stress issues that build up to carpal tunnel symptoms. With an ergonomic keyboard, you can avoid that right away.

Using a mechanical keyboard’s mechanical switches, your fingers can more naturally glide from one button to the next. This improved functionality helps move tasks along without slowing you down.


Are mechanical keyboards better for wrists? Definitely, yes, they are. If you’re passionate about keeping your hands healthy and avoid injuries, a mechanical keyboard is a good idea. These keyboards are built to last, they feel great, and they’ll help you avoid carpal tunnel syndrome.

You won’t get far without your keyboard. Make sure to track down an ergonomic model, one that has a gentle curve, a nice ramp to elevate the keys, and a cushioned wrist pad for support.

Before you buy an affordable mechanical keyboard, do your research. Look for brands that stand the test of time, with a reputation of quality and a great warranty.

By Brandon S. Lee

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