List of 168 Keyboard Alt Keys Explained


In the vast world of computer keyboards, there lies a realm of hidden symbols and shortcuts, waiting to be discovered by the curious and the adventurous. While the familiar keys on our keyboards serve their everyday purposes, there exists a lesser-known realm accessed through the enigmatic Alt key. Unlocking this hidden domain unveils a treasure trove of 168 Alt keys, each holding its own symbol or function, ready to add depth and versatility to our digital communication. Join us on a fascinating journey as we explore the intricacies of these Alt keys, deciphering their meanings and unraveling the possibilities they bring. From expressive emoticons to intricate mathematical symbols, from decorative characters to functional shortcuts, this exploration will showcase the power and richness hidden beneath the surface of our keyboards.

With each Alt key combination, a unique world opens up, revealing a symbol or function that expands our creative and communicative capabilities. From the whimsical smiley faces and heart shapes to the practical bullet points and arrows, these Alt keys transcend the boundaries of the traditional QWERTY layout. Dive into the depths of the Alt key universe, and you’ll discover the means to express emotions, accentuate your messages, and venture into uncharted linguistic territories.

Beyond the familiar symbols and characters, the Alt keys embrace the diversity of languages, cultures, and disciplines. They provide access to accented letters, diacritical marks, and currency symbols, enabling us to communicate with precision and authenticity across borders. Moreover, the Alt keys offer a glimpse into the fascinating realm of mathematics and science, where special characters and symbols represent concepts and formulas with elegance and precision.

So, whether you’re a language enthusiast, a graphic designer seeking creative inspiration, or a mathematician unraveling complex equations, the 168 Alt keys await your exploration. Each combination holds the potential to transform your digital interactions, infusing them with nuance, expression, and efficiency.

Join us as we embark on this enlightening journey through the hidden world of Alt keys, demystifying their meanings, unraveling their functions, and unlocking new possibilities. Prepare to embrace the art of expression, the allure of symbolism, and the power of the Alt key as we delve into the fascinating landscape that lies beneath our fingertips.

List of keyboard Alt Keys

Alt KeySymbol/FunctionExplanation
Alt + 1Represents a smiling face.
Alt + 2Represents a black face.
Alt + 3Represents a heart shape.
Alt + 4Represents a diamond shape.
Alt + 5Represents a club shape.
Alt + 6Represents a spade shape.
Alt + 7Represents a bullet point or dot.
Alt + 8Represents a small circle with a dot in the center.
Alt + 9Represents an empty circle.
Alt + 10Represents a filled circle.
Alt + 11Represents the male gender.
Alt + 12Represents the female gender.
Alt + 13Represents a musical note.
Alt + 14Represents two connected musical notes.
Alt + 15Represents a sun.
Alt + 16Represents a right-pointing triangle.
Alt + 17Represents a left-pointing triangle.
Alt + 18Represents an up-down arrow.
Alt + 19Represents a double exclamation mark.
Alt + 20Represents a paragraph symbol.
Alt + 21§Represents a section symbol.
Alt + 22Represents a horizontal line.
Alt + 23Represents an up-down arrow with a base line.
Alt + 24Represents an upward arrow.
Alt + 25Represents a downward arrow.
Alt + 26Represents a right-pointing arrow.
Alt + 27Represents a left-pointing arrow.
Alt + 28Represents a right angle.
Alt + 29Represents a left-right arrow.
Alt + 30Represents an upward-pointing triangle.
Alt + 31Represents a downward-pointing triangle.
Alt + 32Represents a space.
Alt + 33!Represents an exclamation mark.
Alt + 34Represents a quotation mark.
Alt + 35#Represents a hash or number sign.
Alt + 36$Represents a dollar sign.
Alt + 37%Represents a percentage sign.
Alt + 38&Represents an ampersand or “and” sign.
Alt + 39Represents an apostrophe or single quotation mark.
Alt + 40(Represents an opening parenthesis.
Alt + 41)Represents a closing parenthesis.
Alt + 42*Represents an asterisk or multiplication sign.
Alt + 43+Represents a plus sign or addition sign.
Alt + 44,Represents a comma.
Alt + 45Represents a hyphen or minus sign.
Alt + 46.Represents a period or full stop.
Alt + 47/Represents a forward slash.
Alt + 480Represents the numeral zero.
Alt + 491Represents the numeral one.
Alt + 502Represents the numeral two.
Alt + 513Represents the numeral three.
Alt + 524Represents the numeral four.
Alt + 535Represents the numeral five.
Alt + 546Represents the numeral six.
Alt + 557Represents the numeral seven.
Alt + 568Represents the numeral eight.
Alt + 579Represents the numeral nine.
Alt + 58:Represents a colon.
Alt + 59;Represents a semicolon.
Alt + 60<Represents a less than sign or angle bracket.
Alt + 61=Represents an equals sign.
Alt + 62>Represents a greater than sign or angle bracket.
Alt + 63?Represents a question mark.
Alt + 64@Represents an at symbol.
Alt + 65ARepresents the letter A.
Alt + 66BRepresents the letter B.
Alt + 67CRepresents the letter C.
Alt + 68DRepresents the letter D.
Alt + 69ERepresents the letter E.
Alt + 70FRepresents the letter F.
Alt + 71GRepresents the letter G.
Alt + 72HRepresents the letter H.
Alt + 73IRepresents the letter I.
Alt + 74JRepresents the letter J.
Alt + 75KRepresents the letter K.
Alt + 76LRepresents the letter L.
Alt + 77MRepresents the letter M.
Alt + 78NRepresents the letter N.
Alt + 79ORepresents the letter O.
Alt + 80PRepresents the letter P.
Alt + 81QRepresents the letter Q.
Alt + 82RRepresents the letter R.
Alt + 83SRepresents the letter S.
Alt + 84TRepresents the letter T.
Alt + 85URepresents the letter U.
Alt + 86VRepresents the letter V.
Alt + 87WRepresents the letter W.
Alt + 88XRepresents the letter X.
Alt + 89YRepresents the letter Y.
Alt + 90ZRepresents the letter Z.
Alt + 91[Represents an opening square bracket.
Alt + 92\Represents a backslash.
Alt + 93]Represents a closing square bracket.
Alt + 94^Represents a caret or circumflex.
Alt + 95_Represents an underscore.
Alt + 96`Represents a backtick or grave accent.
Alt + 97aRepresents the letter a.
Alt + 98bRepresents the letter b.
Alt + 99cRepresents the letter c.
Alt + 100dRepresents the letter d.
Alt + 101eRepresents the letter e.
Alt + 102fRepresents the letter f.
Alt + 103gRepresents the letter g.
Alt + 104hRepresents the letter h.
Alt + 105iRepresents the letter i.
Alt + 106jRepresents the letter j.
Alt + 107kRepresents the letter k.
Alt + 108lRepresents the letter l.
Alt + 109mRepresents the letter m.
Alt + 110nRepresents the letter n.
Alt + 111oRepresents the letter o.
Alt + 112pRepresents the letter p.
Alt + 113qRepresents the letter q.
Alt + 114rRepresents the letter r.
Alt + 115sRepresents the letter s.
Alt + 116tRepresents the letter t.
Alt + 117uRepresents the letter u.
Alt + 118vRepresents the letter v.
Alt + 119wRepresents the letter w.
Alt + 120xRepresents the letter x.
Alt + 121yRepresents the letter y.
Alt + 122zRepresents the letter z.
Alt + 123{Represents an opening curly brace.
Alt + 124|Represents a vertical bar or pipe symbol.
Alt + 125}Represents a closing curly brace.
Alt + 126~Represents a tilde or approximately equal to sign.
Alt + 127Represents a house or home symbol.
Alt + 128ÇRepresents the letter C with a cedilla.
Alt + 129üRepresents the letter u with an umlaut or diaeresis.
Alt + 130éRepresents the letter e with an acute accent.
Alt + 131âRepresents the letter a with a circumflex.
Alt + 132äRepresents the letter a with an umlaut or diaeresis.
Alt + 133àRepresents the letter a with a grave accent.
Alt + 134åRepresents the letter a with a ring above.
Alt + 135çRepresents the letter c with a cedilla.
Alt + 136êRepresents the letter e with a circumflex.
Alt + 137ëRepresents the letter e with an umlaut or diaeresis.
Alt + 138èRepresents the letter e with a grave accent.
Alt + 139ïRepresents the letter i with an umlaut or diaeresis.
Alt + 140îRepresents the letter i with a circumflex.
Alt + 141ìRepresents the letter i with a grave accent.
Alt + 142ÄRepresents the letter A with an umlaut or diaeresis.
Alt + 143ÅRepresents the letter A with a ring above.
Alt + 144ÉRepresents the letter E with an acute accent.
Alt + 145æRepresents the letter ae.
Alt + 146ÆRepresents the letter AE.
Alt + 147ôRepresents the letter o with a circumflex.
Alt + 148öRepresents the letter o with an umlaut or diaeresis.
Alt + 149òRepresents the letter o with a grave accent.
Alt + 150ûRepresents the letter u with a circumflex.
Alt + 151ùRepresents the letter u with a grave accent.
Alt + 152ÿRepresents the letter y with an umlaut or diaeresis.
Alt + 153ÖRepresents the letter O with an umlaut or diaeresis.
Alt + 154ÜRepresents the letter U with an umlaut or diaeresis.
Alt + 155øRepresents the letter o with a slash or stroke.
Alt + 156£Represents the British pound sterling symbol.
Alt + 157ØRepresents the letter O with a slash or stroke.
Alt + 158×Represents a multiplication symbol or cross.
Alt + 159ƒRepresents the function symbol.
Alt + 160áRepresents the letter a with an acute accent.
Alt + 161íRepresents the letter i with an acute accent.
Alt + 162óRepresents the letter o with an acute accent.
Alt + 163úRepresents the letter u with an acute accent.
Alt + 164ñRepresents the letter n with a tilde.
Alt + 165ÑRepresents the letter N with a tilde.
Alt + 166ªRepresents the feminine ordinal indicator.
Alt + 167ºRepresents the masculine ordinal indicator.
Alt + 168¿Represents an inverted question mark.
Alt + 169®Represents the registered trademark symbol.
Alt + 170¬Represents a negation or logical not symbol.
Alt + 171½Represents one half.
Alt + 172¼Represents one quarter.
Alt + 173¡Represents an inverted exclamation mark.
Alt + 174«Represents an opening double angle quotation mark.
Alt + 175»Represents a closing double angle quotation mark.
Alt + 176Represents a light shade or block.
Alt + 177Represents a medium shade or block.
Alt + 178Represents a dark shade or block.
Alt + 179Represents a vertical line.
Alt + 180Represents a right T-intersection.
Alt + 181Represents a right T-intersection with a down bar.
Alt + 182Represents a left T-intersection with a down bar.
Alt + 183Represents an up T-intersection with a right bar.
Alt + 184Represents an up T-intersection with a left bar.
Alt + 185Represents a left T-intersection.
Alt + 186Represents a double vertical line or parallel lines.
Alt + 187Represents an up L-intersection with a right bar.
Alt + 188Represents a right L-intersection with an up bar.
Alt + 189¢Represents the cent symbol.
Alt + 190¥Represents the yen symbol.
Alt + 191Represents an up L-intersection with a left bar.
Alt + 192Represents a down L-intersection with a right bar.
Alt + 193Represents a down T-intersection.
Alt + 194Represents an up T-intersection.
Alt + 195Represents a right T-intersection with a left bar.
Alt + 196Represents a horizontal line or box drawing character.
Alt + 197Represents a four-way intersection.
Alt + 198ãRepresents the letter a with a tilde.
Alt + 199ÃRepresents the letter A with a tilde.
Alt + 200Represents a left L-intersection with a down bar.
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