How To Get Keyboard Cover To Stick?

how to get keyboard cover to stick

Mechanical devices are considered delicate and expensive gadgets in the world of tech. A nominal particle of sand or dust can destroy your devices silently. The drop of water can flow on the surface of your device to kill its run abilities. In these situations, a protector comes on the front to save your device from environmental factors, which happen suddenly. A user asked us how to get the keyboard cover to stick. It means he is suffering from security and safety issues with the keyboard.

The keyboards are crucial parts of our mechanical life and essential to run in the digital occupation. The safety of keyboards is a need for every user to use them for a long time. A keyboard cover works like a protector for keys, and the strategy of sticking this cover on the keyboard is common. 

How To Get Keyboard Cover To Stick?

The cover of keyboards requires some precautions during the procedure of applying it on the shell of the keyboard. Keep your keyboard clean, before devoting a protector. Spread the cover from one side to the other in a sequence. Use a plane card and drag it slowly within the cover, and make sure your cover gets thoroughly stuck to the shell of the keyboard.

You need to take precautions for sticking a cover on the keyboard. Before following on, let’s talk about some essential points.

  1. Choose the cover from a quality brand
  2. Make sure the presence of cleaning kit
  3. Get a microfiber cloth
  4. Get a double-sided tape
  5. Get a plane card and blower pump

These instruments will help you to make your process easy. So, collect these instruments before starting the action. By following some steps, you can get the keyboard cover to stick. 

Cleaning of Keyboard

At the start, you need to clean your keyboard with the help of a cleaning kit, microfibre cloth, blower pump, and cotton sticks. Take a cleaning kit and start to clean your keyboard properly. Make sure there are no little parts of dust on the exterior of the keyboard because they will not allow covering to stick on their areas. Clean the gaps of keys with the help of cotton sticks. Use a blower pump to fly the trimy particles away from the keyboard. Take a microfiber and drag it on your keyboard to make a final act of cleaning.

Choosing and Cleaning of Cover

Keep the size of your keyboard in mind before buying its cover. Try to buy an expensive cover if you want complete safety of your keyboard. Don,t open its box with a knife or metal because it may cut your cover. After bringing out the cover from the box, check both sides and make sure that they are squeaky-clean, and that there are no sticky particles on the lower side of the cover. Now, you have a new, perfect-sized, and clean cover for your keyboard.

Applying the Cover

It’s time to apply for the cover. Let,s start it step by step and apply all the techniques with awareness. 

  • Pick up the cover and select the lower side. 
  • Start laying it on the surface of the keyboard from one end to another slowly. 
  • Drag your hand on it one or two times to press it. 
  • Now lift it from a corner to verify stickiness.  
  • If it is heavy to lift, your cover is stuck. 
  • If it is lite to lift, your cover is not entirely stuck.

Try to Stick it With Plane Card

If the cover is loose and has bubbles of air in it, you need to press it lightly. You can use a plane card for this purpose. Take a plane card whose size is according to your keyboard and apply the cover with the help of this card. It will remove all the air bubbles within the laying time.

If you feel any looseness after that, take a blower pump. Switch on the warm air from the pump and throw this air on the cover from a distance. Keep far the pump from the keyboard during the action. It will help to stick the cover. 

Use Double-Sided Tape

The tape on the double side can also help you to stick the cover on the keyboard. Assume you fail to attach the cover after trying every procedure. In the end, try a double-sided tape for this purpose. Take four pieces of tape, and put their one side on the corners of the keyboard by removing the outside.

Let the cover and precise on the surface of the keyboard. Now, remove the upper outside of the tape pieces and put the cover on them. Press all the corners of the cover hard and check the stickiness. We are sure it will work smoothly for you.

Do Keyboard Covers Cause Overheating?

Overheating in keyboards is a major external problem for laptop and macOS users because their keyboards come connected to the screen. They consume the direct power from the system which causes overheating. On the other hand, the external keyboards are away from the problem of overheating because they consume indirect power from the PC. It is the difference between laptops and external keyboards according to the given problem.

The covers of the keyboard work to protect it from dirt, dust, and water drops. They have no concerns with overheating. However, the covers are protectors of keyboards and can absorb the limited heat of keyboards. So, the covers do not causes overheating in the keyboards. 


Keyboard covers are worthwhile and help to secure your keyboard from many factors which are harmful to them. As your question was how to get keyboard cover to stick. We’ve described some precautions and needed tools for this pursuit. You can follow up on the given instructions and step to get the keyboard cover stick. The keyboard cover also helps to absorb the heat of the keyboard and does not cause overheating. 

By Brandon S. Lee

Hi, My name Brandon S.Lee and I am a professional Gamer, I also worked with the keyboard making company called Logitech. I was the quality check manager of the Logitech keyboard department. Here we have a team of people who researched on the keyboards, talked with keyboard users and analyzes the user reviews and then write the product reviews.

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