How to Fix MacBook Keyboard not Working Issue?


Apple Devices are considered one of the best devices that people can use, and all the devices that Apple launches have different beautiful features that make it very easy for people. MacBook is a very excellent device, and although the Mac is also a laptop, the status a Mac holds is very different from that of other laptops. However, just like other devices, there have been specific issues with the Mac that people find irritating, and one of these issues that many people face is the MacBook keyboard not working. It can be challenging to use your MacBook if your keyboard needs to be fixed. Hence, you can easily use all the methods described here to resolve all the issues with your MacBook Keyboard so that you can use it without any trouble.

What are the main reasons for MacBook Keyboard Not Working?

It is common for people to question and know the reasons why my mac keys are not working. So, if you are also worrying about the same, then here are the most common causes why you might not be able to use the Keyboard of your Mac.

  1. Issues with Dust and other contaminants on your Keyboard
  2. Incorrect software settings of your Mac Keyboard prevent proper functioning.
  3. Complex applications on your MacBook are interfering with your MacBook’s working.
  4. Technical Bugs and glitches that are irritating the MacBook Keyboard.
  5. Broken Keyboard

How can you fix the Keyboard of your MacBook?

It can be very troubling to use a keyboard that is not working very efficiently, and that is why people look for methods that they can use to know how to unfreeze macbook air. You can refer to all the solutions we are discussing here to resolve the issues you are facing with your Keyboard.

Method 1: Thoroughly Clean your Keyboard

The dust and debris settling on the keyboard are the most prominent reasons people face issues with their Keyboards. This is why it is essential for people to regularly clean the dust and debris that are settled on the Keyboard. You need to clean the keyboard using a compressed straw to blow air between the keys and repeat the pattern a few times until you can use the Keyboard without issues.

Method 2: Check the battery of your MacBook


If your Apple laptop keyboard keys are not working then, you need to check your laptop’s charging as you will not be able to use the MacBook or the Keyboard if it has low charging. Before trying any new or complex method, you need to see if your laptop works after having enough charging.

Method 3: Look for Updates of the Applications on your Macbook

The MacBook you are using will not be able to use the Keyboard of your device if there are some issues with the applications installed on your MacBook. To resolve all the issues that your keyboard is facing, you need to look for all the recent updates of the applications downloaded on your device. You can also look for the update of the Operating system that they are using on your MacBook to resolve your issues.

We hope that you can use all the methods that we are sharing here to fix your MacBook Keyboard or you can also restart the Touch bar of your keyboard to fix issues with the Touch Bar on your MacBook Pro Keyboard from the settings of your device.

By Brandon S. Lee

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