What Keyboard Does BenjyFishy Use

what keyboard does benjyfishy use

Benjy Fish is a twitch streamer who plays Valorant as a part of NRG. He hails from the United Kingdom and previously remained in Fortnite competitive circle while qualifying for the world cup four times.

Since everyone wants to know what keyboard does BenjyFishy use for his Valorant streaming, I have explained in this article all the details. Let us look at the BenjyFishy gear for the Valorant and twitch streaming.

What Keyboard Does NRG BenjyFishy Use?

The answer to the question of which keyboard does BenjyFishy use is straightforward. Like most competitive gamers and streamers, he has selected SteelSeries Apex Pro TKL as his primary driver for playing Valorant. 

The reason for the popularity of the Apex Pro TKL is its highly customizable keys that become handy for gaming due to the customized setting per key switch. The key switches are not only customizable but also highly accurate. 

The OmniPoint switches have a 0.7ms response time while having only a 0.4mm actuation point. It is 8x faster for response time and 5x faster for actuation than the standard mechanical keyboard.

Besides that, BenjyFishy prefers Apex Pro TKL due to its handy software and lots of customizations on its offering. It has an aircraft-grade aluminum body fitted with an OLED display making it desirable among gamers and streamers.

What Mouse does BenjyFishy Use?

BenjyFishy is picky when it comes to picking the gaming mouse. He has changed several mice before settling for the Razer Viper Ultimate V2. It is a worth investing mouse as it is a direct upgrade over the Award-winning Razer Viper Ultimate. 

It is 20% lighter than its predecessor and comes in handy when you want to play a game for long hours. The lightweight design of Razer Viper Ultimate V2 makes it reliable for fast reaction time as you don’t get the hand fatigued easily

Razer Viper Ultimate V2 is a top choice for BenjyFishy and other pro gamers because of its 30K Razer Focus sensor Pro optical sensor. It is not only high on the specs sheet but a real performer when put to the test. It packs 70G acceleration and 99% resolution accuracy, so that you can trust it for gaming.

Despite all the tech involved in Razer Viper Ultimate V2, it still packs a decent battery life. BenjyFishy uses this mouse, and it can give almost 80 hours of battery life. The type-C rechargeable design is there for you if the battery dies during the gameplay. 

What Mousepad does BenjyFishy Use?

The mousepad selection is absolute towards utility and comfort as the smart choice of BenjyFishy regarding the peripherals. He uses a Gamesense Radar mousepad and Razer Viper Ultimate V2 when playing Valorant for streaming.

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The mousepad provides accurate tracking while giving flawless control during the gameplay. The anti-slip rubber base supports swift movement, while a highly durable microfiber surface offers a long-lasting and humidity-resistant surface.

Final Words

In this competitive space of pro gaming and streaming, BenjyFishy is a famous name for his Fortnite and Valorant gameplay. His fans always wanted to know what keyboard does BenjyFishy use for gameplay. Hopefully, this article has addressed the answer in detail with insights into the peripherals he uses.

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