What Do the G keys Do on Gaming Keyboards

what do the g keys do on gaming keyboards

Have you recently bought a gaming keyboard and wondered what the G keys do on gaming keyboards? Well! You don’t have any clue about their working, especially if you have purchased the gaming keyboard for the first time. The G keys on these keyboards are there to save your time. Every gaming keyboard from popular manufacturers has the G keys that stand for Macro and help you multitask for various purposes. Their location can vary depending on the model and make (mainly on the left side), but the function remains the same for most keyboards.

What do the G keys do on Gaming Keyboards?

G keys are buttons that help you achieve the custom purposes and utilize them as macros. You can use these keys for gaming and different functions in Windows. They come with programmable software and help you modify them anytime you need them. It is possible to program the G keys on the keyboard for performing several keystrokes. Each time you press them, they repeat the action repeatedly according to the set value.

While gaming, you need a combination of keys to achieve the desired combo by pressing two or more keys. The problem with pressing two keys is that you can mistype them, resulting in a delayed response. In that case, you can use the G keys and utilize one key to perform the same role you can achieve with the combination of keys.

In this way, you can quickly get the function from the assigned keys and help you act without pressing the buttons repeatedly. Whether it is your gaming routine or some programming work, G keys can help get the job done smartly. You can rely on these keys to get the most out of the keyboard and be productive for your work.

How to Use and Program G Key

Whether you have a Corsair or Logitech keyboard, searching for how to use G keys on the Corsair keyboard is probably the first drill that you search about the newly bought gaming keyboard. Assigning the functions and making them work need following the manufacturer guidelines. Although these guidelines can vary depending on the manufacturer, we will keep the things simple to let you use them on any keyboard with G keys.

The functions on the G keys are also known as Macros. Previously you needed software like iCUE to program Corsair G keys. However, you don’t need the software with the improved and new technology these days. Some keyboards offer onboard settings for setting the Macros. However, we will guide you through the software to program the G keys according to the function you need from the G keys on the keyboard.

  • Download and install iCUE or related software according to your keyboard and open it.
  • Click on your keyboard from the software to create and modify the Macro. It is present in the main window of the program.
  • Now go to the Action tab and create a new action by clicking on the + button. It will show that Macron is the default action to get picked by iCUE software.
  • For creating the Macro, you better need to open a Word document. Press the Windows Key + M key on the keyboard to record the Macro.
  • Once you finish recording the macro, press the Windows + M key again to stop recording the Macro.
  • Next, you will need to assign the key to the Macro and go ahead by saving it.
  • Confirm that the Macro you just created is working fine. Once you check that the Macro works, you can program other keys easily.

Besides the usual way to create the Macros and program the G keys on the keyboard, you can explore the advanced options. Going to the Advanced Settings and modifying the action trigger can help you delay or program the keypress and action mechanism easily. 

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Do G Keys worth it?

G keys on keyboards can help you trigger the commands or complex functions easily with the help of only a single keypress. If you are looking for an easy solution to handle a function that requires repeated keypress, G keys work amazingly for the job. Moreover, gamers and streamers like the G keys set up Macros to help them land combos quickly to get a competitive edge over the opponents. 

If you do not need all these luxuries from the keyboard, you can go with the keyboard without G keys. However, it is most evident that you still might need the keyboard with G keys as they can help you do tasks faster in the future. So it is always better to invest in G keys as they can help gamers and other users equally for performing repeated actions on a single keypress.

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