Where is the Insert Key on HP Laptop?

where is the insert key on hp laptop

We don’t often use the insert key frequently, but it becomes essential to use it when dealing with long writing assignments for editing and writing. But most users don’t know where is the insert key on HP laptop, so they can use it to edit long documents.

The Insert key is typically present on full-sized keyboards, but it differs slightly on laptop keyboards. So while it’s impossible to find an actual Insert key on some laptop keyboards, you can still have difficulty finding it on other keyboards.

The difference is due to the compactness of the laptop as they are getting smaller and smarter. It forces the manufacturer to remove some keys not frequently used. It helps them design a laptop that is convenient to carry and compact in size.

The location of the insert key can differ between manufacturer and laptop designs. However, we got you covered as we will guide you through the details about the Insert key location and invoke its functionality if it is absent from your HP laptop keyboard.

Where Is the Insert Key on Hp Laptop Keyboards?

If you have ever tried to find the Insert key on your laptop, the chances are that it isn’t where you expected it to be, as laptops tend to have a different layout than desktop keyboards. The good news is that since the key is so rarely used, sometimes all it takes is being aware of where it could be and then hunting for it until you find it. We break down exactly where this elusive key could be so that you can easily find it the next time you need to use it.

Upper Right Corner of Keyboard

You can find the Insert key with ease as it’s on the top right corner of your laptop keyboard, which is relatively easier to find on the keyboard. In some cases, this button can also be part of a multi-purpose Fn + key combination such as Fn + Insert, so don’t forget to try this out if you haven’t already.

0 Key on Numpad

Some laptops have a full-size keyboard with Numpad. In those laptops, the insert key works with turning the Numpad On. In this case, pressing the Num Lock turns on the Numpad. Clicking the 0 key can serve the same purpose as the insert key on the standard keyboard. The shift key facilitates overriding the Num Lock when it’s functional. So the combination works similarly to the insert key.

Combination of keys

In a few instances, you may find that insert functionality remains hidden by a combination of unlocking arrows keys. While it seems like a minor detail, it can be frustrating to try and work out when such an obvious function can activate with a simple keypress.

In a few HP laptops, you can activate the hidden functionality of the Insert key by using the combination of Fn + E combination. While the functionality remains native to HP, it is not widely shared in other laptops. If you have one of those laptops models, you can search the model and manufacturer of your laptop online and figure out how the insert function works on that specific model.

Absence of insert key

You may learn that your laptop doesn’t have any insert key in some cases. We have not faced such a case yet, but we cannot rule out the possibility as the manufacturers are doing innovative things with every model. 

If you encounter the situation, going through the following section can help. We will provide you with all the information you need for an alternative to inserting the key or activating it using more straightforward methods. You won’t miss the insert functionality anymore after reading the methods.

Absence of insert key – what to do?

A missing Insert key can be very problematic since the key may be used for several different actions. However, following some simple steps could help you invoke the function without requiring the Insert key.

Custom layout

A modified keyboard layout helps to reallocate the keyboard keys according to work or gaming needs at any time of the day. It allows creating key combinations or adding the insert key functionality by bounding it with other keys. 

Use the onscreen keyboard

For Windows laptops, an onscreen keyboard is a significant relief when you cannot find the insert key on the physical keyboard. Although it is not one of the most suitable situations for using the insert key, it helps to have functionality as a final solution.

Where is the insert key on an HP laptop?

Few HP laptops do not have any insert key. You won’t find the key in any form or shape as these models don’t have a dedicated insert key. However, HP has designed a key combination to start the insert mode. 

If you are in a similar situation and don’t know how to Use the Insert Key on your Hp Laptop, you can use the Fn + E combination. We don’t understand why HP has hidden the functionality behind the key combination. The good thing is that they have provided a workaround.

How to get out of insert mode in an HP laptop?

Getting into the insert mode is simple for most HP and other laptops. However, when you use a key combination like Fn + E to activate the insert mode, you must press the combination again to deactivate it. Most people are unaware of it, making it challenging to get out of the HP laptop insert mode.

How do you shift insert on an HP laptop?

To shift the “Insert” key on an HP laptop, you need to press the “FN” key along with the “0” key (the “0” key is usually located at the top of the numeric keypad). The “FN” key is typically located near the bottom left of the keyboard and is used to access secondary functions on certain keys.

When you press the “FN” and “0” keys together, it will activate the “Insert” key, allowing you to switch between inserting and overwriting text. This is a convenient feature that can help you work more efficiently, especially when you need to make changes to a document.

It’s important to note that not all HP laptops have this feature, and it may vary based on the model and the keyboard layout. Some HP laptops have a dedicated “Insert” key, while others may not have this key at all. In these cases, you will need to use a different method to access the “Insert” function.

Final Words

Although the insert key is not one of the essential keys of the keyboard, it will indeed become annoying if you find yourself in a situation where you need it. You don’t know how to activate the insert mode resulting in frustration. 

While it’s uncommon for a laptop to completely remove the insert key, they are often located in a place that may seem obscure and thus make them hard to find – but fear not! If you cannot locate your key, alternative methods will help you!

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