How to Connect HP Wireless Keyboard Without Receiver

how to connect hp wireless keyboard without receiver

To understand how to connect HP wireless keyboard without a receiver, you first need to understand how the wireless keyboard actually works.

There are 3 types of keyboards that you can purchase from the market today. The first ones are wired keyboards which are the oldest and require a wired connection with your PC or laptop.

Next comes the wireless keyboards. These are available in two categories. The Bluetooth keyboards and the RF keyboards.

The Bluetooth keyboards are the latest and do not require a receiver, while the RF keyboards come with their own receiver.

Bluetooth keyboards are designed to work with PC, laptops, smartphones, and tablets and can be connected directly by using the Bluetooth connection from any device.

The conventional wireless keyboards may or may not possess Bluetooth functionality and work on Radio Frequency. Each keyboard model has a specific frequency and works only with its own receiver.

The receiver is a small device like a USB dongle and hence you can lose it or misplace it easily. If you have lost the receiver for your wireless keyboard, then you might think you have to buy a new keyboard.

Well, that’s not the case. In this post, we will discuss in detail how to connect a wireless HP keyboard without a receiver.

So, without any further ado, let’s get right to it.

How to connect HP Wireless Keyboard without Receiver (Bluetooth Method)

As I have mentioned above, your HP wireless keyboard may or may not possess Bluetooth functionality. Well, if there is a Bluetooth icon or button on your keyboard then you are in luck.

Even if you have lost the receiver, you will still be able to connect the device with your PC easily.

Just follow these simple steps, and your HP keyboard with be back in action in no time.

  • Press the Bluetooth button or switch on your Keyboard.
  • Go to your PC’s Settings. To do that go to Start Menu>Settings.
  • Click on the Devices icon. It will be the second icon from the left.
  • Click on Bluetooth and Other Devices tab.
  • In the right window, your Bluetooth settings will appear.
  • Toggle the Bluetooth switch to turn it on.
  • Click on Add Bluetooth Device option once you have turned on the Bluetooth.
  • The computer will automatically scan all the nearby Bluetooth devices.
  • When your HP keyboard appears in options, click on it.
  • Depending on the model of your keyboard, instructions will appear about the connection.
  • Follow the instructions strictly and you will connect to your keyboard successfully.

These steps will work perfectly if your wireless keyboard has Bluetooth functionality. Hence, you will be able to connect to the keyboard without needing the receiver.

Not Working? Check the Following

Let’s say your keyboard has the Bluetooth icon but you were not able to connect it to the PC or it is not appearing in the Bluetooth search.

You can try the following solutions to make it work.

  • Check if your HP keyboard is turned on. Open the battery slot on the back and make sure that you have working batteries in the keyboard.
  • Make sure that your PC has an internet connection and all the drivers are up-to-date. The internet connection will allow the PC to automatically search and download the drivers for the keyboard if they are not available.
  • If the above option doesn’t work, you can go to the manufacturer’s website and download the drivers manually.
  • If there is a pairing button on the keyboard, make sure to press it during the pairing process.
  • If your HP keyboard comes with Swift Pair technology, make sure to press when the option appears “Would you like to receive notifications for Swift Pair”.

These are some of the fixes you can try if you are unable to connect the HP keyboard using the method mentioned above.

However, you must remember that these methods only work for keyboards that have Bluetooth functionality in them.

How to Connect Wireless HP Keyboard without a Receiver? (No Bluetooth)

If your HP keyboard works on a specific radio frequency, then you won’t be able to use it without the receiver or the dongle.

The reason is, that each keyboard is paired with a specific radio frequency and dongle in the factory, and it cannot be done again at home.

However, there are still a couple of tricks you can try to make it work before you purchase a new keyboard.

Trying Another Receiver

If you have an older RF receiver dongle at home, you can try plugging it in. It might or might not work with your current wireless keyboard but there is no harm in trying.

Contact Customer Support

You can contact HP customer support staff and request a new receiver for your wireless HP keyboard. You can send them the model number of the device and get a custom one made.

HP has very efficient customer support staff who might be able to help you out with the issue.

Purchase Universal Receiver

Brands like Logitech have started making universal RF receivers that work with most of the available wireless devices.

So, if no other option works then you can purchase a universal receiver or dongle and try working with it. The universal receivers may or may not work with your HP keyboard and other wireless devices.

It will receive the signals from your wireless HP keyboard and hence you will be able to use it again.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I connect my wireless HP keyboard with a receiver?

If you have the receiver or dongle, simply plug it in and start using the keyboard. Most keyboards install drivers themselves.

How do I connect my wireless HP keyboard without a receiver through Bluetooth?

We have shared a detailed guide above on how you can connect an HP keyboard through Bluetooth connectivity. Follow the step-by-step guide.

Can I connect my wireless HP keyboard without a receiver if it has no Bluetooth?

Yes, there are still a couple of tricks you can try before giving up hope. Read the above guide for more details.

Final Words

Even if you have lost the receiver to your HP wireless keyboard, there are still plenty of ways to connect it to a PC or Laptop. In the above post, we have shared detailed steps through which you can connect a wireless HP keyboard without receiver. We hope the guide is helpful in resolving the problem. Good Luck!


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