Can You Use A Keyboard On A Laptop? Let’s Find Out!

can you use a keyboard on a laptop

Can You Use A Keyboard On A Laptop? The answer is yes, but only if the laptop has a USB port, which we think, all laptops have. The USB port connects to the keyboard, so you can’t use a keyboard with your laptop if you don’t have one.

The other option is to use an external keyboard. If you have an external keyboard or mouse, it will come with instructions on how to connect it to your laptop. You can also buy keyboards with Bluetooth capability that can be connected wirelessly.

Moreover, there are many benefits of having an external keyboard for hardcore productivity. It includes comfort, as you don’t need to stick close to your laptop.

Other than that, your laptop keyword won’t wear out or look overused if you’re a keyboard warrior and trying to sell it somewhere.

You can learn about the benefits of connecting a USB or mechanical keyboard to a laptop below!

Benefits Of Connecting An External Keyboard To Your Laptop

When you’re using a laptop, the keyboard is often one of the smallest parts of your screen, and it’s easy to feel cramped. But if you have an external keyboard, you can add more space by putting it in front of your laptop screen.

External keyboards come in all shapes and sizes, but they all do basically the same thing: They let you type on a larger surface than what’s available on your laptop’s built-in keyboard.

If you want to use your laptop on a desk or table-top instead of on your lap, an external keyboard can help with that too. You can place it right next to your laptop so that its keys face outward, making it easy to use two hands at once.

Also, it works well if you require more space for certain tasks, like playing games or using software tools like Photoshop or Illustrator. Especially when working with graphics-intensive programs that require lots of keystrokes at once.

Better Ergonomics:

The external mechanical keyboard has better ergonomics than the built-in keyboard. It’s more comfortable to use, and it doesn’t make your hands hurt as much as the built-in keyboard.

Furthermore, it is easier to type on because it is bigger than the built-in one. The keys are spaced further apart and are larger, which makes it easier for you to hit the right key without having to look at it.

Wireless Keyboard Over Wired For Laptop:

Another advantage of an external keyboard is that you have a choice between wired and wireless models. Wireless keyboards are convenient since they don’t require any wires or cables to connect them to your computer.

However, they cannot transmit across as much distance as wired keyboards can (wireless keyboards generally use Bluetooth). Also, they are more durable than wireless ones because they do not require batteries or charging stations as wireless devices do.


External gaming keyboards are more durable: The internal laptop keyboard can easily be damaged when the computer is moved because it is attached to the laptop via a ribbon cable, which can easily break if tugged on too hard.

The external laptop keyboard uses a USB connector, which is much more durable than a ribbon cable connection.

Easier To Replace And Upgrade:

External PC keyboards are easier to replace and upgrade. Because you do not have to disassemble your laptop in order to access the internal keyboard, you can simply remove the external keyboard and use it with another device or buy a new one.

In contrast, you can’t do the same with internal laptop keyboards. You will need to take apart your laptop in order to access it. It means that you will have to find a way of dealing with all the other components inside your computer and protecting them from damage as you work on them.

Easy To Clean:

You can clean a PC keyboard with zero to no effort without needing some special tools.

  • To do this, first, unplug the keyboard from your computer.
  • Then remove any dust or dirt using a soft cloth.
  • If you have a spill on your keyboard or if there is some sticky substance that won’t come off.
  • Try using rubbing alcohol on the cloth.
  • You can also use an old toothbrush to get into hard-to-reach places on the keys themselves.

Mechanical Keyboard’s Backlit Keys Will Make It Easier To Type At Night:

Some laptop doesn’t come with a backlit keyboard. Therefore, you just need to keep your lamp on if you want to do some light chores on your laptop. Though, it’s not recommended to use your laptop with the lights off, because it can affect your eyes.

But if you want to, you can use a mechanical keyboard. Surprisingly, its backlighting feature comes in handy when you need to type a lot at night and don’t want to disturb others around you.

It also helps with typing in dimly-lit areas, such as your bedroom, where there may not be much light coming in through the windows or other sources.

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External Keyboards Have More Shortcut Keys and Special Keys:

When you are working with an external keyboard, you will find that it has more shortcut keys and special keys than your laptop keyboard. Also, they are likely to include extra navigation buttons and media controls that are missing from laptop keyboards.

You can even find Bluetooth versions that let you connect the keyboard to your desktop computer or tablet. Similarly, you may not need these extras if you just use your laptop for basic tasks such as word processing or web browsing.

But if you’re a gamer or designer who needs access to more features, it pays to look for an external keyboard with extra buttons and controls.

External Laptop Keyboard Reduces Eye And Neck Strain:

A recent survey by the National Library of Medicine showed that 50% of respondents had experienced eye strain, back pain, or other health problems due to using their laptops.

The study found that, on average, people spend about six hours a day working on their laptops. This is a lot of time spent in one position and can cause muscle strain and eye fatigue.

External laptop keyboards offer an alternative for those who want to reduce the amount of time they spend sitting in front of their screens. They also provide better ergonomics for those who spend a lot of time typing on their devices.

How Can You Use A PC Keyboard On A Laptop?

You can connect a PC keyboard to your laptop. You can also use a wireless keyboard if you don’t want to deal with wires.

Step 1: Connect the Keyboard to Your Laptop:

First, plug the USB cable into your laptop, and then plug the other end into the back of the keyboard.

If you have a wireless keyboard, there should be a place on it where you can insert batteries. Insert four AA batteries into this space and turn on your computer. If you don’t have any batteries, they should come with your wireless keyboard.

Step 2: Set Up Your Keyboard:

After turning on your computer, wait for it to boot up completely before continuing with these instructions. Then go through these steps:

1) Open up “Control Panel” by clicking on “Windows Key” + R and typing “control panel” in the search box (or right-clicking on the start button). Click on “Control Panel” in the results list if it’s not already open.

2) Click on “Hardware and Sound” or type it into the search bar in the top left corner of the Control Panel.

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How Can You Use A Wireless Keyboard On A Laptop?

Bluetooth keyboards connect via Bluetooth to your laptop. It’s the best option if you want to use your laptop for a short period of time on a desktop computer or tablet that doesn’t have an RF receiver.

It’s also good if you want to use your keyboard with multiple devices since it’s compatible with virtually any device that supports Bluetooth pairing.

On the other hand, RF keyboards connect via radio waves to an RF receiver in your laptop’s USB port or on its surface (it looks like a little black box).

It’s suitable if you want to use your laptop for more than a few minutes at a time on a desktop computer or tablet that doesn’t have Bluetooth support. RF keyboards tend to be more expensive than Bluetooth ones, but they’re also more reliable and easier to set up.


We have deeply answered your query, Can You Use A Keyboard On A Laptop. Also, we tried to cover why you should use an external keyboard with your laptop? In the end, we want to say that it feels great to have an external keyboard.

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