6 Best Wireless Keyboard for Accountants

Accountancy is the work that entails sheer focus, effort, and enough time even after using excel or any other software for accurate data.  Although the usual task of accountants involves data collection, recording, analysis, and reporting for organization/business, accuracy, speed, and consistency with the keyboard are the key factors for them.

As accountants have to spend most of their time on computers pressing keyboard keys persistently, so best keyboard for the office is indispensable.

Without the best keyboard for day trading, this task may not just turn out to be harder but delayed as well when it badly cast down your typing speed and accuracy in work. In particular, there is not any dedicated keyboard available for accountants whereas, the keyboard with some specific features can prove to be a game-changer.

The keyboard that caters to the majority of speed-improving features along with ergonomic and comfort aesthetics for hands (wrists) would be great for accountancy tasks. In context to this, you can consider the best mechanical keyboards for accountants for accuracy and increase in typing speed.

If you end up picking a complex keyboard, it would make you put extra effort into work and you will not be able to surge your typing speed and efficiency in work, thence we sorted valuable guide to help you find the right keyboard for office work.

At first, we decided to arrange the top ten keyboards for accountants, but later narrow down the list to abate the factor of confusion and brought the 6 best keyboards with key features you would need in accounting work the most.

There are a lot of reasons to trust in us because we are expert in guiding with the keyboard and switches. We have provided the list of the keyboards after complete analyzes of 1000 keyboards and through the weeks of the research. We have listed the 5 stars keyboard with their feature comparisons and as things which required for an accountant to have with a keyboard.

Let’s look into our Best-picked professional keyboards and check out the features that make them great:

Top 6 Best Wireless Keyboard for Accountants

Image Product Unqiue Features Price
Logitech Ergo K860 Logitech Ergo K860
  • Wireless range:10 m
  • Improved Typing Posture
  • Perfect Stroke Key
  • Ergonomist Approved
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Apple Magic Keyboard Apple Magic Keyboard
  • Magic Keyboard with Numeric Keypad
  • controls for quick scrolling and full-size arrow keys for gaming
  • A scissor mechanism beneath each key
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Logitech G613 Logitech G613
  • Wireless technology for super-fast 1 ms report rate
  • Romer G mechanical switches deliver quiet
  • G613 delivers up to 18 months
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Microsoft Surface Keyboard Microsoft Surface Keyboard
  • Compatible with Microsoft Windows 10 phone, Android 4.4.2-5.0
  • Sleek and simple design
  • Optimized feedback and return force.
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Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic
  • Split keyset design helps to position wrists
  • Cushioned palm rest provides support
  • Domed keyboard design positions wrists at a natural
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Redragon K556 Redragon K556
  • Mechanical Brown Switches
  • 18 Backlit Modes
  • N-key Rollover, Ergonomic And Durable Design
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1. Logitech Ergo K860 Wireless Ergonomic Keyboard

Logitech ERGO K860 Wireless Ergonomic Keyboard - Split Keyboard,...
  • Wireless range:10 m (33-ft) wireless range
  • Improved Typing Posture: Type more naturally with a curved, split keyframe and reduce muscle strain on your wrists and forearms thanks to the sloping...
  • Pillowed Wrist Rest: Curved wrist rest with memory foam layer offers typing comfort with 54 per cent more wrist support; 25 per cent less wrist bending...
Ergo K860 by Logitech is the premium ergonomic, full-size, split, and curved keyboard along with a number pad. This ergonomic keyboard can be a great pick for accountants as the split and curved keyframe cuts pressure on forearms and wrists.

Not just a construction of the keyboard is an interesting factor but the device is competent to take you by amazed through its all-round compatibility and 2 years long batteries’ life so that you will get edge of performance. The board is introduced with both connectivity technologies so it can be used wireless or with wire.

Quality Features of Keyboard

  • Great Wrist Support

The keyboard supported thickly padded palm rest in a curve design to decrease wrist bending up to 25% that contribute much in wrist support, if you have to work longer at the office this is the perfect input device you can ever get. Adjustable wrist lift is the factor that makes this keyboard stand out by offering natural posture for typing and utmost comfort for the wrist.

  • Low profile keys

It is rare to get low-profile keys when it comes to the ergonomic keyboard, Logitech Ergo K860 is the keyboard supplied with silent low-profile keys with the lowest actuation point. As well the keys are carefully crafted for flexibility, comfort, and accuracy.

  • Others

This ergonomist certified keyboard can connect via Bluetooth or USB receiver; functional keys can be customized for easy control.

  • Interesting Split design keyboard
  • Promote natural typing
  • Multimedia keys (customizable)
  • Full-size layout
  • Compatible with almost all devices
  • Backlighting
  • High maintenance required
  • On a pricey side

2. Apple Magic Keyboard

Apple Magic Keyboard with Numeric Keypad (Wireless, Rechargable)...
15,370 Customer Reviews
Apple Magic Keyboard with Numeric Keypad (Wireless, Rechargable)...
  • Magic Keyboard with Numeric Keypad features an extended layout, with document navigation controls for quick scrolling and full-size arrow keys for gaming
  • A scissor mechanism beneath each key allows for increased stability, while optimized key travel and a low profile provide a comfortable and precise typing...
  • The numeric keypad is also great for spreadsheets and finance applications
The new magic in the Apple Magic keyboard is all about adding a 10-keys Numpad for some good reasons. The updated version contains all the characteristics of the previous Magic keyboard, it is lightweight, ultra-slim, and wireless peripheral granting you the finest typing experience with pace and precision.

Due to the popular demand of accountants, engineers, and coders, Apple had to add standard numeric keys on the right, however, a little change in layout makes it incredibly best for working and gaming. If you are into simplicity this keyboard serves you the best in this context, unbox it, put it on, and start working.

Quality Features of Keyboard

  • Scissor Switch & Layout

This Magic from apple carried soft-to-touch scissor switches for better stability while the keys are kept a low profile with enhanced key travel to deliver ultra-precise and comfortable typing.  The layout of the keyboard supports the unique keyboard layout of Mac therefore key remapping will not be needed with it.

  • Integrated battery & Lightning chargeable

The keyboard is powered by a rechargeable integral battery that is in charge of the power keyboard for a month or more. Other than USB, you can charge the keyboard using Apple’s lightning, the keyboard comes with a lightning to the USB port.

  • Shortcut keys

The full-sized Magic model offers 19 function keys to control functions in one-touch, however, the previous version welcomed you with around 12 shortcut keys.

  • Slim and lightweight keyboard
  • 109 keys with Numpad
  • Extended battery life
  • Lightning connectivity (wired)
  • Multimedia keys
  • Wireless connection via Bluetooth
  • No backlit
  • Lack of palm rest
  • Only Mac compatible

3. Logitech G613 Lightspeed Wireless Keyboard

Logitech G613 LIGHTSPEED Wireless Mechanical Gaming Keyboard,...
5,104 Customer Reviews
Logitech G613 LIGHTSPEED Wireless Mechanical Gaming Keyboard,...
  • Lightspeed: Wireless technology for super-fast 1 ms report rate
  • Romer G mechanical switches deliver quiet, precise mechanical performance and 70 million click life for incredible feel and durability
  • 6 programmable G keys put custom macro sequences and in app commands at your fingertips. 1 Customize G key profiles individually for each app
Next up is the rarest gaming keyboard with a wireless connection, Logitech G613 is although not new but still comes in top charts for high-performance mechanical keyboards. Even though it is not a portable design that saves space on your desk but 104 keys including Numpad make it better for accountants to use at offices.

This lightning-fast keyboard includes mechanical switches like Romer G switches that provide smooth and enjoyable typing sessions. The build quality of the keyboard scored well whereas the wrist rest and adjustable lift legs are the key aspects of comfortable typing.

Quality Features of Keyboard

  • Ultra-fast Wireless & Bluetooth

Logitech G613 keyboard justifies the word ‘Lightspeed’ in its name through speedy wireless with a response time of 1 millisecond. Too, you can switch the device with just a simple button click when you are done connecting via Bluetooth.

  • Mechanical Switches

The keyboard holds Romer-G (tactile) mechanical switches that offer precise and low noise performance, with 3.2mm key travel and require little actuation force, collectively making keys responsive.

  • G-keys

However, the keyboard featured six programmable keys or G-keys to make controlling easier, these keys can be programmed with in-app commands and custom macros.

  • Durable keyboard
  • Flawless wireless connection
  • Good compatibility
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • 18-month AA batteries’ life
  • Absence of backlighting
  • Not supported palm rest
  • Bulky design

4. Microsoft Surface Keyboard

Microsoft Surface Keyboard, WS2-00025, Silver
  • Compatible with Windows 10 / 8. 1 / 8, Mac OS 10.10.5 / 10.11.1 / 10.11.4, Microsoft Windows 10 phone, Android 4.4.2-5.0
  • Sleek and simple design
  • Optimized feedback and return force.Multimedia key life: 500,000 actuations per key

Microsoft Surface Keyboard is one of the most popular picks for offices or home offices, slim design goes well with the soft grey look whereas the keyboard is considerately crafted to promote an ideal typing experience.  The perfect engineering in terms of height, travel, spacing, and pitch makes it a perfect accessory that encourages better precision and typing speed.

Its simplest-looking design makes it attractive and gives it a tablet-like keyboard feel while the use of metal at back makes it durable although the keyboard is powered by 2 removable AAA batteries.

Quality Features of Keyboard

  • Chiclet & low-profile keys

The chiclet, low profile keys are what makes this peripheral a real hit for office working people and programmers as these keys offer low actuation points while typing. Similarly, the low-profile design promotes comfort and reduces pressure from the wrist while typing.

  • PC & other Device Supported

As this Surface device is pretty much similar to Apple Magic but with the biggest twist of compatibility with PCs, mobiles, desktops, etc.

  • Integrated Bluetooth

With built-in Bluetooth the setup process of the Surface keyboard becomes extremely straight when the windows get connected to Bluetooth, you are done and all-set for working.

  • Excellent build quality
  • Easy to setup & use
  • 12 months battery life
  • 15 meters wireless range
  • 2.4GHz wireless frequency
  • No illumination
  • Lack of function keys

5. Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic Keyboard

Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic Keyboard for Business (5KV-00001 )
7,578 Customer Reviews
Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic Keyboard for Business (5KV-00001 )
  • Split keyset design helps to position wrists and forearms in a natural, relaxed position
  • Cushioned palm rest provides support and promotes a neutral wrist position
  • Domed keyboard design positions wrists at a natural, relaxed angle
Here comes another top-tier ergonomic keyboard in the list, Microsoft Sculpt is one of the best performing & cost-effective ergonomic keyboards in the market.

While the palm pad provides great support to your hand the ergonomically split design also keeps your wrist aligned in a natural posture, it has a total of 107 keys including a numeric keypad while the keyboard is completed with scissor switches to optimize accuracy and speed.

Quality Features of Keyboard

  • Split ergonomic design & Numpad

This ergonomic keyboard has a design split through an arc from mid come with a numeric keypad other than the keyboard. The split layout of the keyboard keeps your hand/wrist in a relaxed position while a separate number keypad offers more flexibility for working conditions.

The wireless Numpad gives you a bunch of benefits if it is used properly, you can place it wherever you want or keep it aside if not in use.

  • Key layout

The natural curve layout of the keyboard is based on the natural shape of fingertips, while the keys are firm and feel enjoyable while typing.

  • Excellent ergonomics
  • Great build quality
  • Padded palm rest
  • USB receiver connectivity
  • Disposable batteries
  • Missing Mac layout
  • No backlighting

6. Redragon K556 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Redragon K556 RGB LED Backlit Wired Mechanical Gaming Keyboard,...
  • Mechanical Brown Switches: Offering the satisfying tactile typing experience, also being ever so slightly quieter, fitting for office or gaming use. And...
  • 18 Backlit Modes: Press FN + INS-PgDn to enter Pro-gamer mode. RGB LED adjustable lighting with 6-themed backlights -18 lighting models. You can also...
  • N-key Rollover, Ergonomic And Durable Design: This keyboard is made of full metal material, with matte-finish texture, solid enough to protect it from...
Lastly, the wired and reasonably priced mechanical keyboard, Redragon K556 is the epic keyboard with amazing functionalities that can be a defender for you at the office.

Although it is the premium mechanical gaming keyboard, at the same time, it is highly capable to help you become more productive and flexible at work.  With a total of 104 keys, this computer accessory includes brown switches and features like N-key rollover, key backlighting, and much more.

Quality Features of Keyboard

  • Mechanical Switch

Brown switches are used in this peripheral to provide a tactile, smooth, and fast typing experience, as well switches that produce low sound. It comes with extra 8 switches.

  • Build Quality

The frame of the keyboard is made out of aluminum while the matte finish of the component makes it highly durable and scratch-free.

  • RGB Backlighting

The keyboard offers customizable backlit, 18 modes of lighting together with 6 themes, also 9 colors for single backlighting are available for easy adjustability. With this keyboard, you can even work in a dark room easily.

  • Durable and full-size keyboard
  • N-key rollover keys
  • Custom design keycap
  • Keys Backlit
  • Versatile compatibility
  • Heavyweight
  • Takes enough space on the table

Things to Consider before Buying Keyboards for Accountants

As there are several keyboards or types of keyboards available in the market so the question is which type of keyboard is good to use by accountants?

You have to consider some crucial factors before going straight to buy a keyboard for office or accountants. Firstly, you have to set the budget you want to spend, secondly you need to reflect upon your working conditions whether you would use the board in the office or using the keyboard while traveling. Whereas, factors like long battery life, easy touch-typing, numeric keypads are worth observing as well.

Let’s get into further detailing:

What to look for in a Keyboard for Accountants?

These are the most significant characteristics of the best accounting keyboard you should look out for:

  • Numpad

How can you perform accounts work without having a number pad on the keyboard?

Obviously, Numpad is the most important feature to have in the keyboard for accounts. Although Numpad has the right side fixed usually in standard keyboards that enable you to input numbers instantly and conduct most of the calculations singled handedly.

However, the modern keyboards come with different layouts in which some hold integrated Numpad while some have separate comfortable number pads. Keyboards like Microsoft Sculpt have separate Numpad other than keyboard is also suitable for accountants.

On the other hand, tenkeyless (TKL) keyboards and other small form factors are not at all recommended for accountants as they lack Numpad, however, with an isolated number pad the case will be different.

  • Switches (Touch-typing)

As an accountant, it is highly needed to get a keyboard that offers responsive, sensitive, and touch-pressing keys. Make sure you check the type of switch the keyboard has, as the impact of switches can change the whole definition of sensitivity, noise, and comfort.

The common switch types you can get in the keyboards include rubber dome, scissors, and mechanical switches with the difference in performance & cost.

  • Connectivity

Essentially, you can get wired and wireless keyboards in the market with their respective strengths and weakness. Aside from the fact that wireless keyboards are expensive, they provide great relief from the clutter of wires, however, these boards are battery-powered, which require to be changed now and then.

Besides, if you have to travel from time to time due to work so you may go with the keyboard, which supports both connectivity options.

What is the optimum Keyboard Type for Accountants?

The three most popular types suit the need of accountants well, you have to check out which one meets your requirements the best.

  • Mechanical

Mechanical keyboards are popular for their professional functionality, qualities like highly durable, fast, precise, and tactile make them a perfect fit for accountants. Even though they are pricey and a bit heavy option but various affordable options with quality are also available for customers to buy.

With mechanical keyboards, you have the amazing option of picking switch types based on your preference and working environment such as clicky, tactile, and quiet switches.

  • Ergonomic

If you have worked for hours in the office so you should consider buying a particularly designed ergonomic keyboard that helps you place your hand (wrist) in a natural position as well as decrease strain. However, they cost hefty but considering all the perks it’s worth investing money in.  Further, you can use ergonomic keyboards even in dim light rooms as these keyboards mostly come with keys backlighting.

  • Membrane/Chiclet

Chiclet or membrane keyboards can be a great alternative for accountants. These are not just budget-friendly but also light in weight, compact and low-profile keyboards. It is important to mention that low-profile keys are likely to offer an accurate and rapid typing experience.

Chiclet keyboards are the updated type of membrane keyboards, also termed island keyboards.  There are different varieties of membrane or chiclet keyboards are produced, which are used in various applications. While purchasing a chiclet keyboard, you need to be careful of that keyboard, which has keys that are heavy and hard to press, even if they are low-profile keys.  These hard-to-press, heavy keys will not serve the cause of speedy typing like the low-profile keys are known to do.


You can find a perfect keyboard for accountancy out of these easily, as these keyboards are best in terms of speed, comfort, and budget.

Although the perception of comfort varies from person to person, some prefer curve ergonomic keyboards for accounting work while some people think that portable and low-profile keyboards provide a comfortable typing experience. Hopefully, you get one pick as per your need and make great progress in your office tasks.

Similarly, you do not need to go for the only pricey keyboard option to get the perfect keyboard for accountants, many affordable alternatives offer a great typing experience.

Besides, there is a variety of brands and choices available for you to pick the one that suits your working requirements.

Have a happy typing experience at work!


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