8 Best Keyboards for Surface Pro 4,7,8 2022

There is no doubt that the best keyboards for Surface Pro are the top-tier PC gadget from the great Microsoft series and every new edition has its special perks related to performance, efficiency, and precision.

Although Surface pro devices are all easy to operate and compatible with external accessories such as external monitor, docking station, and external keyboard. Out of all these, getting the best keyboard for pro is a daunting task that requires enough awareness and in-depth research.

The best budget mechanical gaming keyboard is a must requirement for almost all Surface Pro models for improved accuracy and increase in productivity as well as to get an edge in gaming. Some people prefer using a keyboard with a surface pro for playing games, doing office work, editing videos/photos, etc. because they know the right keyboard would help them accomplish any task efficiently.

However, an on-screen keyboard can be a good help but a standard keyboard with a familiar layout would make heavy typing-related work more comfortable and precise.  Although some versions like Surface Pro 8 offered a detachable keyboard for better working or gaming experience external keyboard would be inevitable.

The keyboard should be reliable and comfortable if it is for daily use similarly you should not forget to consider some key factors that involve layout, ergonomic design, and modern features.

If you need the best quality keyboard, which offers a comfortable typing experience and protection for surface pro, then you are at the right post. Here we brought to you the 8 best keyboards for the Surface pro you can get depending on your requirements.

The Reson why you trust us:

We are experts in guding with the keyboards and we found 500 keyboard products and shortlisted 8 quality products with the different features and the price range. We collected and analyzed 10,487 customer reviews through our big data system to write the keyboards for Surface Pro. We found that most customers choose keyboards with an average price of $80.

Let’s jump right into the list of top 8 keyboards of various categories and their reviews to assist you to make the right decision.

Top 8 Best Keyboards for Surface Pro

Image Product Unqiue Features Price
Inateck Surface Pro Keyboard Inateck Surface Pro Keyboard
  • Supports Surface Pro 4, 5, 6,7
  • Bluetooth 5.0
  • Built-in rechargeable battery
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Tomsenn Surface Pro Type Cover Tomsenn Surface Pro Type Cover
  • Slim surface type cover
  • Silent keystrokes
  • Last long as the quality ABS
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Microsoft Surface Go Microsoft Surface Go
  • Alcantara Type Cover
  • Full-size standard keyboard
  • Eye-catching sleek style
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Microsoft Surface Go Type Cover Microsoft Surface Go Type Cover
  • Bluetooth keyboard by Ferrisa can be paired
  • Solid build keyboard
  • Ultra-thin and compact design
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FERRISA Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard FERRISA Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard
  • LED backlighting
  • Larger Glass Touch Panel
  • Keyboard with Surface Pen
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Inateck Surface Pro 7 Keyboard Inateck Surface Pro 7 Keyboard
  • Wide range of compatibility with Surface Pro
  • Integrated rechargeable 750mAh lithium battery
  • Type-C port for charging
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Microsoft Designer Compact Microsoft Designer Compact
  • Microsoft Designer Compact
  • Advanced Bluetooth keyboard
  • Low profile design complements any workspace
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Microsoft Wireless Keyboard Microsoft Wireless Keyboard
  • Connect your Windows PC to your TV to surface pro
  • All-In-One Media Keyboard
  • Nano transceiver v2.0 by Microsoft
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1. Microsoft Designer Compact

Microsoft Designer Compact Keyboard - Glacier. Standalone...
  • Compact design saves desktop space and allows for close, comfortable mouse position.
  • Optimized key spacing and key travel for fast, fluid typing.
  • Sleek, low-profile design complements any workspace.
The all-new, mini keyboard intended for minimalists comes first on the list, Microsoft Designer Compact Keyboard is an advanced Bluetooth keyboard and comes with pairing compatibility to more than three devices.

Why this is are own list:

    • The Microsoft keyboard is sleek, low profile, and slim evolution to offer maximum ease at your workstation
    • This ultra-slim keyboard is lightweight and has a long battery life
    • This portable keyboard is easy to move around with and can be switched between phone, tablet, and PC
    • This small footprint keyboard features an excellent typing experience.


  • Shortcut & Media Keys: the keyboard includes dedicated keys such as screenshot key offer you take a screenshot in many different ways, Bluetooth, mute, media player, windows search keys and others included
  • Expressive keys: Its dedicated input key offers easy access to symbols, emojis, and others
  • Scissor switches: the chicklet keys alongside scissor switches offer a good travel distance with almost zero squishy feedback.
  • Slim, compact design
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Multiple device support
  • Mouse and keyboard center customizable

  • Work with 4 CR2032 batteries
  • No backlit

2. Microsoft Wireless Keyboard

Microsoft Wireless All-In-One Media Keyboard,Black - Wireless...
  • Connect your Windows PC to your TV to surf the web, watch movies, and more
  • Integrated multi-touch track pad provides effortless navigation
  • Customizable media hotkeys provide one-touch access to your content
Here comes one of the most reasonably priced Microsoft keyboards, this keyboard is the compact solution to use with Surface Pro as the keyboard included a multi-touch trackpad along with media controls that enable you to make adjustments on a whim.

Why this is are own list:

    • This All-In-One Media Keyboard features a spill-proof durable design
    • The wireless, portable keyboard has a small USB dongle for connection with two built-in AAA batteries
    • The Microsoft wireless keyboard features nano transceiver v2.0 by Microsoft
    • The wireless frequency range of the keyboard is 2.4 GHz and work within 10 meters or 33 feet.


  • The touchpad works like Clickpad: it comes with a relatively larger touchpad that senses gestures and performs functions like left/right-click, zoom, cursor movement, scroll, previous application, etc.
  • Customizable keys: three media hotkeys fitted in the keyboard are customizable for single touch easy access
  • Multimedia keys: It offers multimedia control keys for quick control on volume, play/pause, etc.
  • Impressive wireless range
  • Very affordable
  • Integrated mouse button and touchpad
  • Comfortable typing experience
  • AES technology for better security
  • Lack of backlit
  • No battery indicator
  • Suits right-hand users only

3. Inateck Surface Pro 7

Inateck Surface Pro 7 Keyboard, Bluetooth 5.0, 7-Color Backlight,...
  • Specially Designed for Surface Pro - Compatible with Surface Pro 7/7+/6/5/4. Note that KB02026 is not compatible with Surface Pro X and Surface Go.
  • 7-color Backlight -You may choose the colorful backlight you like to satisfy your needs of using the keyboard under different lighting conditions.
  • Independent Shortcut Keys - The front row are independent shortcut keys. You may get a screenshot at one click. Farewell to * +Fn key combinations.
The Inateck Surface Pro 7 Keyboard is specially designed to make Surface pro a laptop, however, unlike the original Type Cover, Inateck Cover features a multi-colored backlight, connection via Bluetooth, detachable option, larger touchpad, and much more.

Why this is are own list:

    • Inateck keyboard offers a wide range of compatibility with Surface Pro 7, 7+, Surface Pro 5, 6, and Surface Pro 4
    • The premium quality keyboard has integrated rechargeable 750mAh lithium battery with 180 days standby time
    • This type of cover attaches magnetically and can be detached while it has a Type-C port for charging


  • Multi-color backlit: Inateck cover features option to change key backlighting colors among 7 different colors
  • Smart Touchpad: large size touchpad of Inateck cover is false touch-proof and gesture supported for precision control
  • Shortcut keys: The front row of the keyboard contains independent shortcut keys
  • Gives a comfortable typing experience
  • Long-life battery
  • Customize RGB backlighting
  • Detachable option available
  • Not compatible with Surface Go and Pro X
  • Not enough durable, it flexes

4. Inateck Surface Pro Keyboard

Inateck Surface Pro Keyboard, Bluetooth Surface Pro Keyboard,...
  • Specially Designed for Surface Pro 7/7+/6/5/4
  • Palm Rejection: The touchpad can figure out which inputs are intended by the user, effectively rejecting unwanted contact.
  • Bluetooth 5.0 Connection:This keyboard connects via Bluetooth, allowing it to work without Surface Pro physically connected.
Another Surface Pro keyboard by Inateck is on the list, this best Bluetooth keyboard is all-set and feature-rich to make you more professional, efficient, and more productive at work by making typing experience pleasantly comfortable.

Why this is are own list:

  • This Bluetooth (wireless) keyboard supports Surface Pro 4, 5, 6, Surface Pro 7, and Surface Pro 7+
  • The compact and ultra-slim keyboard’s connection is based on Bluetooth 5.0 and work well without being practically connected to surface pro
  • The keyboard comes with a built-in rechargeable battery and the device charge via a USB Type-C port


  • Advanced Touchpad: the integrated touchpad of the keyboard is smart enough for palm rejection as it senses wrong or unwanted input, it works with multi-touch gestures offer precise control
  • Smart Screen: screen on/off is the feature that turns off the screen on lid closing and turns on when the lid opens
  • Portable and thin design
  • High-tech touch panel
  • Smart on/off-screen
  • Long-lasting battery
  • Lightweight
  • No key backlights
  • Does not support Surface Pro 3 & Surface Pro X

5. Tomsenn Surface Pro Type Cover

Tomsenn Surface Pro Type Cover, Portable Wireless Bluetooth...
  • Compatiblity: this Backlit Surface Pro Keyboard is Designed for 12.3 inch Microsoft Surface Pro 7/Pro 6/ Pro 5/ Pro 4/ Pro 3,Our magnetic keyboards can be...
  • LED Backlit Color Options – This Surface Pro Type Cover features 7-Color elegant LED backlight with 2 brightness level to help you type in any indoor or...
  • Portable, Business-Ready Design – Maximize school or work productivity with a slim Surface type cover that protects the screen and offers responsive...
Tomsenn Surface Pro Type Cover is another budget-friendly and premium Bluetooth wireless keyboard, which can be used detached or attached with Microsoft Surface Pro 3, 4, 5, and Surface Pro 6.

Why this is are own list:

    • This portable and slim surface type cover is specially crafted with a business-ready design that not only protects the screen but increases productivity
    • This high-tier cover provides responsive and silent keystrokes; however, the ergonomic design of the keyboard makes heavy typing more comfortable on limbs
    • This compact cover is made to last long as the quality ABS and wear-proof PU are used as materials


  • Customizable keys Backlit: The Tomsenn Cover features 7 adjustable key LED backlighting colors and 3 levels of brightness for outdoor and indoor convenience
  • Adjustable Angle: the strong magnetic strip attachment offers great convenience, enable users to adjust the tablet at a different angle for comfort
  • Media hotkeys: it offers functional media hotkeys for easy access or control while working.
  • Compact magnetic keyboard
  • Customizable LED backlighting
  • Light in weight
  • Smart built-in touchpad
  • Long-life lithium rechargeable battery
  • Not compatible with Surface Pro 8
  • Inconsistent connectivity

6. Microsoft Surface Go Alcantara Signature Type Cover

Microsoft Surface Go Alcantara Signature Type Cover (KCS-00041)...
  • Features a full mechanical keyset, backlit keys, and extra-large trackpad for precise navigation and control. Slim and compact, yet performs like a...
  • Clicks in place instantly — use in combination with Surface Go Kickstand for a best-in-class laptop experience anywhere. (Surface Go and Kickstand sold...
  • Alcantara material on select covers is soft and smooth, yet durable and stain resistant.
If you prefer mechanical keyset, largest touch panel, and backlight keys then you could hardly find any option like Microsoft Surface Go Alcantara Signature Type Cover. Although it’s a pricier option it is certainly worth the cost if you consider the range of compatibility this form factor offers.

Why this is are own list:

    • Alcantara Type Cover work great with Surface Pros, Surface Pro X and Surface Go, 2 & 3
    • This slim, trim design Cover is compact enough to carry on trips and impressively the small form factor type performs like a full-size standard keyboard
    • Along with eye-catching sleek style, the keyboard comes in various rich choices of colors like burgundy, plus black, platinum, and cobalt blue in Alcantara


  • Glass trackpad: the rigid glass pad is quite sensitive to the slightest taps whereas you have the option to adjust touchpad sensitivity, also tap functionality can be disabled
  • Build quality: the keyboard is a solid build yet it feels premium and soft in hand because of the rubber-like plastic coating
  • Typing experience: The Cover offers the best key travel which added a more comfort factor in typing while the subtly concave keytops offer the most precise typing experience.
  • Fashionable and premium functional design Cover
  • Kickstand for angle adjustment
  • Lightweight
  • LED Backlit keys
  • Expensive keyboard
  • The touchpad works better at a flat angle

7. Microsoft Surface Go Type Cover

Microsoft Surface Go Type Cover (Black)
  • Features a full mechanical keyset, backlit keys, and extra-large trackpad for precise navigation and control. Slim and compact, yet performs like a...
  • Clicks in place instantly — use in combination with Surface Go* Kickstand for a best-in-class laptop experience anywhere.
  • Alcantara material on select covers is soft and smooth, yet durable and stain resistant.
Recently updated Ferrisa Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard is the Surface Pro Cover enriched with top-of-the-line features which include compact slim design, full mechanical keyset, sensitive touch panel, built-in batteries, and many more.

Why this is are own list:

    • The Bluetooth keyboard by Ferrisa can be paired to turn tablets like Surface Pro 3, 4, 5, 6, and Surface Pro 7 into laptops
    • The solid build keyboard is made by using the best technology to offer a smooth and fast typing experience through mechanical keys finest space between them
    • The ultra-thin and compact design of the Cover makes it best-fit to take away in a laptop bag or backpack.


  • Mechanical keys: Ferrisa keyboard has meticulously crafted mechanical keys to offer absolute natural typing with comfort like on a laptop
  • Touchpad: the larger touch panel has sensitive buttons for navigation and precision control
  • Adjustable Magnet: the magnetic strip is used to boost magnetic stability that allows easy angle adjustment to work on any kind of surface even on lap
  • Quality build
  • Good for smooth and comfortable typing
  • 12-month warranty
  • Integrated lithium-ion battery (long battery life)
  • Keys backlighting
  • Not compatible with Surface Pro Go

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8. FERRISA Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard

[Upgraded 2021 Version] FERRISA Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard,...
  • 💻【Super Compatibility】Specially designed for surface pro 7/surface pro 6/Surface Pro 5/Pro 4/Pro 3. Every key of the FERRISA keyboard is...
  • 💻【Cable-Free】Wireless Bluetooth Version 5.0 Keyboard is easy to pair with your Surface Pro stably and quickly. Bring you more convenience when you...
  • 🔋【Long Life Rechargeable Battery】Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard adopts an economical battery management system and built-in 350mAh rechargeable lithium...
If you want a cost-effective Cover of Surface Go Signature Type Cover, go for Microsoft Surface Go Type Cover, it is a full keyboard in a compact design that performs like a standard keyboard for a laptop.

Why this is are own list:

  • Microsoft Surface Go Type Cover will work with Surface Go, Surface Go 2 & Surface Go 3
  • The ultra-compact design of the keyboard is built to last long as the special-treated material is used for durability and resistance to dust and liquid
  • The keyboard features mechanical keys and ideal key spacing that support fast and accurate typing


  • LED Backlit: the modern Cover comes with LED backlighting to help you with typing in low light
  • Larger Glass Touch Panel: Surface Go Type Cover features a built-in glass touchpad which is extra large and sensitive for control and navigation
  • Coordination: users can easily manage the keyboard with Surface Pen, Mobile mouse, and Arc Mouse.
  • Ultra-slim, small form factor
  • Offer most comfortable typing experience
  • Very lightweight
  • Kickstand for adjustable angle
  • Plastic body
  • Limited or less incline-angle option

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best keyboard for Microsoft Surface Pro?

  • Microsoft Ergonomic Keyboard
  • Logitech K380 – Compact design

Can any keyboard work with Surface Pro?

Sadly, no, although there is no lacking of keyboards to work with Surface Pro in the market you cannot use any kind of keyboard with Surface Pro. There is a wide range of keyboard options available in which wired, wireless and USB keyboards include that can be well-suited with Surface Pro.

Can you use an external keyboard with Surface Pro?

You can use an external keyboard for Surface Pro. Now, you can get the advantage of almost all features of Surface Pro 8, which is one of the best Microsoft tablet PCs in recent time.

Can I use any keyboard with a Surface?

There are dozens of keyboards available that can be used with Surface Pro 7. Since it introduced both Bluetooth and USB ports thus it can technically work well with anything you buy.


Above all, the variety of keyboards mentioned in the list suit almost all budgets and requirements.

If you like typing on a removable keyboard the option of Bluetooth serves optimal comfort, however, when it comes to reliability, pin connection does really well.

Even though our top pick is the Microsoft Surface Pro Type Cover for a budgeted option Tomsenn Type Cover has a lot to offer.


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