How To Connect Keyboard To Surface Pro?

how to connect keyboard to surface pro

The Surface Pro is a splendid invention of Microsoft. This device is the first generation of the Surface series that comes in a 2-in-1 detachable form. Microsoft manufactured almost ten generations of Surface keyboards named surface pro 4, surface pro 7, surface pro 8, and surface pro x. This keyboard is designed in two types of detachable and always creates upset for users how to connect a keyboard to surface pro.

The classification of the surface keyboards does not have many differences and allows you to connect your keyboard in identical patterns. So you can follow the same strategy on how to connect keyboard to surface x. Now we have two solutions for you. The first one is for connecting the Surface Ergonomic Keyboard, which is in the Bluetooth version, and the second one is for connecting the Microsoft surface, which is in a detachable version.

How To Connect Keyboard To Surface Pro?

The methodology of connecting a Surface keyboard to a Surface studio is separate from connecting a standard keyboard to a surface keyboard. It is hard luck for surface users that Microsoft does not provide accurate instructions for you. But we are here to guide you with tricky methods and advice. You can connect your surface keyboard to surface pro 4, 7, 8, x with the help of Bluetooth. 

Surface keyboards are ideal for home and office users because they deliver heavy comfort to wrists and hands during use. By the way, you can connect them with your surface pro at home and office by following these instructions.

  1. Locate the keyboard button and search for the pairing button given next to the battery cover.
  2. Press and hold the pairing button for a while
  3. The light of the up arrow key will start blinking on the keyboard
  4. Now your keyboard is ready to get connected with Surface pro
  5. Tap on the Start button indicated with the window icon
  6. Select the Settings option and click on the devices
  7. Select the Bluetooth & other devices option
  8. Turn on the Bluetooth of your PC
  9. Click on Add Bluetooth and other devices section
  10. Check the name of your keyboard in the list of active devices
  11. Click on the name of the keyboard as a Surface keyboard or other
  12. Your PC will start paring with the surface keyboard
  13. After a few seconds of loading, your keyboard will connect with the surface pro
  14. The up arrow key will stop blinking and just on
  15. You have done. Test your keyboard to verify the connection

Now, the second track connecting the keyboard to the surface pro is the detachable form. Your keyboard needs a USB detachable port and corresponding cable to run with the surface. USB ports should be A to B, and the detachable must be fittable in these ports. Check both ends of the USB cable before connecting the keyboard. If you want to learn how to connect a keyboard to surface pro x, follow these steps after checking and completing the needed segments.

  1. Locate the USB port of your keyboard
  2. Take a USB A to B cable, which is used to connect printers to computer
  3. Plug the square shape B side of the USB cable into the USB port of your keyboard
  4. Most keyboards contain two ports, but you select the host port for plugging in
  5. Turn on the Surface pro 
  6. Plug the A side of the USB cable into the USB port of surface
  7. Open the keyboard configuration on the surface
  8. Select the name of your keyboard or detachable in the dropdown menu
  9. Click on the next button to complete the connection
  10. You have done. You can use your keyboard on the surface

Why Is My Surface Keyboard Not Working?

The surface keyboards can stop working due to some physical or technical issues. The significant cause of not working is the improper connection of the keyboard with the PC. Software errors on the PC, dead batteries, program glitches, and incorrect settings of keyboards are also caused for the stopped surface keyboard. 

Another reason for the stuck keyboard is selecting the wrong modes in the window. These problems are always on the way, but you do not need to wonder because every hardship with keyboards can be solved. Some of you have learned how to connect the keyboard to surface pro 7, but if you fail in the previous procedure apply these steps.

Reconnect Keyboard

  • Remove the plug of the keyboard.
  • Disconnect the keyboard paired mode
  • Wait for 10 seconds
  • Reconnect and replug it again
  • It will start working

Check The Battery

Update Windows

  • Check the updates of the window.
  • After getting update notifications many times, your keyboard may stop running.
  • Click on the update notification, and start the updating windows
  • It takes a few minutes to update and restart automatically
  • After restarting windows, your surface pro keyboard will start working

Check Bluetooth

  • Go to the Bluetooth active devices list.
  • Remove the name of your keyboard from paired devices
  • Turn off the Bluetooth switch, and after some time turn it on again.
  • Pair again the keyboard with the surface pro 8
  • It will start running now

Troubleshoot Bluetooth

  • Go to the settings and select the Update & Security option
  • Click on the Troubleshoot option
  • Click on the Additional Troubleshooters and select Bluetooth
  • Run the troubleshooter, and it will fix the errors in the Bluetooth automatically
  • Complete the troubleshooting, and check the surface pro 4 keyboard 

Choosing the Right Keyboard for Your Surface Pro

When choosing a keyboard to connect to your Surface Pro, there are several factors to consider.

Factors to consider when choosing a keyboard

  1. Connectivity: Determine whether you want to use a Bluetooth or wired keyboard, or if the keyboard needs to have both options.
  2. Layout: Choose a keyboard that fits your preferred layout, such as a full-sized keyboard or a compact keyboard.
  3. Key type: Consider the type of key switch you prefer, such as membrane, mechanical, or scissor switches.
  4. Size and portability: Take into account the size of the keyboard and how portable it is, especially if you plan to use it on the go.

Recommended keyboards for the Surface Pro

  1. Microsoft Surface Keyboard: A Bluetooth keyboard that is specifically designed for the Surface Pro and offers a slim and portable design.
  2. Logitech K810: A backlit Bluetooth keyboard with a slim profile and a versatile design that can be used with multiple devices.
  3. Corsair K63: A wired mechanical keyboard that offers fast and responsive keystrokes, and is compatible with the Surface Pro via a USB to USB-C adapter.

When choosing a keyboard for your Surface Pro, it is important to consider your specific needs and preferences. The above-mentioned factors and recommended keyboards are a good starting point to help you find the right keyboard for your Surface Pro.

Connecting a Wired Keyboard

In addition to connecting a Bluetooth keyboard to your Surface Pro, you can also connect a wired keyboard using either a USB to USB-C adapter or by connecting the keyboard directly to the Surface Pro’s USB-C port.

Using a USB to USB-C adapter

If your wired keyboard uses a USB connection, you can use a USB to USB-C adapter to connect it to your Surface Pro. Simply plug the adapter into the USB port on your keyboard and then plug the adapter into the USB-C port on your Surface Pro. Your keyboard should be ready to use.

Connecting the keyboard directly to the Surface Pro’s USB-C port

If your wired keyboard has a USB-C port, you can connect it directly to your Surface Pro’s USB-C port. Simply plug the USB-C cable from your keyboard into the USB-C port on your Surface Pro. Your keyboard should be ready to use.

Troubleshooting tips for wired connectivity

  1. Make sure the keyboard is properly connected to the USB-C port or the adapter is properly connected to the keyboard and the Surface Pro.
  2. Check that the keyboard is compatible with the Surface Pro’s operating system.
  3. Restart your Surface Pro and the keyboard to resolve any connectivity issues.
  4. Try using a different USB-C cable or adapter.

By connecting a wired keyboard to your Surface Pro, you can enjoy the benefits of a physical keyboard while still having the versatility and portability of your tablet. Keep in mind that connecting a wired keyboard will also consume one of your Surface Pro’s USB-C ports, so plan accordingly if you need to use other accessories.


In this article, you can learn the suitable method for how to connect a keyboard to a surface pro. After reading our instructions and advice in simple steps, we hope you can solve the issue of connecting keyboards with a surface pro. We explained the valid and quickest method that you apply without the hard work of your wrists and hands. The possible reasons for a stuck surface pro and their solutions are also explained well.

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