Can You Connect Keyboard To Monitor Without PC?

can you connect keyboard to monitor without pc

The connecting criteria are different for multiple devices with and without a PC. However, before discussing benchmarks, you need to make sure of the possibility of the connection. Can you connect keyboard to monitor without PC? May you have problems in using the PC and misbehavior by it. The conditions are always underneath before choosing the right path. But it becomes traditional to perform an action shortly and most quickly.

The keyboard, monitor, and PC have a strong relationship for running together but for some reason, users dislike involving the PC in their work and demand simple working standards in the home and office. By overseeing the demands, we have decided to inform you about the connectivity manners of keyboards and monitors without a PC through this blog. We hope you will convey your requests at the end of this article.

Can You Connect Keyboard To Monitor Without PC?

Old monitors were allowed to connect to the keyboard directly due to multiple USB ports. They allow you to plug the USB dongle of the USB keyboard into the USB port given at the front or back of the monitor. Some monitors still have USB ports like the PC has. Put the keyboard USB dongle into the USB port of the monitor, and it will connect to the monitor without a PC.

Connect Via PC

There are more than ten reasons for using a monitor with and without a PC, but you need to recognize the main reason before connecting a keyboard. You can’t take much work from the keyboard after combining it with a single monitor in the absence of a complete PC. To get complete work done, you always need a PC to run a keyboard on the monitor. If you don’t know how to connect the keyboard with the help of a PC, take a look at some points.


  1. Detects all the devices that have dongles and ports, which are required.
  2. Glimpse the types of USB of monitor and keyboard
  3. Make sure the keyboard has a wire
  4. Locate the USB ports of the PC
  5. Review all the sizes of dongles and ports of the keyboard, monitor, and PC.

Process #1

This process is only for those monitors that have the needed type of USB port according to the dongle of the USB keyboard.

  • Plug the PC into the electrical circuit to switch it on
  • Take a cable according to the ports of the monitor and PC
  • Plug in the A head of cable into the monitor and the B head into the PC
  • Keep your monitor switch on with the help of the PC
  • Put the USB dongle of the keyboard into the USB port of the monitor
  • If the connecting is proper and there is no loss in wire, it will start running automatically
  • Press the keys to check and verify the connection.

Process #2

This process is for those keyboards and monitors, which don’t have needed types of dongles and keyboards.

  • Switch on the PC by plugging in the principal wire
  • Connect the monitor via cable
  • Put the USB keyboard dongle into the USB port of the PC
  • It will connect to the monitor indirectly via the PC
  • Check the alternate connection by pressing the keys of the keyboard

Connect Without PC

If you want to use your keyboard on the monitor for a short task and you don’t have a PC, you can use your laptop as a PC. It is much better than any other way because, without a third-party resource, you can’t run a keyboard with the monitor. Without CPU power consumption, you can use only your monitor as a house tv, but you can’t use a keyboard on a monitor instantly. Keep the attribute in the sense that you can just connect a keyboard to a monitor without a PC, but you can’t run the keyboard if your monitor is not connected to the PC.


  1. Check the ports of the laptop and monitor.
  2. Collect the USB wires with the needed types of dongles
  3. Make sure your laptop or keyboard has more than three USB ports
  4. Make a sequence involving the process.
  5. Don’t push the wires hard while you want to disconnect.

Process #1

If you have a laptop and want to use it as a third-party reference for a PC, then use this process.

  • Plug the monitor into the electrical circuit to turn it on.
  • Take the cable and put it into the monitor port
  • Put the second head of cable into the laptop port
  • Put the USB dongle of the keyboard into the USB port of the laptop
  • After a while, it will start working on the monitor

Process #2

When we talk about wireless keyboards, you need to choose wireless keyboards with a receiver instead of a Bluetooth version. It is simple to connect a receiver USB keyboard to the monitor instead of the Bluetooth keyboard.

  • Turn on the monitor 
  • Put the receiver dongle into the USB port of the monitor
  • Make sure your monitor is connected to a laptop or CPU
  • Switch on and activate the wireless keyboard 
  • You have done it.


In the connectivity of the keyboard and monitor, the PC works to run both devices as resources. But one of you wants clarification on whether can you connect keyboard to monitor without PC or not. For simplicity, we described both methods for you to connect the keyboard with the monitor in the presence and absence of the PC. You can connect your keyboard to the monitor by applying any one method from the given ones.

By Brandon S. Lee

Hi, My name Brandon S.Lee and I am a professional Gamer, I also worked with the keyboard making company called Logitech. I was the quality check manager of the Logitech keyboard department. Here we have a team of people who researched on the keyboards, talked with keyboard users and analyzes the user reviews and then write the product reviews.

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