How to Unstick Keyboard Keys on laptop & Chromebook

how to unstick keyboard keys

We often neglect the maintenance and proper cleaning of the computer keyboard until one or two keys start sticking or stop working. People who are worried about this problem and looking for a solution to unstick keyboard keys require a thorough cleanup. 

Whether cleaning the food crumbs, accidental spills, or dirt accumulation, they can contribute towards sticky keys. You may not be able to prevent the unintentional spillage of coffee or drinks. Still, some ways help you recover the keyboard to its pristine state while getting rid of the sticky keyboard.

How to Unstick Keyboard Keys after Spill

Spilling drinks or a cup of coffee is a routine matter for enthusiasts, especially gamers who spend hours on the table while eating and drinking along with gaming routine. However, cleaning does not take many tools. Here are the steps you can follow for unsticking after spills:

  • Disconnect the keyboard from the computer.
  • Wipe the visible spill using a cotton swab or any absorbing cloth and place the keyboard upside down. 
  • Now turn the keyboard upside again and remove any liquid from the keys using a cotton swab and rub to remove stickiness.
  • Use alcohol to clean the keys and keyboard if the drink dries up fast.
  • Keep an eye on cleaning the key edges to stink the keys if not cleaned properly.
  • Once everything dries, plug the keyboard and check if the keys got unstuck.

How to Unstick Keyboard Keys on Laptop

Unsticking the keys on a laptop is similar to the computer keyboard with little attention to the details. 

  • Shut down the laptop before starting the cleaning, and it is better to take out the battery.
  • Do an initial wipe down with the help of alcohol and a cotton swab.
  • Remove the keys from the laptop by using the user’s manual that comes with the laptop, or you can follow our guide on how to remove keyboard keys from the laptop.
  • Now soak the keys into the dish soap or any detergent. It is better to soak them in warm water to remove any sticky material.
  • Clean the keyboard with a cotton swab and a brush to remove debris underneath the key post or adjacent area.
  • Once the cleaning process is complete, re-attach everything after completely drying the keys.
  • Now turn on the laptop and check if the keys are unstuck, or the problem exists.
  • Contact the manufacturer or technical experts for more assistance if the problem exists.

How to Unstick Keyboard Keys on a Chromebook

Chromebook is popular these days, especially for handling office tasks. Working in the office and dealing with tea or coffee spillage is pretty standard. If you happen to experience the spillage and are left with the sticky keys, follow these steps to unstick the keys:

  • Turn off the Chromebook and remove the power source.
  • Take cotton swabs and alcohol to remove any debris or sticky material from the keys.
  • Remove keys from the Chromebook (if necessary) and clean them using soap or detergent.
  • Clean the key post using a brush and cotton swab to remove any food leftovers or dirt particles.
  • Re-attach the keys and turn on the Chromebook to see if everything works perfectly.

How to Unstick Keyboard Keys MacBook Air

Cleaning the MacBook Air is slightly different from a normal laptop or Chromebook as it requires more attention to the details, and using the liquid can damage the MacBook. Here are the steps to help you clean the MacBook and unstick the keys. 

  • Turn off the MacBook Air and disconnect the power supply.
  • Turn the laptop upside down at a 70-degree angle so the debris can fall off easily.
  • Use an air compressor to clean the leftovers.
  • After cleaning, turn the laptop upside again and remove the leftover with a cotton swab or cloth.
  • Please don’t use any liquid to clean the MacBook; otherwise, it can worsen.

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