What is RMB keys on Keyboard? Complete Guide

what is rmb keys on keyboard

Ever bought a keyboard with trackpad or trackball functionality and wondered: what is RMB keys on a keyboard? When purchasing these RMB keyboards, the question comes to mind for most of us. These days, keyboards are more advanced, and they provide extra functionality besides typing and gaming needs. They have evolved so much that additional functionality, efficiency, and convenience have become mainstream. 

In the past, the media keys were very popular for controlling the media functions like mute, volume up and down, etc., but they are now more common in keyboards. These keys are best when working with global shortcuts and using the computer efficiently. They add convenience without sacrificing quality or functionality.

Besides the media keys, another famous example of prime functionality and convenience; is the RMB key. You can find the key on some keyboards that offer more than just typing experience. Although the RMB key is prevalent in niche keyboards, its functionality is still one of the commonly asked questions.

So, what does RMB mean on a keyboard? The RMB key on your keyboard helps right-click a web browser’s links or open a folder/file. It helps to perform the right-click action without needing any assistance from the mouse. It is especially helpful when you want to take full advantage of the trackpad or TrackPoint functionality with some keyboards.

What Is the RMB Key on Your Keyboard?

The keyboard’s RMB key functionality is the same across all brands, although the physical form can vary depending on who made the keyboard, as it comes in different sizes and shapes.

The RMB key on the keyboard replicates the functionality of the standard Right Mouse Button. It is as effective as the right mouse button as you can perform almost the same functions without using the mouse. Some keyboard comes with a trackball, touchpad, or TrackPoint, so the RMB key is essential for their functionality. Without an RMB key, getting maximum functionality from these trackpads or touchpad keyboards can get challenging.

Both the RMB key on the keyboard and right-click button on the mouse perform identical features. You can utilize either of these options to achieve the desired function. If you have come here to find out about the RMB key as some software or game has asked you to press it, clicking right-click on the mouse or keyboard can do the trick.

Here is a quick look at where the RMB keys become essential.

Using Numpad for Mouse Keys

Windows offers a mouse key function that helps control the mouse functionality using the Numpad keys. You can activate the function to control the mouse pointer using the keyboard. So, how do you operate the mouse click button? It is where the RMB keys come in handy.

You usually have to use the combination of 5 and Minus sign on the Numpad key for right-click functionality. It is a bit unconventional and keeps you struggling to remember the keys. Having an RMB key on the keyboard helps you perform the right-clicking without extra heed. You can invoke the right-click action using a single click of the RMB key.

Keyboard with Touchpad

The RMB key on your keyboard with a touchpad is used the same way as an insert key on an HP laptop. It is part of the touchpad that is clickable or a button below the touchpad to offer the same functionality. Since the key looks and performs similarly to the RMB key of the mouse, you don’t require any extra mouse for getting the needed function.

Keyboard with Trackball

The keyboard with the trackpad comes with RMB keys, similar to what most touchpad keyboards have in the layout. The absence of the RMB key can altogether defeat the purpose and functionality of the keyboard with the trackball. The RMB key is not on the trackball in these keyboards. It is usually around the trackball region to allow the seamless and comfortable right-clicking operation.

Keyboard with TrackPoint

The keyboard with the TrackPoint is primarily standard in Lenovo laptop keyboards. These keyboards are also present in some Dell Latitude laptops. The RMB key on these keyboards is usually a grey or red button at the center of the keyboard. Some models have RMB keys below the keyboard with no keys around them.

The function of RMB Key

The RMB Key, or Right-Mouse Button, serves several key functions in both Windows and MacOS operating systems.

Right-Click Function

The most basic function of the RMB Key is to allow for right-clicking. Right-clicking on an item on your screen will bring up a context menu with additional options related to that item. This can be useful for quickly accessing commonly used functions or for accessing advanced features that are not immediately visible.

Context Menu Access

The RMB Key is also used to access context menus in various applications. This can include options for formatting text, accessing settings, and more. By using the RMB Key, you can access more functions and options more quickly than if you had to navigate through menus or use keyboard shortcuts.

Secondary Actions

The RMB Key can also be used for secondary actions in many programs. For example, in some photo editors, holding down the RMB Key while clicking and dragging can allow you to pan the image. This can be useful for quickly navigating to different parts of an image without having to use the scroll bar.

Keyboard Compatibility

When it comes to the RMB Key, not all keyboards are created equal. Some keyboards, especially older models, may not have a dedicated RMB Key. In these cases, you may need to use a combination of keys to access the right-click function.

Dedicated RMB Key

The best option for accessing the RMB Key is to use a keyboard that has a dedicated button for it. This will allow you to access the right-click function quickly and easily, without having to remember any complicated key combinations.

Key Combinations

If your keyboard does not have a dedicated RMB Key, you may need to use a combination of keys to access the right-click function. On Windows, you can typically use the keyboard shortcut “Ctrl + click” to access the right-click function. On a Mac, you can use the “Control + click” combination.


If you are unable to access the RMB Key using your keyboard, you can always use a mouse to right-click. This can be especially useful for those who use laptops or tablets, as these devices may not have a dedicated RMB Key on their keyboard.

Advantages of Having a Dedicated RMB Key

Having a dedicated RMB Key on your keyboard offers a number of advantages over using key combinations or a mouse to access the right-click function. Some of the benefits of having a dedicated RMB Key include:

Quick Access

A dedicated RMB Key allows you to access the right-click function quickly and easily, without having to remember any key combinations.

Increased Productivity

By having quick access to the right-click function, you can increase your overall productivity when using your computer. This is especially useful for those who frequently need to access advanced functions and options.

Improved Accuracy

With a dedicated RMB Key, you can more accurately access the right-click function, reducing the risk of accidentally clicking the wrong button or using the wrong key combination.


Some keyboards with a dedicated RMB Key also allow for customization, allowing you to adjust the function of the button to better suit your needs.

What is the LMB key on your Keyboard?

Like the ‘RMB’ key, the functionality of the ‘LMB’ key is another thing that isn’t explicitly told when a user first starts using computers. The key stands for Left Mouse Button, and it should be on every keyboard with an ‘RMB’ or Right Mouse Button. It is highly convenient as it allows users to move the cursor, use the left mouse button and simultaneously interact with items on the screen. 

What Is the MMB key on your keyboard?

MMB stands for the Middle Mouse Button. It is not as crucial as the RMB and LMB keys on the keyboard; however, we cannot ignore its importance altogether. It is not present on keyboards as frequently as we see RMB and LMB keys because its functionality is not as vital as the two keys mentioned above.

RMB key on keyboard vs. Menu key

The RMB and Menu key is similar in many aspects, but they are different in main functionality. The menu key replicates the right mouse button function in some programs, and it does not support the function for the rest of the part. The RMB key performs the right mouse button function universally without issues no matter where you want it to function.

Final Words

Now you know what RMB stands for on a keyboard. And what the RMB key on the keyboard is. There is no denying that the RMB key offers seamless keyboard control, and it is especially helpful when you don’t have access to the external mouse.

It is convenient when you want to use your wireless keyboard on the couch while watching movies or playing music files. You don’t have to bother connecting the mouse to right-clicking the media files.

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