How To Change Colors On Onn Keyboard?

how to change colors on onn keyboard

The Onn keyboard is not as famous as other iconic brands due to its cheap price. This keyboard fails to earn the confident awareness of users throughout their whole careers, but gamers like to work on pretty surprising brands. In the start, we also put it in our ignore list but later, its gaming features compelled us to try it. During usage of Onn, we faced the first issue of how to change colors on the Onn keyboard. 

After a while, we found the solution to this issue which we will be conversing around below.

Most beginners are suffering from Onn keyboard cases, either is it available in wireless form, or what switches are in this keyboard? You can keep your stress away because this keyboard can produce a fireworks display of colors with a bit of toil. Move down to learn the process of changing its reactive lights.

How To Change Colors On Onn Keyboard?

You can accelerate this process with the help of a disk drive. If you don’t have a CD, use the software from buying brands like Walmart and others. These brands provide you with software to download. By driving this software and function keys, you can change the colors on the Onn keyboard. 

This keyboard is still functional even if your computer does not contain lightning software. It will show you the brightness and variations of lights, but you are not permitted to change its colors. Sometimes, it seems easy to do at the start without software. But you can adjust the colors only one time with key binds. For making its colors clash durable, apply the software before. Follow these instructions step by step.

  • Plug this keyboard into the computer
  • With the help of google, find Onn software on Walmart
  • Download and install the software
  • Open the software
  • Enable the lighting option and save

Now, you have access to customize its colors with different rainbow effects. You have two prospects for playing with colors. The first is to use software settings, and the second is to use its keybinds. The hot keys and function keys make your work more comfortable, unlike opening the software settings again and again. Use its keys by holding the function key according to this guidance.

  • Press Fn + Del to On/Off lights
  • Press Fn + Ins to the breathing expanse
  • Press Fn + End to scroll Left/Right expanse
  • Press Fn + PS to get a solid color
  • Press Fn + Scl to reactive color
  • Press Fn + PD to dribble originating
  • Press Fn + PU to glow originating
  • Press Fn + Home to Radar

Is Onn Wireless Keyboard Bluetooth?

The Onn has various lighting keyboards and mice in standard form. You need to plug them into a computer or tablet to use. Besides this, Onn produces wireless keyboards with limited segments without a lighting feature. As we know, every wireless keyboard has another source to bring access to computers for working.

The wireless keyboards have Bluetooth to connect to the computers as the source. You can connect your computer to the keyboard with the help of pairing Bluetooth. Use this method to run quickly with Onn.

  1. Active the keyboard
  2. Click on Settings>Bluetooth>On
  3. Your keyboard name will appear in the active devices bar
  4. Click on your advice and pair
  5. After finishing the pairing, use the keyboard 

Is The Game Onn Keyboard Hot-Swappable? 

The mechanical and gaming vocation got upgraded, and every second brand launches gaming keyboards day by day. By looking at the collection of gaming keyboards, gamers thought to rely on hot-swappable keyboards. The Onn keyboard also falls in the mechanical gaming category. Most gamers use the Onn keyboard without knowing if this keyboard game is hot-swappable or not.

The Onn keyboard does not contain hot-swappable switches due to their louder sound. However, the Otemu blue switch is clicky and responsive, unlike the hot-swappable. Overall you can stabilize this by using Otemu switches because these can fit in only Otemu sockets. 

What Switches Are In The Onn Gaming Keyboard? 

The Onn gaming keyboards used blue Otemu switches to click smoothly. If you want a lavish experience typing, the Onn keyboard is the better choice as containing Otemu switches. You can not expect their sound low. These switches seem loveable to fingers but their sound like noise. 

The changing of its keycaps can make them silent if you have the budget because these switches are exchangeable with lighting effects. You can use Otemu switches with new keycaps. These switches have only one drawback: their noise can make other people upset sitting in the room. If you are looking for hot-swappable switches for gaming, try different brands.

About Onn keyboards

ONN is a brand of electronics, including keyboards, sold by Walmart. ONN keyboards are typically budget-friendly options for those looking for an affordable keyboard for their computer or other devices. The quality and features of ONN keyboards can vary, so it is important to research and compare different models to find the best one for your needs. Some common features of ONN keyboards include a standard layout with QWERTY keyboard, multiple media keys, and compatibility with Windows and Mac operating systems.


If you are an Onn user and fail to find how to change color on Onn user,  download the Onn software and follow the steps given above. This process is designed for professionals and experts of Onn. We described every point in detail, so there is no need to fall in depth. We also explained that Onn wireless keyboards have Bluetooth connectors which you can use to connect them. This Gaming keyboard does not have hot-swappable keys, but Ometu blue switches are on the way. 

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