How to Change Font in Facemoji Keyboard?

In this era of development, everyone demands something stylish, whether real life or digital activity. Keyboards have received particular attention in the world of cell phones and computers, and the facemoji keyboard is one of them. Fonts are used to improve the standout of work and make content pretty to readers. Every keyboard has a unique pattern of setting fonts, so how to change font in facemoji keyboards? Here, we described the easy and quick procedure of switching fonts in facemoji keyboards.

How to Change Font in Facemoji Keyboard?

Facemoji keyboard has setting options on the upper line of the keyboard. You can change the fonts from the setting option given by the font app. If you do not have any specific app and your device has its fonts, choose the setting of the device for changing them. If you find an option of setting on the keyboard, you can find the option of fonts by clicking on it.

After clicking on the option of fonts, choose the font that you want to replace. After that, refresh or reset the device, and your device will start showing those fonts. You can also apply the following steps to change the font on the facemoji keyboard.

  • Open on-screen keyboard
  • Push the setting button
  • Click the menu bar
  • Find font option
  • Click on the fonts setting
  • Choose the style of font
  • Change the font
  • Refresh or reset the device

Remember, this procedure is only for facemoji keyboards having setting options. Otherwise, use the device setting widgets. 

  • Click on the setting widget
  • Click on the display setting
  • Scroll down
  • Click on the font option
  • Select the font
  • Refresh or reset the device

Is the Facemoji Keyboard Legit?

The facemoji keyboard is one of the keyboards used in android devices. This keyboard has great worth more than any other keyboard. This keyboard arrives with colorful themes, setting options, stylish fonts, smooth typing, chic stickers, collective emojis, GIF features, and adjusting options. All in one, this keyboard has every feature that an ordinary man demands.

You can use it easily and drag your fingers smoothly. Moreover, an additional row helps you to find the GIF, theme and setting buttons. If you have a facemoji keyboard, there is no need to look for another one.

How do I Download a Font Style on The Facemoji Keyboard?

Font styles are available in the form of apps on android devices. You can download them from the Appstore. In the case of computers, the process of adding fonts is different. If you want to add fonts on android, you can follow the same process after downloading fonts from AppStore. But you can follow the displayed steps for adding fonts on the computer.

  • Download the fonts in the form of the zip file
  • Unzip them by right-clicking
  • Click on the Install button
  • Finish and refresh


We described the unique procedure of changing the font on the demand of users.  You can find the proper answer to how to change font in facemoji keyboards? Follow the given steps and change the fonts easily. The facemoji keyboard is better and usable because it got positive views from the public. In the end, you can download fonts on your device by following techniques according to your desire.

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