Is a Keyboard an Input or Output Device?

is a keyboard an input or output device

If you are a newbie and buying computer peripherals by reading some guide, you may confuse “Is a keyboard an input or output device.” You have every reason to wonder about it because, without basic knowledge of how peripherals work, you won’t be able to classify between input and output devices.

Don’t worry! This article will guide you about the input and output devices. Furthermore, you will get to know whether the keyboard is an input or output device. Ensure to read the article thoroughly to get the right information about the computer keyboards.

What is An Input Device?

Input devices are the source that can transfer the human interactable actions or understandable actions into the language or form that a machine can accept. They use the commands or instructions into readable information that a computer can understand and process.

Input devices are vital for interaction with the computer as they let us command and operate the computer. Various input devices, including a mouse, keyboard, printer, scanner, and trackpad, can convey the data in the raw form and convert it to the digital data understandable by the computer and then convey us back in the form of information.

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What is An Output Device?

Output devices work opposite the input devices. When the input device transfers the information to the computer, the output devices are responsible for displaying the process information in human-readable form. 

Similar to the input devices, output devices consist of a monitor, projector, microphone, and headphones. These devices are vital to interact with the computer, and you cannot see the information your feed and process by the computer without these devices.

Is a Computer Keyboard An Input or Output Device?

Is a Computer Keyboard An Input or Output DeviceThinking about “what is a keyboard input or output” can be frustrating for some people. Although the answer is straightforward, it is input devices, and many people confuse it with output devices. Why does it happen, and what are the possible reasons for this confusion.

The primary reason for the confusion is the mechanism of how the keyboard works. A keyboard is a combination of letters and numbers that convey the information to the computer when you type. Then this typed information is displayed on the screen. 

The whole process lets the people believe that the keyboard is both an input and output device. There are several types of keyboards available. Some keyboards even have LED lights or mechanical switches. You can choose between them depending on your input requirements.


Keyboards are a necessary device to communicate with the computer. These input devices let you communicate and transfer the information to the computer. You can work without other input peripherals like a mouse and scanner but operating the computer without a keyboard is not ideal.

It is why the keyboard is integral for smoothly operating the computer. I hope you have learned that “is a keyboard an input or output device.” You can ask questions regarding keyboard and information transfer in the comment section below.

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