Can You Connect a Keyboard to a Switch?

can you connect a keyboard to a switch

If you are a Nintendo user, then at some point in your gaming journey, you probably have searched Can you connect a keyboard to a switch Well, it is simple than most people think. You only need a keyboard, mouse, USB adapter, and Nintendo Switch to get started with the connectivity.

However, it is not as simple as it looks, especially when selecting the USB adapter and pairing the keyboard with the Switch. There are several factors to consider, and you have to think few options before getting into connecting Switch to the keyboard or mouse.

Can You Connect Keyboard and Mouse to Switch?

The most entertaining thing about the Switch is its connectivity with the TV and the versatility it offers to the users. You can connect the external devices and improve your gameplay by doing random tricks with better add-on connectivity.

When it comes to gameplay, nothing beats the freedom of selecting the input devices like mice and keyboards. You can turn your gaming skills to an exceptional level by taking advantage of both devices’ controller options.

If you want to connect the keyboard and mouse to switch, there are some limitations that you need to consider. Taking advantage of your favorite keyboard or mouse can come at the cost of an adapter. 

Before going ahead, you need to consider all the limitations when connecting the keyboard and mouse to Switch. I will elaborate on these limitations below for a comprehensive guide.

What are the Limitations of Connecting Keyboard to Switch?

Connecting Nintendo Switch with the keyboard is possible, but it will operate partially. You will need to buy an adapter to utilize the full potential of the keyboard and use it for movement control. 

Besides the movement control, you can use the keyboard for anything, including filling out text boxes and entering passwords. There are several solutions for improving the compatibility and using them as keyboard and mouse. 

These solutions allow the user to enter commands using the keyboard layout. These products include gaming keypads and gaming keyboards with excellent controls and additional command buttons.

Currently, Nintendo Switch does not support any full-size keyboard for plug-and-play functionality to take advantage of the full controller. Nintendo may implement this feature in future updates. The only feasible situation when connecting the keyboard to the Switch is using the adapters.

Keyboard and Mouse Adaptors For Switch

As I already explained, you will need an adapter to connect your favorite mouse and keyboard to the Nintendo Switch. It helps the Switch let the keyboard control the gameplay and navigation. 

There are plenty of options for buying the adapter for using the keyboard and mouse combo with the Switch. I recommend using a Bluetooth keyboard and mouse combo for better connectivity with the adapter. You can plug the USB or wireless devices into the adapter to utilize the devices at full potential.

How to Use Keyboard and Mouse on Switch

Most people are not aware of other modes on Switch than Handheld mode. But to use the keyboard with the Switch, we first have to change its mode to TV mode or tabletop mode. Changing modes helps in connecting the adapter and other devices. Follow these easy steps to use a keyboard in TV mode.

  • Open the docking station of the Nintendo Switch to reveal the USB, HDMI, and AC adapter. 
  • Connect Nintendo Switch to the Ac adapter using the wall outlet.
  • Use HDMI cable to connect the Switch and TV while plugged into both devices. 
  • Close the Switch cover and remove any Joy-Con controller attached to the Switch.
  • Now place the Switch into the docking station and enjoy keyboard connectivity at your disposal.

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How to Connect Keyboard and Mouse to Nintendo Switch

You have learned to put the Switch to TV mode previously. You can connect the keyboard and mouse to the Nintendo Switch when in this mode. However, it can only help you input text when connected to the ports located on the back of the Switch.

If you want complete control of the keyboard and mouse, you will need an adapter or converter according to your keyboard and mouse. After getting a converter or adapter, you can follow these instructions to connect the keyboard and mouse.

  • Go to the Switch Settings and then move to Controllers and Sensors. 
  • Find Pro Controller Wired Communication settings to access the wired communication settings.
  • Inside the settings Turn On, Pro Controller Wired Communication.
  • Now you can plug the controller or adapter into the USB port of the Switch.
  • Wait for the flash under the keyboard and mouse icons.
  • Once you observe flash under the keyboard and mouse icons, plug the keyboard and mouse in the respective slots.
  • Wait until the lights become stable. Enjoy your desired games.


I hope it answered your concern about can you connect a keyboard to a Switch. You can get full control over the functions using an adapter or a converter. If you face any difficulty connecting and using the keyboard on Nintendo Switch, let me know in the comments.

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