What Keycaps does the Razer Blackwidow Elite use?

what keycaps does the razer blackwidow elite use

You cannot make a successful purchase if you do not pay attention to every detail of the mechanical keyboard. While getting a keyboard you must consider what type of keycaps, the manufacturer has used on the board that may out-turn typing quality and productivity. However, it has been seen that many sales copies do not provide clear information about the type of keycaps used. That got me thinking about what keycaps razer Blackwidow uses as it comes with unclear information regarding keycaps.

So, if you also think razer BlackWidow elite is good, let’s dig into everything related to the type of keycap, key replacement, etc.

Keycaps on Razer Blackwidow Elite

Talking about the standard so Razer Blackwidow Elite has Razer’s ABS keycaps. keycaps are painted through laser-etched lit-through characters.

ABS keycaps are of quite good quality but what to do if you like PBT keycaps most, can you change the keycaps on the Razer Blackwidow, well we going to give you the solution.

You can change ABS keycaps on BlackWidow Elite with Razer’s PBT keycap set upgrade offered by the company, you can buy a PBT set of keycaps from Razer or find other keycap sets from the market.

Keycaps on Razer Elite are removable and friction fixed on the switch’s stem. You can easily pull keycaps off with any hustle, using a keycap puller is a better idea, simply grip the keycap base with a keycap puller and pull it off.

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Profile of Keycaps

Without knowing the keycap profile, you will not be able to replace keycaps on any keyboard you are using. Razer Elite comes with OEM profile keycaps and if you want to customize or change keycaps on your BlackWidow you will have to get the ones with an OEM profile.

However, for the same profile of standard keycaps on Razer BlackWidow OEM profile keycaps would be a great fit but luckily you can try any type of profile keycaps to fit on the Razer BlackWidow keyboard. Even though almost all Razer versions have a non-standard bottom row, which might create some trouble supporting other profiles of keycaps and require some custom keys. You can use any Cherry MX style keycaps for Razer’s switches, thanks to Razer BlackWidow Elite’s floating style keys design it can get along with just about any keycaps without creating any compatibility issues with the case edges.

Significance of PBT Keycap Upgrade Set by Razer

  • PBT keycaps come with double-shot molding and fine-thin legends
  • The shine-through PBT keycaps are highly durable
  • These keycaps are made sleek with a shiny finish and textured look
  • They are made for heavy use and contribute greatly to satisfying keystroke
  • Comes in a perfect size as keycaps used on Razer BlackWidow Elite as well as sizes for non-standard bottom row of key switches.
  • This Razer keycap kit makes sure you end up with perfect sizes of keycaps that you are needed to change with standard keycaps.
  • Fortunately, keycaps are available in four different colors that certainly appreciated by lots of enthusiasts
  • Keycaps are also designed to perform amazingly well with Razer Chroma RGB illumination.
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