How to Enable Gaming Mode on Razer Keyboard

how to enable gaming mode on razer keyboard

Owning a Razer gaming keyboard is one of the best sensations for most gamers due to its futuristic design and gamer-friendly functions. These keyboards are fun for playing your favorite games. However, I recently came across a topic on how to enable gaming mode on Razer keyboard, which shockingly raised my curiosity as there was no clear answer to the question that can help the gamers who recently bought a Razer keyboard.

I have compiled this short guide to enlighten you about how anyone can enable and disable gaming mode on a Razer keyboard.

What is Gaming Mode Razer Keyboard?

No one like distractions or wrong key press during intense battles in multiplayer games as it can highly impact the game outcomes. Razer has developed the gaming mode for their keyboards to disable the Windows key function during the gameplay. It helps focus on the game and prevents wrong keypresses during intense gameplay.

How to Turn on Gaming Mode on Razer Keyboard

Now you are already familiar with the gaming mode on the Razer keyboard, it’s time to learn how to enable the function to get the maximum out of the keyboard potential. Gaming mode’s primary aim on Razer Keyboard is to disable the Windows keys so that you don’t have to worry about the Windows Menu popping out during the gameplay.

Razer allows two ways to control the gaming mode: software and key combination. Each method does the same drill but using the software can provide you with additional options like disabling Alt + F4 and Alt + Tab functions. Here are the methods you can use to enable gaming mode on the Razer keyboard.

Using Key Combinations

Key combinations are the quickest way to enable the gaming mode on Razer keyboards. You can activate it during any stage of your gameplay, and you don’t have to rely on installing and opening the Synapse utility.

For Full Sized and Tenkeyless Razer Gaming keyboards, pressing Fn + F10 can let you enable gaming mode. On mini or other smaller Razer Gaming Keyboards, you can use Fn + U combination to achieve the same results.

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Using Synapse

There are two popular versions of the Razer software utility: Synapse 2.0 and Synapse 3. The activation of gaming mode slightly differs in both software.

On Synapse 3, go to Keyboard and then open Customize. Navigate to the Gaming Mode and Always select On from the dropdown.

On Synapse 2.0, the process is straightforward. You have to open the software and navigate to Keyboard. Then entering the Gaming Mode will give you access to the gaming mode settings and the ability to enable and disable it.

How to Disable Gaming Mode on Razer Keyboard?

Enabling the gaming mode on Razer Keyboards is a breeze once you get familiar with the process. However, it can sometimes get frustrating to disable the Razer Gaming mode as there is no clear indication or key combination announced by Razer on their keyboard manuals.

You can disable the gaming mode by software and the key combination. Pressing the Fn key + Windows Key once can disable the Razer Gaming Mode. When using the Razer Synapse, you can Navigate to Keyboard > Customize. Going to Gaming Mode and disabling it can do the job.

By Brandon S. Lee

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