Is External Keyboard Necessary for Laptop?

is external keyboard necessary for laptop

If you use a laptop as the main driver for your programming, gaming, or office tasks, at some point, you must have thought of using an external keyboard. At that point, you start asking questions like, Is external keyboard necessary for laptop? Does using an external keyboard help you finish the tasks quickly? 

Well! We all have gone through this drill when buying the external keyboard for the laptop. For those who are unsure whether to use the external keyboard for a laptop, this article has some reasons-based facts to answer the questions circulating in your mind.

I have compiled this article so that you can figure out whether you need the external keyboard for your laptop or not. I will enlist the reasons to help you decide whether having an external keyboard can contribute more to your productivity or if a built-in laptop keyboard is enough for your needs.

Is using External Keyboard Necessary for Laptop

An external keyboard is a blessing for most people with inferior quality laptop keyboards or a keyboard that doesn’t work perfectly. However, external keyboards can be important for a standard laptop users based on their preferences. 

Here are the reasons why external keyboards are necessary for laptops.

Travel Distance of the Keys

Key travel distance matters a lot for fast typing and getting maximum performance from the keyboard. Most laptop keyboards have a long travel distance, making it difficult for the user to press the key to the bottom. The bottoming up becomes more frustrating, especially when the travel distance is around 1mm and you want to take the maximum typing speed.

Using an external keyboard with less key travel distance enables you to take full advantage of the keyboard. Several keyboards offer a minimum travel distance to bottom-up the keys without delay. It helps to prevent input delays that can affect the gameplay and office tasks.

Improved Typing Experience

The sole purpose of the keyboards is to type the input you want to transfer to the computer. If they are not good at the job, then what is the point of having such a keyboard. A good quality keyboard ensures an excellent typing experience. But the problem is that not all the laptop keyboards are comfortable.

You can buy an external keyboard with a customized typing experience. Buying a mechanical keyboard with the key switches of your choice can help you to get an improved typing experience. You cannot modify the typing experience on the laptop keyboard as they are not flexible for such options.

Actuation Force

Some laptop keys are not easy to press down due to the lower actuation force. It happens because the keys have less travel distance. It does give rise to the problems of accidental key presses. Having a high actuation force can prevent accidental clicks as opposed to the repetitive strain put due by the heavier actuation force on the laptop keyboards.

External keyboards offer the choice of choosing between the models and selecting the keyboard with an actuation force comfortable for the typing. They prevent accidental typing and let you type without any issues. Most external keyboards offer less than 45g actuation force to solve your issues.

Strain on Body

When using the laptop keyboard, a safe distance is not usually maintained with the body. Normally the advised distance between the screen and eye is one arm’s length, which users ignore or cannot achieve due to laptop access issues.

The external keyboard puts you at ease and lets you operate the laptop from a safe distance. You can maintain the distance while actively operating the laptop. It helps reduce the eye strain and relieve any pain you can usually get from bad posture.

Furthermore, the external keyboards have extra padding options to rest the wrist. It soothes the pain and stress from the wrist. You can get extra comfortability options when buying external keyboards.

Laptop Value

If you are one of those people who like to keep the laptop in pristine condition over the years, an external keyboard is your best bet. Switching the laptops every few months and keeping the laptop from wear and tear can help.

When using an external keyboard, you can prevent abuse of the laptop. It will also prevent wear and tear usually resulting from wearing the keycaps. It also improves the chances of keeping the laptop’s value when you sell it for a new one even after months of usage.

Do I Need External Keyboard for Laptop

Buying an external keyboard depends on your needs and preferences. You can keep using the built-in laptop keyboard for years, and nothing will happen to its quality. But sometimes, using an external keyboard becomes necessary due to defective and low-quality laptop keyboards.

Should You Use an External Keyboard on a Laptop? It depends! If you are a user who likes to explore new horizons and wants to get the most out of your laptop, an external keyboard is the answer. It provides smoother typing, more range, stress relief, and faster typing than most built-in laptop keyboards.

Is it Better to Use External Keyboard with Laptop

It is worth a shot, given the benefits of external keyboards over laptop keyboards. You can get many benefits and performance boost using external keyboards. 

External keyboards reduce the strain and stress on the wrists, neck, eyes, and hands. You can get an improved typing experience and increase productivity due to comfortable and accurate typing. Furthermore, external keyboards keep the value of your laptop and let you sell it for better bucks.

Is it Ok to Use External Keyboard with Laptop

Yes, using the external keyboard with a mouse is safe and convenient. Connecting the external keyboard to the laptop is relatively easy owing to various connectivity options, including USB, USB-C, and Bluetooth. You can operate the keyboards wirelessly or using cables to get accurate typing and boost performance over conventional laptop keyboards.

I hope you now know “Is external keyboard necessary for laptop” and won’t get confused when selecting between both options. I suggest you analyze your needs and make the buying intent after reviewing all the information provided in the article.

By Brandon S. Lee

Hi, My name Brandon S.Lee and I am a professional Gamer, I also worked with the keyboard making company called Logitech. I was the quality check manager of the Logitech keyboard department. Here we have a team of people who researched on the keyboards, talked with keyboard users and analyzes the user reviews and then write the product reviews.

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