How to Replace Keyboard Keys?

how to replace keyboard keys

Problems with keyboards are always ahead, and we are here to fix them with great approaches. You can’t run away from minor physical or technical miss issues. However, you can repair them by searching out fact-based manners. Today, we are here to familiarise ourselves with the problem of how to replace keyboard keys. If your keyboard’s keys stop working, get loosened, and fall off for some reason, you need to replace them with new ones. 

Repairing and replacing keys rules is just functional for a few sticking keys. If you locate more than ten or fifteen keys that are assuming time to register, you need to change your keyboard instead of replacing those keys. If you want to replace and fix a single key on the keyboard, read the following tutorials. 

How to Replace Keyboard Keys? 

The first precaution in the process of replacing a key is cleaning. You need to clean a key before replacing it on the keyboard. It will help you to fix a key without any obstacles. The second precaution is grabbing the tools. You need to collect all the needed tools for removing the keycap, guard, or switch. After that, you can apply the methodology of removing a key and fitting a new key without contacting an operator. 

Replacing Key on Membrane Keyboard

The replacement of the key on membrane keyboards is straightforward, and there is no hard and fast strategy for changing keys. You can replace the key like the following one.

  • Disconnect and turn off your keyboard
  • Take the spudger and loosen the key by levering all the corners carefully 
  • When you feel it loosen giantly, remove it by lifting it with the spudger head
  • Remove the guard with help of a tweezer softly, and take care don’t touch the existing button
  • Take a soft microfiber cloth and clean it smoothly
  • Make sure that there is no particle of dust
  • Put the guard on
  • Take a new key and push the button with the hole
  • Make sure that the key is fit and there is no looseness
  • Check the key by pressing it 
  • If it seems difficult to press, realign the key and put it in the perfect exposure

Replacing Key on Ergonomic Keyboard

The keys of the ergonomic keyboard are a bit stiff, unlike other keyboards. Its keys have a hole in the bottom side which help them to fix in button. Sometimes, their keys look stuck in buttons due to guard, but in actuality, they got the whole wide by pressing them for a long time. Fix the ergonomic key by using the following manners.

  • Unplugged the keyboard and disconnected from the PC
  • Take a screwdriver or a spudger and put its flat side in the bottom side of the key
  • Put a short weight on the other end of the spudger and increase the weight smoothly with your hand
  • Don’t use other heavy instruments to put the weight because you required to do it with your hands
  • Keep putting the weight until the key is moved out
  • Use the piece of straw and put it in the bottom hole of the key as you are making a short hole then the real one
  • Cut the straw with the help of a seizer, and keep its size equal to the hole that can be fittable on a button
  • Put this rearranged key on the button and push it with your hand
  • Check to verify fixation by pressing it with the thumb. Read more

Replacing Key on Mechanical Keyboard

Most mechanical keyboards have hot-swappable keys that consider replaceable. The keys from these keyboards get damaged and broken by falling heavy items on them. In this case, the damaged key stops working. You need to check, repair, and replace that key. Before buying a replacement, detect the exact reason behind the stuckness of that key, because maybe there are particles of dirt and dust that can be stopped your key from pressing and working.

The manners of changing and fixing a key on mechanical keyboards are easy to follow because their keys are easy to remove as you can lift them with the force of your fingers. Take these actions step-by-step.

  • Turn off the keyboard and make all the connections also off
  • Remove the key by using your first finger and thumb with an average force
  • If it is not working, take a flathead screwdriver to remove key
  • Check the inner side of the key
  • If it is damaged, bring a replacement
  • Locate the plunger and check it by pressing
  • If it is working, you need to replace just key
  • Take the new key and put it on the base of the button by seeing from the downside to checking the exact place of the plunger.
  • When you discovered the right orientation, press it with your finger, and put it back on the base of the button.
  • Make sure the legs of the key get locked in the plunger
  • Press the key for checking the replacement is successful

Replacing Key on Laptop Keyboard

The keys are wimpy and crucial parts of any laptop keyboard. It seems frustrating to change the laptop keyboard key more than two times because every key of the keyboard has a jacket underneath it, and that jacket can break and damage the button by removing and replacing the key much time. 

Make sure that you are going to replace a key the first time, and if you have done it with the same key already, don’t try it again. Choose some steps to replace a laptop keyboard key.

  • Use a thin and pointed instrument like your nail to remove the keycap 
  • Similarly, remove its jacket if it is still attached to the button
  • Put the jacket in a new keycap and make sure it is completely fit
  • Put it back on the button and push it with your thumb
  • Press the key several times to verify the replacement


All the ways of replacing keys on several types of keyboards are enough to clarify the problem of how to replace keyboard keys. In the case of the mac keyboard, we advise contacting an operator for the replacement of a single key because you can’t take the risk of an expensive device getting damaged in the process. 

By Brandon S. Lee

Hi, My name Brandon S.Lee and I am a professional Gamer, I also worked with the keyboard making company called Logitech. I was the quality check manager of the Logitech keyboard department. Here we have a team of people who researched on the keyboards, talked with keyboard users and analyzes the user reviews and then write the product reviews.

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