How to Turn off Handwriting Keyboard Moto G Stylus?

how to turn off handwriting keyboard moto g stylus

If you are looking for how to turn off handwriting keyboard Moto G Stylus, this is the informative platform for you. Samsung is known for its spectacular traits in smartphones, and handwriting with the help of a stylus is one of them. Generally, all other devices have the feature of a handwriting keyboard, but they all are without the stylus. Samsung is the only one whose Moto G comes with a stylus for handwriting keyboard. 

Using the stylus on Moto G is helpful for those who don’t want to miss spelling in their text. On the other hand, there is a massive difference in the speed of a handwriting keyboard and a normal keyboard. That’s why someone doesn’t like to write with a stylus on the handwriting keyboard and prefers to turn it off on Moto G.

How to Turn off Handwriting Keyboard Moto G Stylus? 

 In the case of a normal keyboard, you just need to type but in the case of the handwriting keyboard, you need to write on the keyboard with a finger or stylus and then click on the exact word you want to type. According to this condition, if you want to turn off the handwriting keyboard, check the right side of the upper bar of the keyboard and locate the keyboard icon.

  1. If the icon of the keyboard is available
  2. Touch and hold it for three seconds 
  3. It will turn off the handwriting keyboard

Suppose, if your handwriting keyboard doesn’t contain the direct option to turn it off, then you can use the setting of Moto G according to the following actions.

  • Go to the home screen and open the settings
  • Search out the option of system setting
  • Select the language and input option
  • Tap on the virtual keyboard
  • Select the keyboard you are using
  • Tap on languages
  • Select the English US
  • Tap on QWERTY
  • Select the handwriting and turn it off

How to Turn off Handwriting Keyboard on iPhone?

IPhones and iPads also contain handwriting keyboards and provide relaxation for their enthusiasts to compare them with Samsung and Androids. There is no particular layout for handwriting keyboard for iPhones and iPads. After turning it on, you can drag your finger on the standard keyboard in handwriting mode, and it will work like other devices. The manners of using a handwriting keyboard on Apple are here.

  • First, you need to set a rotor.
  • After setting the rotor, you can use your keyboard in handwriting mode
  • Go to the settings
  • Tap on Accessibilities
  • Scroll down and touch VoiceOver
  • Select the rotor
  • Add handwriting keyboard
  • Save the setting
  • Locate the right bottom side of your keyboard
  • The rotor option will appear there
  • Touch and hold this option to turn it on and off

If you still want to use the handwriting keyboard, but don’t know the method of using it on the keyboard without a stylus and with the help of fingers, follow these instructions. 

  1. Swipe three fingers up to choose the uppercase letter
  2. Swipe three fingers down to get the lowercase letter
  3. Write a letter with one finger on the screen
  4. Swipe two fingers rightward to get space
  5. Swipe three fingers rightward to get a new line

How do I Change From Handwriting to Keyboard on Android? 

As you know, handwriting is available for specific devices on androids, so you need to choose just English US language on the keyboard to use it in handwriting mode. First, select a language and then add a handwriting keyboard to use.  

If there is no option for a handwriting keyboard after the language section, it means your language doesn’t contain handwriting mode, and you need to change it from settings. Apply these steps to change it.

  • Go to the home screen.
  • Open any notepad and typing app.
  • Tap on the typing place, and your keyboard will pop up
  • Open the features menu from the top left of the keyboard
  • Tap on three dots for more options
  • Open the setting
  • Tap on the language you want to use 
  • Swipe right the selected language and add the handwriting keyboard
  • If there is no option for a handwriting keyboard, your language is non-English
  • You have done it

Use of Handwriting Keyboard

  • Open the notepad
  • Tap on the place where you want to type
  • It will pop up on your keyboard
  • Touch and hold the spacebar or global icon key
  • Tap on the handwriting keyboard
  • It will create a blank area for handwriting
  • Use fingers or a stylus to write a character

How do I Turn off Handwriting and Touch Keyboard?

If you are suffering from problems with the touch keyboard or don’t know the use of handwriting and touching keyboard, no need to wonder about the sudden opening of them because you can turn off their panel. 

On Windows, it is not much better to use a handwriting keyboard because it can’t give you a proper speed. If your child wants to learn to type on windows, you can select a stylus for them. Without a stylus, don’t open the touch keyboard on windows for kids.

  • Go to the start menu.
  • Type and select services
  • Locate the column
  • Click and hold the touch keyboard and handwriting panel service
  • Click on the Properties option
  • Change the type of startup by switching to automatic.
  • Click on apply and ok to finish the action


By leading the issues of how to turn off handwriting keyboard moto g stylus, we’ve decided to claim its manners. After that, we got some incredible results from experts. In the end, we explained all the well-known information according to our sources. You can read the techniques of using, turning off, and opening the handwriting keyboard on Samsungs, Androids, iPhones, iPads, and windows.

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