How to Type Roman Numerals on Keyboard?

how to type roman numerals on keyboard

Roman numerals have no primary language but depend on other language alphabets and punctuation to perform. It’s tricky to type roman numerals on different platforms, but after reading this tutorial, you can clear out all your confusion about how to type roman numerals on the keyboard because we have complete research on this issue with the help of experts.

Some numerals from roman are easy to type. You can order them from a standard US keyboard or an android keyboard. Besides them, some numbers are problematic to type, and you need specific codes to type them. After spending a period in search of roman numerals, we collect some acceptable ways of typing roman numerals.

How to Type Roman Numerals on Keyboard?

You need to learn the identity of roman numerals before typing because, after a certain high number, they need a bar on specific characters to perform them. Less than 3999 numbers all the roman numerals based on the US English alphabet as I, V, X, L, C, D, and M. You can use Microsoft Excel or Google Docs to get traditional numbers into roman form. 

Now, the confusion is how you can understand the performed numbers in English alphabets. In other words, you can say which character represent which number of roman. Take a view of this table.

  • 1 ——- I
  • 5 ——- V
  • 10 —– X
  • 50 —– L
  • 100 — C
  • 500 — D
  • 1000 – M.

This is the way how you can pronounce and write roman numerals on the keyboard with a single press or tap. On the other hand, it seems difficult to write above then 3999 numbers in roman numerals. There is an upper bar on a character after 3999 to represent a thousand like if you have V̅, it means that five multiply one thousand, and it represents 5000. An upper bar means the character below it multiplied by 1000. 

When there is an upper bar on roman numerals, it means that the number is non-ordinary and you can’t get it by keyboard keys. Microsoft Excel and Google Docs will take part in the presentation of non-ordinary numerals.

Here is the way you can type only ordinary numerals with the help of a single keystroke on your keyboard

  1. Open any notepad, text app, or sheet.
  2. Tap or click on the cursor where you want to type the roman numeral
  3. Your keyboard is now ready to type
  4. Start from I which is actually 1 and type in sequence I, II, III, IV, V—1, 2, 3, 4, 5
  5. Type X, L, C, D, M—10, 50, 100, 500, 1000

How to Type Roman Numerals in Microsoft Word? 

Even if you are using Microsoft word for your documents, there are only I, V, X, L, C, D, and M letters that you can use for typing roman numerals, because it is the only way that is too uncomplicated and easy to apply for this pursuit. In Microsoft Word, just press these letters to type ordinary numerals.

  • Open Microsoft Word and click on where you want to type
  • Hold the shift key and press I, II, III, IV, V—1, 2, 3, 4, 5
  • Simultaneously press X, L, C, D, M—10, 50, 100, 500, 1000

There is no other way of typing ordinary numbers without capital letters and inserting a tab of Microsoft. So, if you want to flip math numbers into roman numerals by inserting a tab, let’s start with us. 

  1. On Microsoft, Open the insert tab given on the right upper side of the notepad.
  2. Under the insert tab, open the quick parts.
  3. Select the field in quick parts, and it will open a box in front of you
  4. Type any math number in the box like this =101\*Roman
  5. Click on the field and update it. It will convert this number into roman CI.

The no-ordinary numbers have different criteria for typing them in Microsoft. It seems complicated, but no need to wonder because we have a proper solution according to this platform. Take some actions like the below ones.

  • On Microsoft, Open the insert tab. 
  • Select the option of the equation and open it
  • Type the number to get a bar on it. If you want a bar of 8000, just type 8 in roman VIII.
  • Highlight the VIII with the help of the mouse as you do so to copy
  • After that, go to the Accent option under the toolbar
  • Click on the option of Overbar, and it will convert into V̅I̅I̅I̅  
  • Similarly, you can convert any number into thousand of roman numerals

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How to type roman Numerals in Google Docs? 

Google Docs is another helpful platform to write a note or article. If you are a google docs user and want to put roman numerals in text, use the I, V, X, L, C, D, and M keys from the keyboard because these are efficiently available and are ordinary numerals of roman. 

The second way of typing roman numerals in docs is using special characters. By inserting the tab of extra tools in docs, you can choose the roman numeral. Its steps are easy to follow.

  • Open the Google Docs
  • Click on the insert option
  • Go to the special characters
  • Search for Roman numerals
  • Click on the number you want to type

This tab will show you only ordinary roman numbers, so no need to wonder about typing non-ordinary numbers because they have a different way. Choose this criterion to type above then 3999 in roman.

  • Open the Google Docs
  • Go to the insert section
  • Choose the equation bar
  • Type \overline and give a space
  • Type the roman number you want to type under overline


Besides these, you can get a sheet of roman numbers from Google, if you want to learn how to type roman numerals on keyboard. You can open a sheet in one tab and can type on a notepad by copy-paste. It is the too easier way because there are all roman numbers available in the sheet, and no need to get a specific code or equation to get the upper character bar.

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