How To Get An Enderman Keyboard On Android?

how to get an enderman keyboard on android

Nowadays, every app and feature of android is getting upgraded on public demand. Unlike iPhones, Android devices have additional straightforward ways to download, install, and upgrade apps. Enderman keyboard is used as a second language to type in iPhones, Androids, Laptops, and macs. If you don’t know how to get an Enderman keyboard on android, keep reading downward, we have a suitable process for you.

Before downloading this keyboard, you need to know every device has different layouts of keyboards and modes of settings. So, keep the details of keyboard settings in mind and apply the following methods in sequence to get an Enderman keyboard. 

What is enderman keyboard?

Enderman language, also known as “Ender Speak,” is a fictional language used in the popular video game, Minecraft. In the game, Endermen are mysterious and somewhat frightening creatures that can teleport, move blocks, and change the landscape. This language is used to interact with them and can be found in various Minecraft mods and add-ons.

The language is not a real, spoken language but rather a series of sounds and gestures that players use to communicate with Endermen. In Minecraft, the player must stand still and look at the Enderman without blinking in order to initiate communication. The player then has to perform specific gestures, such as moving the mouse or typing specific keys, in order to interact with the Enderman.

Some players have created mods and add-ons that allow them to interact with Endermen in more complex ways, such as trading resources or having conversations. These mods often use a complex set of sounds and gestures to simulate a language that the Endermen can understand. Some of these mods also include translation tools, allowing players to translate the Enderman language into their own language so that they can understand what the Endermen are saying.

While Enderman language is not a real language, it has become a popular part of the Minecraft community, with players creating their own fan-made versions of the language and sharing them online. These versions often include new gestures, sounds, and vocabulary that players can use to interact with Endermen in new and interesting ways.

The popularity of Enderman language highlights the creative potential of video games and the ways in which players can extend and enhance their gaming experiences through mods and add-ons. By creating their own versions of Enderman language, players can add new dimensions to their gameplay, exploring new worlds and interacting with creatures in unique and exciting ways.

How To Get An Enderman Keyboard On Android?

There are two ways of getting an enderman keyboard on android devices. The first one is comfortable and applicable to practically all devices, but some are not competent to add this language due to limited types of fonts. As you know, the fonts of the enderman language differ in shape, so it becomes difficult to run multiple fonts at a time. You can get an enderman keyboard on your android by following the methods. 

Method 1.

Downloading Gboard as the default keyboard can help you employ the second language in android. If you want to change just the language of your keyboard, you can do so through Gboard with some steps.

  • Install Gboard
  • Open the keyboard setting
  • Navigate the Language option
  • Click on Add Language button
  • Click on Enderman Language 
  • Select the layout that you want
  • Click Done

Method 2.

If your device keyboard does not work in the enderman language, you instruct it to put in some extra steps. You can get help from stylish font creators. Install a font creator on the device and change the alphabet into enderman fonts. Now, copy and paste them on a separate notepad. After that use these steps.

  • Come on Keyboard setting
  • Click on more typing option
  • Tap text shortcuts
  • Tap on add symbol
  • Put the letter “A” in the shortcut box and its relevant font from the enderman language in the Expanded phrase box
  • Tap on add> enderman letter will be saved in the shortcut
  • Put all the letters and their fonts in boxes one by one with a sequence
  • Save this setting 
  • When you type a letter, its relevance will pop up in the centre of the upper bar.
  • You can use its fonts as a second language on the keyboard

How do I change the Keyboard layout on Android?

The change in layouts plays a vital role in using your favorite language on keyboards. Android users are always in trouble with layout settings. You can simply change the configuration of the android keyboard by employing these steps.

  1. Open your keyboard
  2. Tap on the upper corner of the left side
  3. Navigate on menu
  4. Tap Layout settings
  5. Select the layout you want to use
  6. Tap Done and look at the changed layout

What is the benefit of Enderman Keyboard On Android?

Enderman keyboard is a virtual keyboard app designed for Android devices that allows users to type using a variety of different languages, including the fictional Enderman language from Minecraft. The app is designed to be a fun and creative way for users to communicate, offering them the opportunity to type using the Enderman language and share their messages with friends and other Minecraft fans.

One benefit of using the Enderman keyboard app is the ability to type in a unique and creative way. The app offers a fun and interactive way to communicate with others, allowing users to express themselves using a language that is not commonly used in everyday life.

Another benefit of the Enderman keyboard app is the opportunity to connect with other Minecraft fans. The app is a popular choice among players of the game, and allows users to share their messages and experiences with others who enjoy Minecraft and the Enderman language.

Additionally, the app is user-friendly and easy to use, making it accessible to players of all ages and levels of technological proficiency. The app features a simple interface that allows users to easily switch between languages and type their messages with ease.


It is hard to get additional keyboards on cell phones. In our opinion, it can be done in seconds because everything is available on your device with details. You can understand how to get an enderman keyboard on android by reading the above methods, which are helpful for the community.

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