Why Is My Keyboard Typing Backward?

why is my keyboard typing backward

Mechanical devices always suffer from different errors, glitches, and barriers. Sometimes, these errors occur by a technical fault or software imperfections. Most users are not satisfied with their devices due to minor issues, and they also don’t know how they can stop these errors, and what are the causes. As someone asked, “why is my keyboard typing backward?”  

You may notice one thing, suddenly, your keyboard starts typing wrong words or in the wrong direction, whether your keyboard is of top brand or you are typing in a familiar language. It is not such a serious matter you will continue reading to know why this happens and how we can fix it.

Why Is My Keyboard Typing Backward?

It is not a technical issue of the keyboard that always disturbs your typing, the wrong setting of keyboards, downloading unknown drivers or software, and switching on unnecessary keys can also annoy your typing habits. Without the correct setup of keyboards, you can face unknown problems on the computer that appear abruptly during typing time.

You can locate it your keyboard can start typing backward while you are typing forward as usual. It happens when you order on the computer for a long time and constantly. Five minor causes have a chance to break your speed in typing.

Minor Glitch:

A little break in typing can cause it to change its direction. A minor glitch in external keyboard settings or internal programs can start typing backward letters without your permission. 

Software Issue:

Usually, you have to download software to set up the functions of the keyboard, but it’s not always beneficial. This software can attack your text directions, and your computer starts showing every letter backward.

Region/Language Quarrels:

Every keyboard is set to the UK region and English language by default. You may change its region or language mistakenly. It’s a fact that every Region and Language has a specific direction for texting letters. By changing them, your keyboard can start typing backward.

Drivers And Extensions Cracks:

The keyboard drivers may want your attention on their updates and break your speed of typing on the computer by diverting its letter in the wrong direction. Unknown extensions or AI tool extensions can also start your text backward.

Application Bangs:

It happens due to selecting the wrong direction in the google chrome application. After making the google account, check its force UI option. It may switch on the right-to-left option. 

How Do I Fix My Keyboard Backward Typing?

After detecting the causes of backward typing, you can move on to the process of fixing the issues. Every cause has a separate way to resolve, make sure that you have found the right reason for backward typing. 

You can clinch all the issues by restarting your computer, changing the region/language, resetting the keyboard, updating drivers, and configuring the applications. If you don’t know how to perform these solutions, read their methods in steps.

Restart Computer:

If your keyboard is not faulty and contains minor glitches, you can resolve this issue by restarting your computer. 

Change The Region And Language:

This fault is fixable because you can resolve it by keyboard settings. After changing the region and language on default mode or a specific option, you can nail this problem efficiently. 

  • Open the setting of your computer or laptop
  • Click on the control panel
  • Select the clock, language, and region option
  • Select the location tab
  • Click on the Home location tab
  • Select the United States and click on OK

Resetting Of Keyboard:

After restarting the computer and changing the region, if your keyboard is still typing backward, may your keyboard wants a reset. Simply disconnect your keyboard from the computer and reconnect. Change the typing direction of the keyboard by using the keys like this.

  • Press Ctrl+Left shift for the left to right direction typing
  • Press Ctrl+Right shift for the right to left direction typing

Update The Driver:

Keyboard drivers help to improve the feature of typing and reduce the barriers on computers. If you find any notification from the driver to update, update it quickly before facing their errors. You can upgrade a driver even if you do not have a keyboard driver, download it first before upgrading.

  • Download and install the keyboard driver
  • Open the driver and click on the scan button
  • Locate the update option
  • Click on update all
  • Restart the computer

Configure The  Application:

It is an advanced method of fixing specific app settings. If you find backward text in typical apps, you can set it by google chrome. The display setting of google chrome helps you with this pursuit.

  • Open the Google Chrome
  • Copy chrome://flags/ and paste in search bar
  • Navigate the Force UI direction
  • Select the left to the right option
  • Save the changes and restart your computer

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Why Is My Keyboard Messed Up? 

Many reasons take place for errors during typing on the keyboard. The main reason for typing the wrong characters on the keyboard is malware infections or the stucking of keys. The keyboard drivers and changes in languages can also cause misspelled or the wrong characters.

You can fix this issue by rebooting your drivers or troubleshooting your device. Check your language setting and change your language to the English United Kingdom. If your device still shows the wrong words, check the keyboard setting, and turn off autocorrection.


In this guide, you can find all the possibilities which can cause typing backward on your computers and laptops. If you notice a single reason, you can fix it efficiently, because we described their solutions in steps. We hope you can do that without any obstacles after reading. We explained every reason why is my keyboard typing backward in-depth.

By Brandon S. Lee

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