How To Do The Check Mark Symbol On Keyboard?

how to do the check mark symbol on keyboard

Every spreadsheet, document, Microsoft, Excel, PowerPoint, and program is used for creating blogs, notes, assignments, office work, and files, and enjoy adding symbols to look outstanding. These symbols are also used as characters sometimes.

The check mark symbol has various ways to appear on notepads but how to do the check mark symbol on keyboard is difficult to know.

After reaching here, it will not be difficult for you to know because here we show you how you add this symbol with the help keyboard. Before starting, you must know the difference between square root mark(√ ) and check mark(✔) symbols.

How To Do The Check Mark Symbol On Keyboard?

There are several methods to insert a checkmark symbol with the help of a keyboard, but it all depends on your notepad. Keep this tip in mind regarding what kind of notepad you are using because every program has a personal way of adding symbols to text.

You can add this symbol from the font box and the codes. If your font box has no check mark symbol, try these codes in windings.

Platform Code Symbole
Microsoft word, excel ALT+0252
Microsoft Notepad ALT+0251
Microsoft Windows 0x6FC
HTML Webpage &#9745
HTML Webpage &#10003
HTML Webpage &#10004
Microsoft word, excel ALT+0254
Macbook ALT+9745

Now you can add a checkmark symbol by following this process.

  • Open the platform where you want to write( Microsoft word, excel, PowerPoint, notepad)
  • Locate the Ribbon bar and click on the insert option
  • Locate on the right side of the insert box and click on the symbol section
  • If you find another box click again on symbol section
  • Now click on font section
  • Winding option will appear on center or top in font section
  • Click on windings option
  • There is the complete list of symbols
  • Find the check mark symbol
  • You can also put any code from code box under correct platform
  • Copy the code and paste it character code section
  • Click on insert option and your symbol will add on your text


You can copy the check mark symbol from the code box and paste it on your notepad. You can also save this symbol on your keyboard as a shortcut.

How To Insert Check Mark On Microsoft Windows?

The process of inserting the check mark symbol in the text on the Microsoft window is almost similar to the above, but you need a bit of change. In this program, you cannot copy and paste the check mark symbol, so you need to create a checkmark with the help of a character map. If you are a window user, you can add this symbol from the character map by using these instructions.

  • Open Microsoft Windows and Open its character map
  • Check for fonts
  • Type or select windings in the search bar
  • Symbols box will appear
  • Find the check mark symbol by scrolling
  • You can also paste the code in the character code section
  • Select the check mark
  • Now the option of copy will pop-up
  • Copy the symbol and paste on your text

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You can also create a shortcut to insert a check mark symbol. Select this symbol as windings 2 or Segoe UI symbol. Click on the shortcut option and the shortcut box will appear. Replace it with any character. Now, whenever you type the replacing character, this symbol will pop up in suggestions, and you select it efficiently. It is the advanced method for how to do the check mark symbol on a keyboard with the help of a keyboard shortcut.

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