What Is A Colon On Keyboard?

This question of what is a Colon on keyboard compelled us to learn the importance of symbols in the digital world and the implication of punctuation in the grammar of English UK.

You always need to know the punctuation symbols to understand the exceptional sentences in content.

Nowadays, we are using additional symbols for assembling our sentences complete. By observing our needs, android devices, Apple devices, and mechanical keyboards start producing these symbols within the alphabet. They make everything easy for us, so you can use these symbols by clicking a key or tapping a character on keyboards. This guide will show you the importance of the colon in keyboards. It might help you to understand most easily.

What Is A Colon On Keyboard?

A Colon is a symbol of punctuation that comes with additional characters on keyboards. Basically, the Colon is a key on keyboards that work by pressing. It has its own identity in the collection of keys, and you can notice it by its mark. As every symbol in grammar and punctuation has a sign and shape, the Colon on the keyboard has a key assembled with its figure.


The colon is designed as two dots lined vertically with a space distance. This is the mark of the colon (:). You can recognize it on your keyboard with this sign (:). If you are using the keyboard on a cellphone so you can find it by the same character in the symbol section.

Where Is The Colon Located On Keyboards?

In mechanical and laptop keyboards’ main five-row layout, the third row contains the colon key after the L character key. This key is known as a semi-colon key, but every keyboard has multiple functions in one key, and you can type colon and semi-colon by pressing one key. Now the confusion is here how can we get a colon on the keyboard because the semi-colon is the default key.

Innovation Of Colon

Press the shift button whether it is placed on the left side or right side. Hold down the shift and press the semi-colon (;) key. The character of the colon will show you in your text. In the case of cell phones, open the symbol section and locate on below rows, you can find it.

How Do You Use A Colon?

The Colon is used for separating or breaking text and for other pursuits. Below are some examples described that can clarify your confusion about the uses of colons.

  • After the heading of explanation, like if you want to explain a topic, you can use a Colon after the topic name.
  • In the emphasis, like if you want to break someone’s talks and star relevant topic.
  • In a dialogue, After the name of the speaker, you can put a colon before starting his dialogue.
  • In the Quotation, After the name of the author or someone said, you can type a colon before writing the quotation.
  • In the separation of book names, you can put a Colon between two books’ names if you are writing them in brackets.


In this guide, we described the definition and importance of the colon in the era of mechanical and programmatic keyboards. We explain every suited answer to what is a colon on keyboard. You can also find the place of the colon on keyboards after reading.

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