How Do I Make A Squiggly Line On My Keyboard?

how do i make a squiggly line on my keyboard

A squiggly line is one of the punctuation symbols used for signification in IT-related programs or applications, mathematical equations, programming, c-language, java, file systems, directories, and URLs. The professionals in these fields know this symbol employs good and well. Now the question is how do I make a squiggly line on my keyboard?

This symbol has different names in different languages. Mostly it’s called a Tilde and Twiddle. In English, it’s called Squiggly, but someone named it TILL-duh, TILL-dee, and Tile.

How Do I Make A Squiggly Line On My Keyboard?

Every keyboard has a different way of assembling squiggly lines, but UK keyboards have a similar way. You can create this symbol on a UK keyboard by holding the shift key and pressing the ( ` ) key. 


A squiggly line is shaped as two bends in a short straight line ( ~ )

Place On Keyboard

This symbol is placed below the ESC key and in front of the main-layout starting row of the keyboard with the ( ` ) key.

Ways of Creation

You can create this symbol in your text in five ways by using different keys and programs.

  • By Symbol Key

Press and hold down the shift key, and press the ( ` ) key located in front of the first row of the central portion of the keyboard.

  • By Alt Code

This way is only for window users. You can type or create a squiggly line by pressing Alt+126. Check your number lock key, if the code is not working.

  • By Keyboard Shortcut

Copy this symbol and replace it with any other character of the keyboard in shortcut settings. By doing so, whenever you type the replaced character, the symbol of the squiggly line will pop up in the suggestions.

  • By C&P Method

Copy and paste is the quickest method for typing any symbol. You can copy the squiggly line from here ( ~ ) and paste it into the cursor where you want. Use Ctrl+C for copy and Ctrl+V for paste.

  • By Insert Box

Every Microsoft Excel, notepad, PowerPoint, and other word document contains an insert box in the ribbon. Click on the insert box and open the symbol section. Scroll down until you find the squiggly line.

How to Put a Squiggly Line Above Letter?

A character map gives you letters with different symbols on them. You can create any mark above the letter by employing a character map, and If you want to bring a letter with a squiggly line, follow these steps.

  • Navigate the cursor where you want to make a letter with the squiggly line
  • Tap on the Start button and click on the Accessories
  • Click on System Tools and select the Character Map
  • The box of characters will open
  • Select the icon you want to add
  • Copy your letter after selecting
  • Paste it with the help of pressing Alt+P


We described five different ways to get the squiggly lines. We hope your question is solved now, and no more stress about how do I make a squiggly line on my keyboard. A squiggly line has another character on the key, which is called an Apostrophe ( ` ). So, you can get it simply by pressing the Abstrophe key with a clutch on shift.

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