What Is A Special Character on Keyboard?

what is a special character on keyboard

The keyboards are appointed with multiple characters on the keys. Some of them are alphabet and used for typing English. Some of them are called numeric keys and are used for determining the quantity and different cursors. The limited keys are called hotkeys due to their primary functions on the keyboard. But what is a special character in them and what is their role on keyboards is under discussion below.

You can remark that most keys on keyboards contain two or more two characters which work by pressing Alt, Shift, or Fn keys. These characters help to break sentences to driving them easy to read.

What Is A Special Character on Keyboard?

Every character on the keyboard which is non-alphabet and non-numeric is called a special character. You can pronounce these characters with punctuation marks and symbols. These characters are used for making content fair-looking, and easy to read for users, separating stiff sentences, mentioning unique sentences, explaining every point of content, and solving issues.

You can find special characters on the main layout of the keyboard. The upper row of the alphabet and the right-side keys of the alphabet are established with special characters.

Here are the characters, their pronunciations, and their uses.

Characters Pronunciations Uses
, Comma Separation of special words
. Dot, Full stop End of sentence
< Less angle Bracket Sign of less numbers
> Greater angle Bracket Sign of greater numbers
? Question Mark End of a question
/ Forward Slash In the place of OR
; Semicolon Between two transitional sentences and words
: Colon To clarify composition
                      ‘ Apostroph To mention the special word
Inverted Commas  To mention quotation
[ Open bracket Start of extra sentence
] Close bracket End of extra sentence
{ Open brace Start of containing words
} Close brace End of containing words
\ Backslash To separate file paths
| Vertical Bar To specific type operations
= Equal In Equality of two values
+ Plus In Sum of two values
Hyphen To join two words
_ Underscore To form optical spacing
( Open parenthesis Start of parenthetical text
) Close parenthesis End of parenthetical text
* Star To signal a footnote
& And To substitute words
^ Caret To signal additional words
% Percent Describe the percentage
$ Dollar sign Describe the currency
# Hash Describe the number
@ At To refer time, place or name
! Bang To suggest sound
` Acute Describe serious text
~ Tilde Describe the approximate

How Do I Type A Special Character Not-Visible On The Keyboard?

Exclusively specific characters are fixed on the keyboard, and all others are not visible special characters but are bringable. The special characters that do not come on keys, can get by a Character map. The Character map contains all other symbols in the box that you can copy and paste into your text.

  • Navigate the cursor
  • Open the character map
  • Open the icons box
  • Select the character you want to add
  • Copy and paste in your text


The special characters on keyboards are established and marked on keys with specific signs. You can type these characters in text with the help of hotkeys. Some characters work with Alt and Shift keys. Some special characters work with Fn and NumLock keys. So, we hope you can catch all the information about what is a special character on the keyboard.

By Brandon S. Lee

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