What Is A Backslash on Keyboard?

what is a backslash on keyboard

The Backslash is one of the punctuation symbols used to determine the next path of the word. Punctuations symbols work for detecting sentences easily and make the readability high for the anthology. In 1960, an operator of programming and system command Bob Bemerintroduced backslash by increasing the assets of punctuations. Now, what is a backslash and its uses, we are explaining in depth here.

Earlier, it was known just as a slash, but after growth in the programming world, it obtained more names from users in multiple languages.

What Is A Backslash on Keyboard?

In the collection of punctuation symbols, the backslash is a typographic mark of a programming keyboard language. It is the reverse of forward slash but has individual mastery of work in grammar. The forming of directory files in programming is maintained with the help of slash.

Backslash Key

In the case of keyboards, the old keyboard does not contain a backslash key but the advanced and latest keyboards come with an extra key called Backslash.


The backslash is shaped like a 60° vertical slope which the upper head on the left side and the lower head on the right side. On the text form, you can locate it like ( \ ).

Place On Keyboard

In UK keyboards and most laptop keyboards, the backslash is placed downward of the backspace key and above the Enter key. Simply, we can say the central key of the backspace and enter keys is a backslash. In some keyboards, this key comes beside the Enter.

Creation Of Backslash

Press the above key of Enter key marked as ( \ ) within this ( | ) key. If your backslash key is stuck or not working, you can create this symbol by character map.

What Is Backslash Used For?

When the backslash was invented, it was used for American Standard Code to represent operators in the ALGOL language. The various contexts are formed by the backslash symbol for appearances in programs. The C and Perl languages also contain the symbol of backslash to program coding. Its uses are below.

  1. To computing context
  2. To separate file paths
  3. Used as a tag
  4. Used as a pullback character 
  5. Used as ASCII character
  6. Used in operating system commands
  7. To make divisions in directory files

What Is Another Word For Backslash? 

The backslash is the reflection of the forward slash. These both slashes are known as just slash, but they create a stupor for writers to understand which is forward and which is backward. Therefore, this symbol gets different names.

The backslash is known as backslant, backwhek, backslat, bash, escape, hake, reverse slant, reverse slash, reverse solidus, slosh, reverse virgule, whack, sash, pipe, backward slash, downward slash, sash, and oblique strock.

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We missed what is a backslash on tablet and android devices. But there is no need to explain because a similar definition is applied to every device which contains this symbol. You can get it in the symbol box of tablet and android devices keyboards.  

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