How To Save Sims 4 With Keyboard?

how to save sims 4 with keyboard

On the grounds of gaming, Electronic Arts introduced the Sims 4 game to play with PlayStation 4 and Xbox. Its previous versions are The Sims, The Sims 2, and The Sims 3.

The Sims 4 is the latest version of this game and is supported by a keyboard and mouse. So, the topic is how to save sims 4 with a keyboard.

Most games have shortcuts on keyboards and these shortcuts work after saving a game. Its benefit is you can play quickly by just pressing some hotkeys.

How To Save Sims 4 With Keyboard?

Primarily, the games have autosave options. You just need to push the autosave button in-game settings. But for those games that do not have the auto-save option, you can create shortcuts on your keyboards and save the game. The Sims 4 has 50-plus shortcuts within hotkeys. 

You have no demand to create individual shortcuts for Sims 4 because they are already set by default. New users and beginners always face difficulties to play Sims 4 because of a lot of actions by hotkeys, and it is not easy to learn in a short time for them. These functions of hotkeys will lead you to how to save Sims 4 with a keyboard.

General Shortcut Actions

  • Press C to capture a screenshot
  • Press Ctrl+S to save the game
  • Press V to start recording the video
  • Press Ctrl+Shift+Tab to change the type of camera
  • Press F5 to open the gallery 

What Are The Controls For Sims 4 On the Keyboard?

If you want to improve your gaming skills and be a pro player of Sims 4, you need to learn the functions of hotkeys on the keyboard in this game. The system of controlling games relies on 4 ways that are live mode, cheat mode, buy mode, and build mode, but you can control the Sims 4 by following Actions.

Keys Controls
Press the ESC key To cancel the game
Press Ctrl+Shift+C To toggle the cheat console
Press P or 0 To pause the game
Press 1, 2, and 3 For regular, fast, and ultra-fast speed
Press Left arrow or A To move Left
Press Right arrow or D To move right
Press Up arrow or W To move forward
Press down arrow or S To move backward
Hold Shift  To move faster
Press Z and X or + and – To Zoom in and out
Press M To pop-up map mode
Press Ctrl+Z To Undo
Press Ctrl+Y To redo
Press Spacebar To switch next sim
Press Enter To Active Sim
Press M To move slot
Press G To Grid view
Press B To select tool
Press T To top-down view

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Sims 4 keyboard shortcuts

Sims 4 keyboard shortcuts are a great way to quickly navigate the game and perform certain actions without having to go through menus or use the mouse.

The shortcuts are divided into several categories, including navigation, building, gameplay, camera, and miscellaneous. In the navigation category, players can use the arrow keys to move around the world, the numbers 1-4 to switch between households, and the letter T to open the map. Building shortcuts include the letter F to enter build mode and the letter S to switch between buy and build modes. Gameplay shortcuts include the letter C to open the interaction menu and the letter M to open the map.

The camera shortcuts are easy to remember because they’re all the same letter: press X to zoom in, Z to zoom out, A to rotate left, and D to rotate right. The miscellaneous shortcuts are a bit more varied. The letter B opens the cheat console, the letter P pauses the game, the letter O opens the options menu, and the letter L opens the library.

The letter G is used to enter live mode, and the letter N is used to open the notifications panel. Finally, the letter Q opens the active household’s queue. Overall, Sims 4 keyboard shortcuts are a great way to quickly navigate the game and perform certain actions without having to take time to look through menus or use the mouse.

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Now you can save your game by pressing the S key while holding the Ctrl key simultaneously. You can take typical actions as described in bullets. The controls of Sims 4 help you to learn how to save Sims 4 with a keyboard. Read all the shifts one by one, and keep applying them to the game for capturing every phase. 

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