Are Durgod Keyboards Actually Good?

are durgod keyboards actually good

If you are looking for high-quality mechanical keyboards, Durgod is on the list of their names. Durgod keyboards are designed for gamers and standard users. You cannot feel the difficulty whether using Durgod as a gamer or a traditional user. Unlike gamers, the ordinary man is more interested in are Durgod keyboards actually good.

The Durgod is a brand of mechanical devices and is developing incredible gadgets with respective concentrations. In a short period of manufacturing, no other enterprise earned the quickest success in designing the TKL function as Durgod. The typical views about Durgod keyboards will impress you below.

Are Durgod Keyboards Actually Good?

The Durgod keyboards are good due to their speciality of the tenkeyless feature. Its two classifications influence the choice for separating the qualities and components of keyboards. The central class of Durgod is Taurus which possesses multiple models of good Durgod keyboards. Its cherry switches and sufficient typing experience are impressive for mechanical field employees.

Unlike other quality keyboards, Durgod keyboards are fabricated with matte, thicker, and textured plastic, which makes them more pricey. Moreover, their numerous attributes are presented in detail below.

Switches & Stabilisers

Cherry switches are the glory of Degord keyboards. If you are a cherry lover, take the device from Durgod. Their keys come in two different cherry shades that make them aggressive from others. Cherry black and grey switches look glam to the eyes. Fortunately, this brand contains ten plus different shades in cherry switches. Their soft and silent stabilisers give a better typing experience and feel smooth to fingers.

Build Quality

TKL is the leading innovator of Durgod keyboards. It’s also called the conventional design of this brand. The tenkeyless layout, straight lines, stable builds, PBT keycaps, and zero contraption represent the quality of its keyboards. Their warmer riffs and various switch options increase the number of choices. Further, this brand includes adhesive rubber tips, sturdy paws, flippy side angles, and a cluster structure.


The keyboards of Durgod are compatible with Windows 7-8-10-11, window vista, Windows XP, mac, macOS, and MacBook. In the case of OS devices, you need to install specific software for remapping certain keys. You can efficiently carry them to your home, office, cafe, and everywhere you want. All models are suitable for every atmosphere.

Software Support

The Durgod keyboards have the support of Durgod Zeus Engine Software which helps you to customise keys, edit and save the arrangements of individual files, change the functions of hotkeys, and edit the features of a single key. This software also allows you to rebind the controls of n-key functions for gamers.

Included Components

You may consider these keyboards come with the only kit, but you are mistaken because detachable USB-A and USB-C are always packed within Durgod keyboards. These cables help you to communicate and recharge them. A wire key puller and dust cover are added to the keyboard to prevent dirt particles.

Are Durgod Keyboards Good For Gaming?

Gamers demand mechanical keyboards supported with RGB lights. As every brand is not specialised in one variety, Dugord also has various models for gaming with superior typing experience and build-quality keys. All the varieties are not compatible with gamers except two or more. Its Taurus series was invented in 2016 under the instructions of gamers’ taste.

RGB lights are the central juncture of attraction for gamers, and the Taurus series contains keyboards with backlighting features that work like flam. In short, the Durgod keyboards are suitable for gaming, but every model is not because every variety has different specifications for work. 

Durgod Zeus engine software makes the joy double for gamers using durgod keyboards. They can change the brightness of backlights, customise the keys individually, animate the speed, change the direction of effects, and lock the grand colour.  Here are some Dugard gaming keyboards.

  • Durgod Taurus K320 Nebula
  • Durgod Hades 68 RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard
  • Durgod Taurus K310 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard
  • Durgod HK Venus RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard
  • Durgod K330W Mechanical Keyboard

Is The Durgod Hades Hot Swappable?

Durgod Hades is a mechanical keyboard manufactured for gaming. Unfortunately, this keyboard does not contain hot-swappable switches. It is annoying for hot-swap lovers, but you can test another series of durgod works on gaming. Its PBT keys are another reason for the absence of hot-swappable switches. 

This keyboard comes with tactile switches having little bows on every keystroke. The sound of keystrokes is too light and dim. You can feel the smoothness of the keys by dragging your fingers on the surface of the keycaps. The gateron and sheer switches are also valuable in the Hades series. 

How Do You Reset A Durgod Hades 68 Keyboard?

Sometimes, it seems challenging to reset a keyboard setting because of the large number of RGB segments. You do not need to wonder if your keyboard starts showing different results from the setup.  You may notice the modifications in the lights setting during the changing RGB colours. It happens due to improper use of setup keys. You need to know the function keys for the exemplary settings of the Durgod Hades 68 Keyboard. 

By holding the FN2 key, you can reset your keyboard settings on the previous one. Use these keys with FN2 and change any effect you want.

  1. Hold Fn2 and press the Del key to reset the keyboard settings.
  2. Hold Fn2 and press the Home/Page Up/Page down key to switch profiles.
  3. Hold Fn2 and press the Up and Down arrow keys to increase and decrease the brightness.
  4. Hold Fn2 and press the right and left arrow keys to up and down the speed of lights.
  5. Hold Fn2 and press the = key to change the mode of light.


After the discussion about whether Durgod keyboards are actually good, you should be sure that your choice is not destructive. This brand contains a wide collection of stable switches and has the great build quality of keystrokes. Their compatibility with windows and macOS are signs of being broadly used. Durgod Zeus Engine software helps you to customise the backlight of the keyboard. We hope every feature of Durgod will be helpful for you in different climates. 

By Brandon S. Lee

Hi, My name Brandon S.Lee and I am a professional Gamer, I also worked with the keyboard making company called Logitech. I was the quality check manager of the Logitech keyboard department. Here we have a team of people who researched on the keyboards, talked with keyboard users and analyzes the user reviews and then write the product reviews.

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