How to Reset Asus Keyboard?

how to reset asus keyboard

Damages to digital devices are common, but obstacles during working are separate issues. You may note down one thing your keyboard stops working due to falling any kind of liquid on it or other dust particles. It is a technical problem, and there is only one solution to repair or replace your keyboard.

On another side, your Asus keyboard has no technical issue and stops responding, so you need to reset it. If you don’t know how to reset Asus keyboard? No need to wonder because it is not a hard grind. We will explain all the possibilities of happening and methods of fixing it. 

Locking of the keyboard:

One normal crise of keyboards is locking of keys. You may get locked keyboards by pressing the Num lock key, so it is not the main problem for you, and no need to reset the Asus keyboard. Press the Num lock key again, and your keyboard starts working.

How to Reset Asus Keyboard? – Top 5 Methods

Asus keyboards work continually without choking any key. But some issues may disturb you during typing. Your keyboard can stop working due to the new Windows version that needs updating. Overheating the laptop can heat up the lower surface of the keys, and they stop working. These conditions require a proper reset of the Asus keyboard, so after applying some methods and detecting issues, we recommend the top 5 solutions for resetting the keyboard.

M1: Small Glitch

A minor glitch during typing can stop your hands on keyboards. This glitch can occur in a long time to type without resetting. You can reset a glitch in your Asus keyboards by following the steps.

  • Shutdown the laptop
  • Unplug the wire of the charger
  • Remove the battery
  • Unplug all the connected wires 
  • Let it cool for a while
  • Fix its battery again
  • Press the power button and make it on
  • Your keyboard will start working

M2: Virus Issues

This problem comes with the installation of unknown apps and files. The virus can create a chain for blocking keys, so you must uninstall and delete the latest downloaded files and apps quickly. If the virus is still there on the keyboard, reset the keyboard using these steps.

  • Download an anti-virus program
  • Open it
  • Start scanning
  • The virus will be auto-removed by the scanner
  • Refresh the laptop and enjoy the typing

M3: Windows Issues

Resetting keyboards also demands windows updates. Asus keyboards working with updates of windows. If your window version expires, your keyboards may start stuckness during typing. Update the window for resetting the keyboard by following the given actions.

  • Click on Menu Bar
  • Reach on window setting
  • Detect the update by security option
  • Check  and click the update
  • New window downloading
  • Your Laptop will be automatically reset

M4: Need Of Troubleshoot

Sometimes it happens that even after searching for a while, you cannot find the real problem with keyboards. In such a case, you can use a troubleshooter to reset the keyboard. If you don’t know how to reset Asus keyboard? With the help of a troubleshooter, take given acts.

  • Click on the system setting option
  • Choose the troubleshoot option
  • Select the keyboard action
  • Start troubleshooting
  • Fix the issue found by troubleshooting
  • Finish the troubleshoot action

M5: Setting Crises

Keyboards are facing a central issue of setting crises. A minor change in the setting of keyboards can smash your typing speed in minutes. Take care of the settings and reset the Asus keyboards by following the steps.

  • Reach on the system setting option
  • Click on Ease of access
  • Select keyboard setting
  • Switch of filter keys
  • Back to the desktop
  • Click on the control panel
  • Reach on the keyboard section
  • Unlock the keyboard from setting
  • Click on apply
  • Click on ok
  • Restart the laptop
  • Your keyboard will start working

How Do I Restart My Asus Laptop Keyboard?

Restarting of Asus keyboard is very easy and also for resetting the keyboard. You can make restart for keyboard with the help of a mouse and sufficient keys. If you want to restart your keyboard without a mouse, this method will help you. By doing so, your keyboard starts working at speed. Use this procedure.

  1. Press the Alt+F4 key to close all the windows tabs
  2. Press the Window key to get the restart option
  3. Press the U+Up arrow and select the shutdown button
  4. Press the R+down arrow and select the restart button
  5. Press Enter and your keyboard will restart

Why is My Asus Keyboard Typing The Wrong Characters?

Asus keyboards can also show different characters from keys like standard keyboards. Multiple reasons are there but not serious because it happened by minor mistakes. Your Asus keyboard can type wrong characters due to the following reasons.

Filter Keys May Enable

Check the keyboard settings because sometimes filter keys are selected to enable mode. This is why your keyboard types the wrong characters.

Wrong Repeat Delay 

If you got multiple characters by typing one key, so it means that your keyboard is selected as a long repeat delay. Check the settings, and set it again on average repeat delay.

NumLock Key Activated

Your keyboard starts typing the wrong characters when the NumLock key activates. Check the NumLock key because sometimes it stays activated by pressing it mistakenly.

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Other Language Setting

The reason for showing the wrong characters by pressing keys on the keyboard is language.

Your device language may select wrong, so check the time and language and set it on default.


Every keyboard user can choose the method of setting according to the need that we described for how to reset Asus keyboard? There are five quick methods of resetting keyboards but most are using the number five because it got much attention from users. We also described the process of restarting keyboards which are valid for everyone.

FAQ about Asus Keyboard

How do I unlock my ASUS laptop keyboard?

There are several ways to unlock your ASUS laptop keyboard, depending on the cause of the lock. Here are a few common methods:

  • Check the function keys: Some laptops have a function key that can lock or unlock the keyboard. Try pressing the “Fn” key and another key that has a lock icon on it. For example, on some ASUS laptops, the key combination is “Fn” + “F9”.
  • Disable the filter keys: Windows has a feature called “Filter Keys” that can cause the keyboard to lock. To disable this feature, go to the “Control Panel” > “Ease of Access” > “Make the keyboard easier to use” > uncheck “Turn on Filter Keys”
  • Restart your laptop: Sometimes, a simple restart can fix the issue.
  • Check for malware: It’s possible that malware on your laptop may be causing the keyboard to lock. Run a virus scan to check for any malicious software and remove them.
  • Check the settings: Some models of ASUS laptops have settings in the BIOS that can lock the keyboard. Check your laptop’s manual or contact the manufacturer support for guidance on how to access the BIOS settings.
  • Check the connector: If your keyboard is detachable, make sure that it is properly connected to the laptop.

If none of these methods work, it’s best to contact the manufacturer support for further assistance.

Why are my keyboard symbols mixed up?

There are several reasons why your keyboard symbols may be mixed up. Some possible causes include:

  • The keyboard layout is set to the wrong language: If your keyboard is set to a different language than the one you are currently using, it may result in the wrong symbols being typed. You can change the keyboard layout in your computer’s settings.
  • Sticky or stuck keys: If a key is stuck or not functioning properly, it may cause the wrong symbols to be typed. Cleaning the keyboard or checking the key to see if it’s physically stuck can fix this issue.
  • Software issue: Sometimes, a software issue such as a corrupted driver or a malfunctioning program can cause the keyboard to type the wrong symbols. Updating the keyboard driver or reinstalling the affected program can help fix the issue.
  • Hardware issue: If the keyboard is physically damaged or malfunctioning, it may cause the wrong symbols to be typed. In this case, you may need to replace the keyboard or have it repaired.
  • Virus or Malware: In some cases, a virus or malware may have caused changes to your keyboard settings. Running a virus scan and removing any malware can resolve the issue.
  • Incorrect settings: Some models of laptops have settings that can cause the keyboard to mix up the symbols. Check your laptop’s manual or contact the manufacturer support for guidance on how to access the settings.

It’s worth noting that if you have tried all the above steps and the issue persist, it’s best to contact the manufacturer support for further assistance.

What are the function keys on Asus laptop?

The function keys (also known as F1, F2, F3, etc) on an ASUS laptop are keys that have multiple functions depending on the context of the situation. Their primary function is to provide quick access to various features and settings. Here are a few examples of what some of the function keys may do on an ASUS laptop:

  • F1: This key may open the help menu or the support center.
  • F2: This key may open the BIOS setup utility.
  • F3: This key may open the search function or the Windows search bar.
  • F4: This key may close the current window or switch between open windows.
  • F5: This key may refresh the current page or open the keyboard backlight settings.
  • F6: This key may decrease the screen’s brightness.
  • F7: This key may increase the screen’s brightness.
  • F8: This key may open the wireless settings or turn off the touchpad.
  • F9: This key may open the touchpad settings.
  • F10: This key may enable/disable the keyboard backlight
  • F11: This key may enable/disable the touchpad
  • F12: This key may open the web camera.

Keep in mind that the function of the keys may vary depending on the specific model of the ASUS laptop and the software version. For example, the function keys may have different functions in the BIOS or when you press the “Fn” key. It’s best to consult the User manual or check the manufacturer website to see the specific functions of the keys on your laptop.

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