How To Lock Keyboard On Mac?

how to lock keyboard on mac

If your child sees an unlocked Mac keyboard and starts poking at it or your pet starts rubbing its paws on it, don’t worry because you can lock it on your Mac. The strategy of how to lock keyboard on mac is different from any other keyboard. As you know, Apple has unique devices and separate ways of their work. Unlike mechanical and laptop keyboards, Mac has a quick way of locking a keyboard.

Lock the keyboard and consider it safe and secure while you leave it for some reason. If you don’t know how can do it, let’s scroll down this blog and learn the manners. You can also lock your mac keyboard at cleaning time because it is better than disconnecting. 

How To Lock Keyboard On Mac?

You can lock your mac keyboard by pressing some keys, but before that, you need to detect the lock key on the keyboard. The purpose behind locking a keyboard is crucial to use the function key.  You can press just the num lock key to lock the numeric functions of the keyboard. If there is an external keyboard used on Mac, unplug its wire or disconnect the Bluetooth to make it locked. 

Here are some particular ways of locking the keyboard on a Mac that are easy to follow and simple to learn.

Close The Mac

This way is crucially beneficial for an external keyboard on mac. Sometimes it is better to close the mac if you are exiting it for a short time because your external keyboard will automatically stop working while Macbook closed. So, keep closing the Macbook in no-working periods. By doing so, you can lock your external keyboard on Mac.

Use The Keystrokes

To lock the keyboard on a Mac, the pleasing way is to use its keys. You can shut the RK keyboard on Mac in seconds by holding and pressing specific keys. Here are some combinations of keys you can use to lock the Macbook keyboard.

  1. Press Ctrl+F1
  2. Press and hold the Ctrl+Alt keys at a time and then press L 
  3. Press and hold the Ctrl+Shift keys and then press power.
  4. Press Comand+Option+Power

Use the KeyboardcleanTool

When it comes to cleaning your mac keyboard, you need to lock the keyboard temporarily for some time. You can clean it without pressing a single key on a Mac while keyboardcleanTool is on. 

  • Go to the apple icon
  • Click on the system and preferences
  • Select the accessibilities
  • Go to the security and privacy
  • Check the keyboardcleanTool
  • Your keyboard is safe to clean

Uninstall the Keyboard

If you want to lock the keyboard for a long time due to personal crises, you can uninstall it by setting mac. It is not a better option, but it becomes the better solution. Take a view of the steps including locking the keyboard on the Mac.

  • Go to the on-screen Apple icon
  • Hit the icon and open the start menu
  • Click on Device Manager
  • Click on the left arrow after opening Device Manager
  • Select your keyboard
  • Click on Uninstall option
  • You have done
  • To unlock the keyboard, apply the same steps

Use Third-Party App

The list of third-party apps for locking mac keyboards is available on different platforms. You do not need to spend money for buying a heavy app for it because the third-party apps are free on Google apps. You can download any keyboard locker app from the local platform and use it for locking the keyboard. Use this way to run an app.

  • Go to keyboard lock for Mac
  • Download and install it
  • Open the app, it will pop up an icon of the keyboard in the notifications
  • Press Ctrl+Alt+L to lock your keyboard
  • Changing of icon indicator in the notifications will be a sign of verification

How Do I Lock My Keyboard On My Laptop?

The laptop keyboards are similar to Mac’s layout except for a few keys. The laptops need the same attention to locking their keyboard as Macs. The lock of the laptop keyboard will stop running the functions of keys on strokes. Let’s make your laptop keyboard safe and secure by following the tutorials.

Use the Keyboard

You can lock your keyboard on your laptop by holding the window key and pressing the L key. To unlock it again, press just Enter key and fill in the lock password. By using a third-party app, you can also use the keyboard keys for this pursuit. If you have a keyboard locker app, press the Ctrl+Alt+Del keys. Press the Esc key to unlock it again.

Use the Command Action

The way of command is not much familiar, but if you have a lot of chances to work offline during laptop use, you can use the command action by following attributes.

  • Go to the start menu
  • Click on the Run
  • Type cmd in the box
  • Click on ok
  • Type rundll32.exe, user32.dll, LockWorkStation in the box
  • Press the Enter
  • Your keyboard will lock while your laptop still turned on

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We hope you are happy to know how to lock keyboard on mac and laptop. We’ve explained all the manners with short steps to make them simple. There are five different ways of locking the keyboard on mac that are applicable everywhere. You can lock your keyboard on mac by closing the Mac, using the keystrokes, using the cleaning keyboard tool, uninstalling the keyboard, and using third-party apps. If you have a laptop. Lock its keyboard by using keystrokes and command actions.

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