How Much Does it Cost to Replace MacBook Air Keyboard?

how much does it cost to replace macbook air keyboard

Apple keyboards are fragile and pricey devices, but after a certain period or after they acquire damage, they need to be repaired and replaced within a specific time to run your Macbook constantly. If you have damaged your keyboard with water or other liquid and don’t know how much does it cost to replace MacBook air keyboard, this tutorial will lead you to satisfaction with it. 

Sometimes it is better to replace a Macbook air keyboard than repair it because maybe your keyboard can’t be available for work for a long time after repair. So, the chances of a long-time bluetooth works with mac are high. Before this, make sure that your keyboard has significant cracks. Learn more to turn our words into existence.

How Much Does it Cost to Replace MacBook Air Keyboard?

The cost of keyboards doesn’t matter when your Macbook air keyboard got totally destroyed because there is no other option to solve this issue. It costs under your budget and according to your expenses, so no need to wonder if you have to replace the Air keyboard. You can easily replace your keyboard without spending more than $100-$150.

If you are going to contact an operator for this pursuit, you also have to add the fee of replacement to the cost of the keyboard. You also need to reach a satisfactory operator for formal creation. Here is the list of different appliances of Apple’s replacement cost. 

Apple Appliances Replacement Cost
MacBook Air Keyboard (under warranty) $100-$150
MacBook Air Keyboard (out of warranty) $100-$180
MacBook Touchpad $80-$150
MacBook Battery $100-$200
MacBook Wifi Card $50-$80
MacBook Keyboard (under warranty) $200-$250
MacBook Keyboard (out of warranty) $200-$300
MacBook Keyboard Pro (under warranty) $500-$600
MacBook Keyboard Pro (out of warranty) $550-$700

Note: These costs are approximately according to device names. So, the exact expense depends on the device model that you are using.

How To Replace

Before replacing a Macbook Air keyboard, you need to grab the required tools. After that, you can replace the keyboard with proper guidance. Keep in your mind that if you do not blend with the instructions, don’t try them because you can destroy the Macbook mistakenly.

Let’s try these actions for the replacement.

Remove the Lower Case

  • Turn down the Macbook
  • Remove all the screws with a fittable screwdriver and put them in a safe place
  • After that, uproot the lowercase of the Macbook with your fingers slowly
  • Remove the lowercase and put it on a side
  • Extract the battery by pulling its plastic tab parallelly

Remove the Main Cable of the I/O board

  • Check the I/O board to remove its cable with the help of the spudger’s edge
  • Pull the I/O cable from the upper side of the fan by using a non-sticky instrument
  • Remove the hinged flap of the fan from the socket by using another end of spudger carefully

Lift the Fan

  • Pull off the rubber of the fan with the help of your fingers
  • Three TR screws are the crucial parts of the fan, remove them precautionary
  • Pull off the fan by unplugging its ribbon cable

Pull off the I/O board

  • Unplug the I/O board power cable
  • Disconnect the left speaker with the help of a spudger
  • Remove the shortest cable of the retaining flap
  • Locate the uppercase of the I/O board and remove its single screw
  • Unplug the wire of the camera
  • Pull off the I/O board from the left side and remove it carefully

Lift the Batteries

  • Locate the uppercase of the battery and remove four corner screws and a single centre screw
  • Extract the batteries from the upper side and remove them to the logic board side

Grab the Logic Board

  • Remove one side of the plastic data cable and both antenna cables and turn them right side
  • Remove all the remaining flaps from the ZIF sockets
  • Unplug the wire of the right speaker
  • Locate the uppercase of the logic board and remove all the six screws
  • Locate the uppercase of the left clutch hinge and remove three screws by pushing antenna cable a side
  • Locate the uppercase of the right speaker and remove it by losing the front edge of adhesive
  • First lift the uppercase of the logic board to lose it slowly
  • Check and verify every cable is removed
  • Then pull off the logic board straightforward

Remove the Display

  • Put the display verticle, keep your hand on the backside of the right clutch hinge and remove the remaining screws
  • Make sure all the screws of hinges are removed and keep separate the screen of the Macbook aside
  • Locate the uppercase of the left speaker and remove it by losing the front edge of adhesive

Remove the Trackpad

  • Use heating air to remove the microphone
  • Remove the remaining flap of ribbon cable with the help of a spudger
  • Locate the uppercase of the mouse tab and remove the seven screws
  • Pull off the uppercase of the trackpad

Replace the Keyboard

  • Now lift the keyboard from the chamber
  • Put it on the side and take the new keyboard
  • Place it in the chamber carefully, and make sure that it completely fits in chamber


  • Repeat the process by following all the steps in reverse mode
  • Close every instrument without grabbing a wire, chip, or socket
  • You have done the process


Most enthusiasts of Macbook Air are confused about how much does it cost to replace MacBook air keyboard. We hope they can know the expenses of the replacement of the Air keyboard are friendly. If you have to spend dollars, you need to take your lock keyboard on Mac to the operator. Otherwise, you can use the given manners to replace it at home with accurate knowledge, well-known instructions, pleasing experience, and demanding tools.

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