How to Change Apple Keyboard Battery?

how to change apple keyboard battery

Wireless keyboards from any brand have a source of power to run in the form of batteries. Different brands have different criteria, sizes, dimensions, numbers, quality, and places of batteries in their keyboards. Following on, Apple keyboards are unique from other brands and have unique manners of opening, fixing, and replacing the batteries. One enthusiast of Apple asked how to change apple keyboard battery. We also need details for this pursuit.

After reaching the operators of Apple, we represented the easiest way of changing the batteries of Apple keyboards in a short time. If you found the battery of your keyboard dead, you can change it by reading the actions in this blog post. We hope you will get successful at the end of our words. 

How to Change Apple Keyboard Battery?

There are two types of batteries in the apple of keyboards according to the models of Apple keyboards. You need to detect the place of batteries in the keyboard. Then remove the batteries by using the specific instrument. Rebuy the same new batteries with the same type and numbers. By pointing the positive and negative ends of batteries, you can fit them in the same direction. In the end, close the upper cases of your battery and restart your keyboard.

As the Apple keyboards come in two versions, you can replace their batteries according to these manners.

Aluminum Keyboard

Apple keyboards have a crucial model in the form of aluminum wireless keyboards. These keyboards have different places of batteries and separate ways of replacing them. Check out the instructions you need for this.

  • Detect the Place_Turn off your keyboard and move it downward to check the place of the batteries. Locate the front lower case of the keyboard whose shape is the circle and notice the sign of the battery.
  • Remove the Battery_Check on the left side of the front end of the enclosure and notice the cover. Grab a coin to loosen its cover and remove it. Take out the two batteries from the chamber and note the direction of their ends.
  • Contact the Vendor_Try to contact a vendor for buying new batteries. Take the batteries within and ask the vendor to give the same batteries. Keep one thing in mind you have to buy AA batteries.
  • Insert the Battery_Put the new batteries in the chamber according to the noted direction of their positive and negative end. Make sure that the batteries are properly fit in the enclosure.
  • Close the Cover_Close the cover of the enclosure with the same coin. Turn on the keyboard and check the battery percentage. Now, you can use it constantly.

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White Keyboard

Other types of Apple keyboards according to the battery are white wireless keyboards. The manners of changing the battery in the white wireless keyboard are similar to those above, but you need to put more attention to them. Follow these steps one by one and apply the instructions.

  • Remove the Battery_Collect the instruments according to the screws of the chamber. Remove the screws with a screwdriver and take off the cover of the batteries. Remove the batteries and note down the direction of the positive and negative ends. 
  • Contact the Vendor_Select the batteries according to old batteries by contacting an operator. Try to buy brand-new batteries and check their dimensions with old ones. Keep confirming that you are purchasing the AAA batteries.
  • Insert the Battery_Take the keyboard side turn it down again, and put the batteries by locating the exact directions of the positive and negative ends. Fit the batteries with help of your thumbs.
  • Close the Cover_Put the uppercase of the chamber on the batteries and tighten its screws using a screwdriver. You have done it. You can use your white wireless keyboard without the stress of battery charging.

How do I get the battery on my Mac keyboard? 

Checking the battery level for precaution is a useful shift for wireless keyboard users. For example, if your keyboard stop working, but you don’t know what is the reason behind it, you can check out the percentage of battery. The percentage of the battery will tell you the reason for stucking wireless keyboard. If it’s too low under 0%-20%, you need to recharge or replace it.

On windows keyboards, you can check it on the bottom bar of the PC, but in the case of Mac keyboards, you can get the battery by the following mechanism. 

  1. Go to the home screen of the macOS
  2. Open the control center
  3. Select the Bluetooth option
  4. Check the list of connected device
  5. Locate the name of your keyboard
  6. On the right side of the name bar
  7. It will show the battery of your connected device
  8. You can check out percentages in numbers by selecting your preference
  9. Select the trackpad preferences
  10. It will show the percentage in numbers of batteries in active devices.


The office and particular users of Logitech keyboards compatible with Mac have some issues with changing their batteries. Above we talk about how to change apple keyboard battery in detail. You can apply the techniques step-by-step according to the place of the battery and the type of keyboard. Take the whole process into action with high precautions. Otherwise, contact the operator and ask him to change the battery of your apple keyboard.

By Brandon S. Lee

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