How to Reset Royal Kludge Keyboard?

how to reset royal kludge keyboard

Sometimes it happens that you feel uncomfortable while typing on the Royal Kludge Keyboard for some reason, but you don’t know the exact reason behind this action. In such a condition, 90% of users rely on the option of resetting the keyboard. How to reset royal kludge keyboard? Its answer depends on the purpose for which you want to take this action.

An unknown bug, cleaning of keyboards, unusual typing, gaps in typings, non-working on more than two devices, and unnecessary errors in typing are the significant causes that compelled you to reset your keyboard. After getting a long time experience using Royal Kludge, we want to share the easy and quickest method of resetting them through this tutorial.

How to Reset Royal Kludge Keyboard?

It is better to reset the keyboards after getting them working, unlike repairing and replacing them with a new one. First, you need to detect the issue behind the reason for resetting the Royal Kludge. Then check and verify that there is no more crisis in the keyboard. Try to fix the problem according to the knowledge you have about it.

In the end, reset your Royal Kludge Keyboard under the methods given below with the problems. So, you can reset your keyboard according to the problem. Let’s take a look at tutorials.

Virus Crises 

You have to face virus problems in Royal kludge after a time due to downloading unnecessary apps. This app causes viruses on PCs and creates bugs during typing on the keyboard. Remember if you download any kind of these files earlier and remove them. If you fail to detect the reason for the virus, keep your keyboard clean from it by the following procedure.

  1. Choose high-rated anti-virus according to your keyboard
  2. Contact the vendor for anti-virus for Royal Kludge
  3. Download and install the program
  4. Open the program and turn on scanning
  5. Virus creative files will be removed automatically with the help of scanning.

Minor Glitches

You may note one thing during fast typing your keyboard starts missing letters even if you press them with high attention. It happens due to minor glitches and heat of the keyboard over a long time working period. If you feel any kind of glitches, it’s time to rest on the keyboard for a confident time. Disconnect your keyboard from the PC, and keep it at normal temperature to let it cool. Otherwise, use these steps.

  • Disconnect your keyboard if you have a Bluetooth version
  • Unplug the wire of Royal Kludge
  • Turn off the PC
  • Keep it cool for ten to fifteen minutes
  • Reconnect it with the PC and turn it on again
  • Your keyboard is reset now.

Updating Issues

Your windows always need to update after the first notification, but may your messages are off, and you overlook updating the windows. This problem can cause gaps in typing on the keyboard. If you are thinking that your problem with Royal Kludge will be solved after resetting without updating windows, you are at fault because without updating Windows, resetting the keyboard is useless.

  • Go to the control panel.
  • Select the windows setting
  • Click on the checking updates option, and it will pop up the updated
  • Click on the update & restart option
  • Your Royal Kludge will automatically reset after updating the windows

Troubleshoot the Problems

If you are confused about the detection of a problem in your Royal Kludge, the option of troubleshooting the problems is there to help you. It will auto-detect the problem on your keyboard. After searching out the problem with the keyboard, it will auto-resolve by troubleshooting. Moreover, it is better for resolving viruses, glitches, and bugs without spending much time in search of problems.

  • Go to the system settings option.
  • Select the Troubleshoot action
  • Click on the keyboard option
  • Start the troubleshooting
  • It will auto-detect the issues of the keyboard
  • Click on the Fix in any way option
  • Finish the process
  • Your keyboard is free of issues, and no need for resetting.

Connection Crises

The Royal Kludge Keyboards have Bluetooth and a receiver for the purpose of connecting with up to two or more devices. When you are using your keyboard on three devices, the crisis of connection can appear time by time. It means that you can use your keyboard for only one device at a time. To fix this issue, use some steps for the factory setting of the keyboard.

System Settings

Sometimes your keyboard’s specific keys stop working due to mapping and many combinations with other keys. You can check out the keyboard setting from the system and fix the keys again. The system setting of the keyboard has an impact on the running. The changes in setting can stand in the way of using Royal Kludge and reduce the speed of typing.

  • Go to the System settings.
  • Select the option of Ease of access
  • Click on the keyboard setting
  • Switch off the filter keys, and back to the desktop.
  • Go to the control panel
  • Select the keyboard and unlock its setting
  • Click on apply and finish
  • Restart your keyboard
  • Your stuck keys will start working, and the keyboard is reset now.


As we have the problem of how to reset royal kludge keyboard, we’ve tried to fix this problem with different methods because every problem in the keyboard has a reason, and every reason demands separate actions to resolve it. After covering the given techniques, you can reset the Royal Kludge by removing the virus, fixing glitches, using updates, troubleshooting, combining keys, and employing system settings.

By Brandon S. Lee

Hi, My name Brandon S.Lee and I am a professional Gamer, I also worked with the keyboard making company called Logitech. I was the quality check manager of the Logitech keyboard department. Here we have a team of people who researched on the keyboards, talked with keyboard users and analyzes the user reviews and then write the product reviews.

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