How to Use International Keyboard on Chromebook?

how to use international keyboard on chromebook

Your keyboards have multiple languages to use in Google but how to use international keyboard on Chromebook is unsolved. By leading this controversy, we’ve decided to inform you of the modes of using the international keyboard through this blog. You can use this keyboard in a Chromebook with the help of changing language options in your PC, Windows, or Macbook settings.

Smartphones, Androids, Samsungs, and iPhones keyboards on the other hand have different patterns for switching languages. However, you can use the international keyboard on the Chromebook everywhere with the help of switching keyboard modes. Read further to know and learn the actions for this pursuit. 

How to Use International Keyboard on Chromebook? 

Use the settings of your control panel to reach input methods. Then add any language from the list of different international languages and make sure you have checked the US language within an additional one. Now your keyboard is prepared in two languages mode. Use the [Ctrl+Spacebar] keys or the [Alt+ Spacebar] keys to convert your keyboard into the international language mode.

Use International Keyboard on Windows

  1. Go to the on-screen of your PC
  2. Navigate the control panel
  3. Select the settings
  4. Go to the time and language setting
  5. Select the Region and language option
  6. Click on + to add the language
  7. Select the international language
  8. Check the US language also
  9. Save the settings
  10. Use your keyboard on Chromebook with the international language

Use International Keyboard on MacBook

  1. Go to the on-screen of your MacBook
  2. Under the Apple menu, select the system setting
  3. Scroll down and click on Keyboard 
  4. Select the text input option
  5. Click on the + button 
  6. Search the language you want to add
  7. Select the language and click on add button
  8. Your Macbook keyboard is in two language modes now
  9. Select the language to use the keyboard on Chromebook
  10. Click on the viewer to watch the exact language layout on your keyboard

How to Switch Between Keyboard Languages? 

If you have multiple languages on your keyboard but don’t know how to switch between them at the time of requirement and need, check the setting again to select the two languages. The shelf of input language will help you to select the languages that you want to use on the keyboard for Chromebook and desire to switch them. 

Two-language mode is helpful in keyboards, but you need to learn the place of characters in your keyboard from other languages. For example, if you have to use the US and Spanish languages on your keyboard to perform well-work at a time, you need to know about the characters of the Spanish language from the on-screen layout because your keyboard is in US characters. 

Switch Keyboard Languages

Here are easy-to-follow steps that will help you for this purpose. Follow the given actions to convert your keyboard from one to another language. 

  • Go to the Chromebook settings
  • Select the advanced setting option
  • Click on Language and inputs option
  • Go to the inputs option
  • Click and hold to turn on the option of Show inputs code on the shelf
  • Click on your language code
  • Select the second language from the inputs method bar
  • You can switch between default and selected languages
  • Press the Ctrl+Shift+Spacebar keys to turn on the second language on the keyboard 
  • You have done it

How Do You Type Accents on a Chromebook?

The accents are the identity marks of confident languages like Spanish, French, and Polish. Without accents characters, you can’t type these languages on Chromebook. The accents are crucial parts of punctuation and are good to use in differentiating between two languages. Chrome enthusiasts don’t know the achieves of these accents in shortcuts while typing a second language.

You can type accents using different combinations of alphabets and hot keys on the keyboard after a quick setting in language and inputs. 

Quick View on Setting

  1. Open the setting
  2. Go to the Language and inputs
  3. Select the Manage input methods 
  4. Click on the US keyboard
  5. Select the shortcuts of US keyboard accents

Now you can type accents with the following combinations of keys.

Combination Accent Character
Grave(`) ( ` + a ) à
Tild(~) ( Shift + ` + a ) ã
Acute(‘) ( ‘ + a ) á
Circumflex (^) (Shift + 6 + a ) â
Diaeresis (¨) ( Shift + ‘ + a ) ä
Acute(‘) ( Alt + e ) é
Acute(‘) ( Alt + a ) á
Acute(‘) ( Alt + u ) ú
Acute(‘) ( Alt + i ) í
Acute(‘) ( Alt+ o ) ó
Cedilla (ç) ( Alt + , ) ç
Diaeresis (¨) ( Alt + q ) ä
Diaeresis (¨) ( Alt + p ) ö
Diaeresis (¨) ( Alt + y ) ü
Tild(~) ( Alt + n ) ñ

How To Change Chromebook Keyboard From INTL to US? 

Chromebook shows INTL on the bottom right side to represent the mode of your keyboard language. If you see the INTL sign on your Chromebook, so your keyboard is in international language mode, which means that you can use specific characters without some symbols because the punctuation marks of the INTL keyboard are different from the US keyboard.

The US sign on your Chromebook represents that your keyboard is now in the US language mode. You can type all the characters and punctuation marks in this mode because the keyboards are automatically set on this mode. 

If you want to change the Chromebook keyboard from INTL to normal mode, make sure that you have perfectly added the second language. After that, use this combination of keys.

  1. Press the Shift+Ctrl+Spacebar keys to change the US keyboard into the INTL on Chromebook.
  2. Press and hold the Shift+Spacebar keys to change the INTL keyboard to normal.


You have to face multiple conditions in which there is a need to use more than one language keyboard on Chromebook to complete or get the additional accents. In these situations, we described how to use international keyboard on Chromebook. You can learn the strategy of changing and adding a second language keyboard with the help of our guidance. By using numerous combinations of keys, you can also get the accents given in the table.

By Brandon S. Lee

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