Does Apple Magic Keyboard Have Backlight?

does apple magic keyboard have backlight

The magic keyboard is a masterpiece of the inventions of Apple. The magic keyboard comes in three apple categories for joining the best typing experience for users. Apple is applying multiple significant features to update its devices. They put different mechanisms, designs, and gestures in the magic keyboard to make it incredible for users. This keyboard has various stabilities, but whether Does Magic Keyboard Has Backlight or not will be under discussion in this guide. 

Keyboards with backlights are manufactured by various iconic brands like Apple, Logitech, and Razer. Before selecting a keyboard, if you want to take a keyboard with a backlight feature, It depends on which brand attracts your attention. But if the magic keyboard is your favorite, you need to detect this feature.

Definition of Backlighting

Backlighting refers to the feature that illuminates the keys on a keyboard, making it easier to type in low-light conditions.

Types of Backlighting There are various types of backlighting, including RGB backlighting and white backlighting. RGB backlighting allows users to choose from a variety of colors, creating a custom look for their keyboard. White backlighting is a simpler option, providing a uniform white light to illuminate the keys.

Backlighting provides several benefits, including improved visibility in low-light conditions, reduced eye strain, and an enhanced aesthetic appearance. By illuminating the keys, users can type more easily in dark or dimly lit environments, reducing eye strain and increasing accuracy. The customizable and aesthetic options provided by backlighting also make it a popular choice among keyboard enthusiasts.

Does Magic Keyboard Have Backlight?

The magic keyboard does not have backlights or any feature of lightning. If you are looking for backlights in the magic keyboard, you can try its other models like the iPad magic and iPad magic pro keyboard. By the way, the magic keyboard is not a wrong choice if it does not have backlights because these features are just for the appeal of users. 

Backlights are available in other keyboard brands, but Apple has a particular technique to establish this feature. They produced this feature in the latest models on public demand, and its magic version was designed many years ago. So nobody can expect backlights in magic keyboards.

These keyboards have more than three kinds of products including scissor-switch keys, Bluetooth, and tablets. Unfortunately, they could not bring access to designating backlights in all these models. They have multiple reasons to avoid this feature from these models.

The leading causality is to keep the magic superficial and worthwhile. Most workers and owners of larger companies prefer this keyboard because they have employed macOS and MacBooks. You can find every helpful feature in this keyboard except backlights.

Alternative Options for Backlit Keyboards

For those who prefer a backlit keyboard, there are many alternative options available. Apple offers a variety of backlit keyboards for its devices, including the Magic Keyboard with Numeric Keypad and the MacBook Pro keyboard. These keyboards offer white backlighting, providing uniform illumination for the keys. In addition, there are many third-party keyboard options that offer backlighting, including RGB backlighting for a custom look.

Factors to Consider

When Choosing a Backlit Keyboard When choosing a backlit keyboard, there are several factors to consider. The first is compatibility with your device. For those using Apple devices, it is important to choose a keyboard that is compatible with your device. Other factors to consider include the type of backlighting, such as RGB or white, as well as the level of customization available. Additionally, the level of brightness and adjustability of the backlight should also be considered.

Does Magic Keyboard 2 Have Backlight?

Magic Keyboard 2 is the second edition of the succession and was released after one year of Magic keyboard 1. This keyboard has similar features to the previous one but does not have a backlight feature. It is the same in shape, layout, keycaps, and glass trackpad.

Magic Keyboard 2 is the latest version of Apple and does not contain any lighting features. Its layout is still standard like its old version, but it’s yet a favorite of mac users. Besides this, Apple illuminated its key light to simple white light to make it formal. 

Does iPad Magic Keyboard Have Backlight?

The iPad magic keyboard contains a backlit option to work in darkness while the room lights switch off or you desire to watch a movie in low light on the iPad. This keyboard just comes with simple white light under the keys. Whenever you want to work in darkness, its white light pops up, and you can type perfectly. 

The brightness of the lights is adjustable and can be changed by hand usually. Sometimes this backlit interferes during work in the dawn and looks strange to the eyes. Therefore, the possibility of turning them on and off by desire is practical. You can actually adjust its brightness in dim light with its general setting option.

Does Magic Keyboard With Touch Id Have Backlight?

The Magic Keyboard with touch id only runs with iMac. Apple does not allow to use of touch id keyboards with standard monitors, but one keyboard specified with silicon hardware is usable. This keyboard does not contain backlighting rather expensive to assign this feature.

It is unpleasant for those who want to work in dim light or dark areas. But it does not mean it is unuseful. It retains the advanced feature of touch id, which helps you to unlock your mac quickly, and its keys work in complete silence so you can type without dragging your fingers.

Does The New Magic Keyboard Have A Backlight?

Apple introduced its new magic keyboards with restricted features and limited compatibilities. The first is its have just one color and is expensive. The second is it does not have a backlight attribute for working in darkness. It has no modification in layout except for the expansion of arrows and numeric keys on the right side.

Does Apple Magic Keyboard With Touch Id Have Backlight?

The Apple Magic Keyboard with touch id is more comfortable to employ, but it does not have backlighting and individually backlit keys. You are examining a backlight feature, but you cannot ignore its other worthwhile services because it has a more comfortable impact on users without lightning.  

Conclusion on Apple Magic Keyboard and Backlighting

While the lack of backlight functionality may be a disappointment for some, it is important to keep in mind that the Apple Magic Keyboard was designed with simplicity and minimalist design in mind. For those who prefer a backlit keyboard, there are many alternative options available, including keyboards from Apple and third-party manufacturers. When choosing a backlit keyboard, it is important to consider the compatibility with your device, the type of backlighting, and the level of customization and adjustability available.


Most mac users have trouble with magic keyboards before picking whether Magic Keyboard has a backlight or not, which is not necessary for regulars. Let me clarify that the Apple magic keyboard does not have a lightning feature because they want to retain their device decently familiar. Its other versions, magic keyboard 2 and magic keyboard with touch id also come without a backlight. 

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