How To Change Light Mode On A Fantech Keyboard?

Nobody can forget the services of Fantech in the era of gaming. Fantech is a 30-year-old company of tech leading the technology products in multiple variations to beat all other tech brands. Gaming is a singular vocation that demands every device established with LED and lighting diamonds. If you are using the keyboard lighting, it will be helpful for you to comprehend how to change light mode on a Fantech keyboard.

The Fantech keyboard is an outstanding invention of the gaming company. By observing the desires and tastes of users, Fantech allows the innovation of gaming keyboards that depend on the preferences of gamers and regular users. Keep reading to learn the technique of changing lights in the Fantech keyboard.

How To Change Light Mode On A Fantech Keyboard?

There are various methods of changing the lights mode within different models. You make sure that everything is alright and done before applying the strategy. You can take several actions to perform this act on your keyboard, but the knowledge of the model is necessary for doing so. Put your computer on and plug in the cable of your keyboard into the computer. It will allow you to change light mode efficiently. 

In the approach of changing its modes, your specifications and preferences are very crucial to play fireworks on a gaming keyboard. Make it possible to switch on the keyboard because you know without power, you cannot take any action on the Fantech keyboard. There are two broad ways to change the light mode on a Fantech keyboard, which might be easy for anyone.

First, press the fn + f1 keys together and hold them until the mode of light changes. Keep pressing these keys and changing the colors until the exact color arrives. It will turn on the changing of colors and show you seven different shades of color that you select. The one promising fact, there is no need for the installation of softwares and programs RGB, unlike Skytech, Onn, and magic gaming keyboards.

Second, press Ctrl + Esc key in windows to navigate the settings of lights. It is the backup process of changing lights when the first process fails. You can follow these steps to apply this method.

  • Navigate the settings
  • Type Fantech keyboards settings in the search bar
  • Click on the lighting option
  • Select the light mode you want on the keyboard
  • Sane the settings and enjoy the multiple effects of colors

Is Fantech A Mechanical Keyboard?

When we talk about whether Fantech is a mechanical keyboard or not, the comparison of its attributes with other gaming keyboards can solve your issues. Its models with swappable hotkeys and Change RGB backlighting panels show us its mechanical differentiae. The ability to replace sockets is also a sign of a mechanical keyboard.

After testing some models of Fantech keyboards, we found out that 60% of keyboards of Fantech are established with every gaming feature and are compatible with standard devices. The other 40% are less mechanical due to their fewer abilities of gaming features. Here we have a list of top-notch Fantech mechanical keyboards.

  2. FANTECH MK871 Pantheon

How Do I Turn Off The LED For My Keyboard From Fantech?

Turning off is too effortless as you can do it in seconds. Two ways are helpful and valuable for this purpose. You can do it by pressing just two keys at the same time. Press the fn key within 1 button and hold for just one or two seconds. It will turn off the LED of your Fantech keyboard.

The other simple way is navigating the Fantech software on a computer and disabling the lights from settings. Reach on Fantech software and select the Setting mode. Click on the Lighting tab and select the LED option. After that, turn off the LED by selecting the off option.

If these two techniques are not working, unplug your device and plug it back in. The LEDs will turn off automatically.


We described the better ways how to change light mode on a Fantech keyboard within seconds or in a short time. You need just clicking two keys correctly to get the changes in the colors of lights. Otherwise, you can choose the second option of settings them. Fantech is a mechanical keyboard and this solution is described in detail in the above section. Moreover, You can read and learn the process of turning off the lights of Fantech keyboards with the help of a function key.

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