Why are Mechanical Keyboards so Good?

why are mechanical keyboards so good

why are mechanical keyboards so goodMechanical keyboards are not new in development industries as these gaming keyboards had been developed decades ago. But due to great hype and popularity, they are now recognized as the professional gaming keyboard which also provides typing accuracy, smoothness, speed, quality, and performance perfection.

Some people are wondering about what’s so good about mechanical keyboards. Mechanical keyboards are designed to make your gaming or typing super smooth, faster, & easier as they contain so many incredible features & functions.

What do you think, do mechanical keyboards make you type faster? Share your views and be with us to get the answers to all such relatable questions associated with the performance and quality features of mechanical keyboards.

Why are Mechanical Keyboards so Good?

Unlike membrane or synthetic keyboards, mechanical keyboards are of utmost stability, durable but classic in looks, starting from the 1980s. These computer keyboards are also known as professional gaming keyboards under $30 consists of premium-grade plastic key switches along with the covering called keycaps.

In addition, mechanical switches contain keycap: the top cover with the number/letter on it, stem: the part presses down when key presses under the keycap & housing: the component holding together every part.

If you are wondering why are mechanical keyboards so good? So hold on and keep reading this content till you get to know why are mechanical keyboards better.

Mechanical keyboards are much faster, accurate, comfortable, and practical in everyday typing or gaming as compared to other keyboards. Its features and high-class performance made these keyboards amazingly popular among professional touch-typist, journalists, programmers, Esports gamers, copywriters and many others uses keyboards for the work.

On average, the ratings of different mechanical keyboard models from different brands range from 50 million to 80 million keystrokes per key, which roughly make 15 to 25 years of keyboard lifespan. However, mechanical keyboards are indeed expensive though they can be a good investment for years of heavy use.

Are you still amazed that why are mechanical keyboards so satisfying? These are the keyboards made to last longer even after heavy typing or gaming. Also, they are designed in a way that fits every individual’s preferences as well as provides tactile sensation or feels.

Above all, the best hit about the mechanical keyboards is the customization, which took everyone by surprise, including switch users, who can customize keyboards in any way they want.

How do Mechanical Keyboards work?

The mechanical keyboard is entirely based on the physical mechanism for operations, these take in mechanical switches attached with spring. With the slight keypress, the attached string to the stem goes down and touches the circuit as the circuit gets the signal it registers keystroke.

The mechanical keyboards come with varieties of mechanical switch types, let’s check out the insight of every switch type:

Linear Switches

Linear switches are smooth and faster but do not offer feedback. Linear switches are needed to be pressed all the way down to register keystrokes although it’s instant and smooth. These switches do not make the sound of the click, also enabling users to reach faster actuation. It’s good for gaming.

Tactile Switches

With a slight keypress, users will feel a noticeable tactile bump on the finger and the keystroke is faster yet smoother with tactile switches.  These switches offer the best feedback while typing and you will clearly hear the ‘click’ noise. It’s preferable for typing-related work.

Clicky Switches

With a unique or somewhat weird noise, these switches as well as provide similar benefits as tactile switches. With every keypress, you get an extra response, which leads you to precision in gaming & typing.

Mechanical Keyboard – Qualities

Mechanical keyboards provide so many high-tech features so that users can improve their productivity.

Let’s get in detail and check out the features/qualities of the mechanical keyboard:


The mechanical keyboard comes with a robust build, strong construction, and superior technology as these keyboards are made with only the highest quality material that lasts long.

The quality of key switches contributes greatly to the durability of a mechanical keyboard, for example, Cherry MX Key switches are rated for 100 million keystrokes per key with most of its keyboard models.

Whereas, many other keyboard models come with a good lifespan ranging from 70 to 80 million keystrokes per key. Nowadays, mechanical keyboards come with the aircraft-grade aluminum frame while heavy-duty materials such as ABS are used for a great lifespan. Moreover, mechanical keyboards also feature advanced wear, tear & spill-resistant as well as dust-proof features that aid mechanical keyboards to last long.

Comfort levels & Switches

In general, key switches are discerned by colors that indicate feel and sound interlinked with a variety of switches.

Mechanical keyboards offer a huge number of choices or preferences that suit every individual needs or requirement based on working or gaming. Users can even make the searching of best key switches possible with one of the superb options which is the use of a switch tester.

In this way, users will be able to get appropriate key switches according to their working characteristics. Also, this act does prevent you from all worrisome about replacing a keyboard that can be a tiring problem after purchasing.

Improved Typing

Mechanical keyboard tends to boost typing speed, accuracy, smoothness, also diminishes the possibility of a typing error. Typing accuracy is one of the most loved features, which is almost impossible to get with rubber dome keyboards.

In comparison to membrane keyboards, mechanical switches need halfway of a keypress to get activated.  In this way, typing will be faster, accurate, and error-free.

Different Layout Options

The factor of multiple layout options is another dynamic aspect of the mechanical keyboard that makes it stand out. Now, a mechanical keyboard comes with a wide range of options and lets you choose your ideal keyboard having your required layouts.

You can opt from:

  • Full-sized keyboards (TenKeyLess or 75%, split/ optholinear, 65%/60% & 40%/ 30% Keyboards)
  • Percentage keyboards (choose upon preferences)

Forget Typing Error

You can reduce your typing error and other related issues using a mechanical keyboard. This purpose is attained using some of the best features of mechanical keyboards including Anti-ghosting, N-Key Rollover, and switch design.

Anti-ghosting is the mechanism work to preclude unintentional keypress, however, N-Key Rollover enables users to press a combination or multiple keys at a time, usually, a mechanical keyboard accepts N-Key rollover of 6 or more keys.

By Brandon S. Lee

Hi, My name Brandon S.Lee and I am a professional Gamer, I also worked with the keyboard making company called Logitech. I was the quality check manager of the Logitech keyboard department. Here we have a team of people who researched on the keyboards, talked with keyboard users and analyzes the user reviews and then write the product reviews.

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