Advantages and Disadvantages of Mechanical Keyboards

advantages and disadvantages of mechanical keyboards

advantages and disadvantages of mechanical keyboards

If you have given a choice what would you prefer mechanical keyboards or synthetic/conventional keyboards and why? Do let us know your precious opinion on this.

Are you consider buying a mechanical keyboard? So hold for a while and read out this content once. We will be discussing and provide every precise information on all pros and cons of mechanical keyboards. Also, we will find out why are mechanical keyboards and mechanical switches better.

Hopefully, this content will help you understand whether the mechanical keyboard is best suited for your need or not.

A Brief Introduction of Advantages and Disadvantages

What do you think is why mechanical keyboards have become key peripheral for gamers, professional typists, journalists, etc.?

The increasing popularity of mechanical keyboards is not a secret anymore as the fastest keys response, smooth, practical and high-quality keyboard certainly gives you a pleasing typing experience or for gaming as well.

Before get in straight to the benefits of a mechanical keyboard, let’s check out some facts about the keyboard type, functionality, switch technology, and more.

Keyboards & Switch Mechanism

However, in general, two types of keyboards are available in the market which include a multilayered synthetic keyboard and a mechanical keyboard – but switch technologies like rubber dome/membrane, scissor-switch, and mechanical switches have been used so far.

  • Rubber Dome/Membrane

The most popular and inexpensive keyboards in the entire world are having the concept of rubber dome/membrane. But the biggest flaw of the membrane keyboard is that the key gets harder to press or get stuck due to clattering.

  • Scissors switch

The technology is only used in notebooks and Apple although these are quite similar to membrane keyboards few new mechanisms make a big difference.  They use different techniques to hold the keycap unlike in membrane keyboards also plastic guide shafts are replaced by dual cross-arms (plastic) for every single key.

Mechanical keyboards & Mechanical Switches

The computer keyboards having switches beneath their keys rather than rubber domes in conventional keyboards are known as mechanical keyboards. Mechanical keyboards are pretty much different from membrane keyboards not only because of the plastic switch under keys but the style of the keys and whole mechanism are worth mentioning.

The keyboard switch is comprised of many moving parts, the stem is based on two metal switches along with a spring under it. With a click-on key, the plastic stem push down the spring and it connects two metal contacts it activates keypress to the electric circuit of the keyboard and then the computer.

As this keyboard type provides a completely different feel than other keyboards even users can easily feel every keypress because of pulse switches. All such features make it ultimate perfect for speedy, smooth typing or gaming. This is the reason makes mechanical keyboards super popular among pro gamers, touch typists, programmers, and other keyboard-work-related individuals.

Although not all mechanical keyboards work in the same manner the classification of switches (linear or tactile or clicky) plays an important role. In order to work on the keyboard with the linear switch, you need to press slightly or just halfway to get activated, whereas, the tactile switch provides incredible feedback. Conclusively, the linear switch is way quicker as well as required comparatively lesser typing strength.

But as a whole, the principle remains the same both with linear and tactile switch and you can type way faster by simply click the keypress which you feel every time and also hear usually.

Mechanical Keyboards – Advantages

Here we are going to discuss the potential advantages of the mechanical keyboard and how these modern age keyboards help you be most efficient and professional, so let’s get started:

  • Durability & Quality

Unlike conventional keyboards, mechanical ones last longer, as well as the quality construction and premium grade materials, largely decreased the possibility of keys or other damages. Even so, keyboard durability largely varied by brand or manufacturer yet the average varies from 20 to 80 keystrokes million per key for example Razer, Outemu, or Cherry MX.

Nowadays, models from reputable brands are not only using high-quality internal parts but the exterior of the keyboards are of wear-resistant high-quality material. Do you type faster on a mechanical keyboard? with metal, bases are more stable and durable.

  • Speed & Accuracy

The major factor for which mechanical keyboards are in the gleaming limelight is their effortless keystroke, feel, accuracy and speed. You feel the importance of this feature when you are playing games or professional typing. You do not need to press the key with an effort like you used to do on membrane keyboards, with just a delicate press of key you will feel and listen to the click sound and you are all done.

The best about the mechanical keyboard is that it enables you to respond instantly in high-speed games. Also, a mechanical keyboard enables pro gamers to have the best gaming experience they can ever think of, as it permits pressing multiple keys at once similarly some models are well capable of recording limitless keystrokes’ numbers. Read more

  • 100% Efficiency

Mechanical keyboards are much more suitable and efficient as compared to membrane keyboards. You simply need to press keys halfway on mechanical keyboards and the actuation takes place already. On the other hand, some features that cause speedy efficiency among user-PC interaction include sharper key travel, accurate click registration, and tactile feedback.

You will be amazed by the quality, switch mechanism, and pace when you start getting a faster and amazing response by mechanical keyboard although you will feel exempted as your fingers feel the liberty.

If you are in search of a fast, accurate, and efficient keyboard, a mechanical keyboard is the right choice.

  • Exceptional typing experience

Yes, there is another great feature mechanical switch has been offered as it delivers great tweaking options as compared to rubber dome. So you can expect too many varieties of switch types, which also carry an array of characteristics.

You will find many switches with removable actuation points also there are some proposes surplus acoustic feedback. Moreover, optimization of switches especially for typing and gaming is not less than a wow factor of mechanical keyboards.

  • Low maintenance

The worst part about electronic devices is their maintenance which is tiring and takes a long time but this is not the case with a mechanical keyboard. Yes, surprisingly, mechanical keyboards are very easy to clean when it filled with dirt or debris likewise it is super easy to repair if you mistakenly spilled some kind of liquid.

As compared to conventional keyboards these keyboards are designed in a way that they are easier to disassemble for easy maintenance or repairing. In case keys get stuck so you do not need to rush anywhere, simply remove the keycap and check what happened, after repairing just reattach keycaps as mentioned in the given instruction book.  Even though you can easily replace the broken key with a new one.

  • Keyboard ghosting

What makes the Esport and video game enthusiasts fall in love with modern mechanical keyboards? It is the most recognized feature of mechanical keyboard known as ‘key rollover technology’’. This feature enables you to press buttons several times at a time as it would not cause any damage to the keyboard due to the anti-ghosting protection mechanism.

With the anti-ghosting feature of a mechanical keyboard, you can press multiple keys at once which do not collapse the keyboard in any way. Speaking of the gaming keyboard though it allows you to press 6 keys utmost at a time through 6 key rollovers so far only the mechanical keyboard is having an N-key rollover in which you are not limited and press countless keys at the same time.

So if you find a mechanical keyboard as the right choice for you then you might take a look to read Corsair k70 Vs k95 for a quick comparison.

Mechanical Keyboards – Disadvantages

If you are impressed with mechanical keyboard benefits so you should not forget about some of its drawbacks, do check out here:

  • Hefty price

To get all such amazing features and benefits you need to pay a heavy cost for a mechanical keyboard as it is not comparable in any of the features and price of membrane keyboards. The highest quality materials and expensive switches do cost you high now you need to think if you can invest in quality and top-notch features or not.

  • Noise

If you are easily offended by noise, be aware, a mechanical keyboard is not a considerable option for you. To be honest it is not that noisy but the volume of the sound varies from keyboard types and switches. Even though the lowest volume mechanical models such as Cherry MX Silent produce much more noise than others.

If you are the one easily bothered by noise, so give up on having a mechanical keyboard, in other cases just get one.

  • Weight

Mechanical keyboards are heavier than membrane keyboards, though this factor can be count as a benefit and hitch at the same time. Being heavy makes it more stable and steady while it is not compact also takes enough space due to its big size.

What do you think of it, a drawback or a benefit? We leave it to you.

Final Verdict

Maybe you don’t appreciate mechanical keyboards for varied reasons but the factor of smooth and faster typing cannot be changed. Being too much loud and expensive are the true factors involved, however, people who are eager to progress in accuracy and typing speed can easily overlook these factors though.

We hope this article will guide you about all the important factors of a budget mechanical keyboard under $30 and also help you choose the keyboard as per your requirement.

By Brandon S. Lee

Hi, My name Brandon S.Lee and I am a professional Gamer, I also worked with the keyboard making company called Logitech. I was the quality check manager of the Logitech keyboard department. Here we have a team of people who researched on the keyboards, talked with keyboard users and analyzes the user reviews and then write the product reviews.

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