What Are Custom keycaps? Where to Find them

What Are Custom Keycaps

What Are Custom Keycaps

What are the custom keycaps? It is one of the questions that new users tend to form when they hear it for the first time. And this is due to the little information that exists on the web today.

One of the accessories that best attract the attention of users of electronic equipment is personalized keys. These accessories are an incredible modification given to computers, both for their productivity and for the style they provide. Besides, they make the complete keyboard have greater durability and even resistance.

Similarly, it is always necessary to have these keys at our disposal because they are useful and simple tools.

Now, custom keys as well said, are accessories with which people modify their computers. That to give a better style and design to the keyboard of our equipment. Besides, they serve to make our device stay with better utility, and can provide great performance. Another advantage is the ability of custom keys to enhance keyboard functionality.

Upgrade your Keyboard and add Modernism

One of these accessories’ main characteristics is that they are always mechanical keyboards due to the productivity effects. Unlike the conventional keyboards we are used to, these custom mechanical keyboard keys come with a genius in their manufacture, different from the rest of the accessories.

Another thing that must be taken into account is that this type of mechanical keyboard allows the genius of customizing them to our liking. So one of the things that best attract consumers’ attention is the idea of ​​giving them the style you want best. Be it these custom keyboard keys with a plain and simple style or perhaps one with a more modern design.

This idea allows the possibility of playing with the designs and making more striking and modern equipment. With various colors, to make it a different piece on the keyboard, you can also add brightness or lighting to do a better job in the dark. The truth is that mechanical keyboards’ purpose does not simply have to do with the design, whether modern or not, but they are made to offer quality.

Features of Custom Mechanical Keyboard Keycaps

  • Greater durability. With the possibility of personalizing, these mechanical keys are designed to have greater resistance at work. Therefore, one of the characteristics that must be understood if you want to acquire this type of key is purchased from the correct manufacturer. That will prevent the accessory you buy from being of poor quality or not.
  • Possibility of customizing them. One of the characteristics of mechanical keys is that, as certain companies with certain exclusivity levels manufacture them, they can be designed to suit their clients. That is to say, the style that these types of keys will have is that they have a unique design for each client, and they can vary in style and purpose.
  • Better productivity. The mechanical keys are manufactured to provide an effect of better productivity in work to be done. Since the keys used in keyboards are almost always the same and do not use 100% of the keys on keyboards, these mechanical keys are made to resist more. They come with a greater capacity than the usual keyboards, which allows them to be used and give better performance to users.
  • The distinction in the keys. Keep in mind that these mechanical keys are manufactured because they are not all used in the same way. That is, each key has an elaboration style, duration, and design. These can vary if the numeric keys, symbols, signs, or course are the letter keys. Therefore, if what you are looking for is to have a keyboard according to each one’s unique taste, it is necessary to consider this possibility to be more representative.
  • Part or all of the keyboard. One of the characteristics that people must consider when buying or designing a keyboard in a personalized way, is that they may or may not do so partially or fully. That is to say, and it is valid that many users want to have a mechanical keyboard, which would be equivalent to being a personalized style. It could also be the manufacture of partial keys, that is, a few, with which we can give better performance to these teams.
  • Any style. Finally, another feature that custom mechanical keyboard keys have is that they can be designed with any style. And they can be any style, from the logo of one of the most famous movie franchises or series in history; or symbols of any other kind. The colors can also vary, the range of color palettes with which these manufacturing companies work is also wide. And in certain, the keys can be modified with some lighting or the possibility that they glow in the dark.

Best Keyboards to add Custom Keys

1) Custom Keycaps for Corsair k70

The Corsair k70 is a type of mechanical keyboard, devised with a unique design, and it could be said that even elegant. A USB connector is also a one-size-fits-all wireless keyboard capable of providing unique and durable strength. Besides, its keys come with incredible softness, almost invisible to the human touch, which is much more comfortable when using this type of equipment for many hours.

Another characteristic of this type of equipment is that it is manufactured to work for games. That being one of the best mechanical keyboards to work in online games continuously. The opportunity that this type of equipment allows is that they are much more than an accessory in a computer since their capabilities are much more than that. Some of the features that these custom mechanical keyboards have are:

  • The development of its keys is oriented to the Spanish language, although there are other keyboards with different language positioning.
  • It has a series of Cherry MX Red switches made by German companies, which means they are smooth and fast. That gives gamers or article writers the ability to switch to better results as they come with inaudible clicks.
  • The design of its keys is aimed at users with fast action, so they come with a smaller spring than the rest of the usual keyboards, which allows the response to be much faster than possible.
  • It is made with an aluminum frame designed to withstand a lifetime between games and games. Besides, this structure allows a greater reinforcement than many of the conventional keyboards, since its quality is superior.
  • The design comes with lighting on its keys and is one of the complete mechanical keyboards because it comes with numbers. And, if that weren’t enough, this backlight is multi-colored for any extra customization with any color in an almost unlimited way.
  • The USB connection is the one that allows access to another additional USB port either for the mouse or perhaps for the headphones. The possibilities seem endless.
  • This mechanical keyboard is oriented to provide 100% safe protection against null keystrokes as it has a simultaneous detection system that guarantees that commands and keystrokes are accurately recorded
  • Finally, it is necessary to bear in mind that its incredible resistant aluminum structure makes it one of the ideal mechanical keyboards for games.
  • Besides, they allow the possibility of modifying and customizing their keys’ design or style.

2) Custom Keycaps for 60 Keyboard

As for the new 60% keyboard, this type of custom mechanical keyboard comes with the possibility of modifying them. That is an RGB mechanical keyboard, which comes with a built-in backlight, plus it’s one of the coolest gaming keyboards on the market. And it comes bundled with an ergonomic cable ideal for computers, laptops, or even Mac Gamer.

Keyboard 60 is one of the best examples to help you discover what custom keys are? And how to put it to better use. Other features to consider are that these mechanical keyboards are designed for use in games and work for long hours.

That being one of the best mechanical keyboards that work continuously in online sessions in games. Its design is one of the most useful and functional computers since it is much more than an accessory. Some of the features that this custom mechanical keyboard has are:

  • It comes bundled with RGB-type backlighting, which means that the change the color of your keyboard combinations becomes almost infinite. It also comes with a multiple color mixing mode distributed throughout the keyboard without major inconveniences, since it does not need any controller.
  • It is a keyboard that comes in a small form design, with just 61 buttons on its keyboard, which is called a 60% keyboard.
  • Despite not having the same number of keys as the rest of conventional keyboards, it allows its users an incredible typing experience. And this is due to the technology with which this keyboard was manufactured since anti-ghosting is integrated, which will allow the commands to be executed without any lag response.
  • Its design is made with an ergonomic type that provides users with a more comfortable feeling with continuous use and prevents hand fatigue or fatigue.
  • It comes with a double PCB, which provides maximum stability in its keys. If that were not enough, the durability of these outweighs any inconvenience and is super resistant to use for many years, apart from the fact that its keys do not lose color so easily.
  • Another feature that provides the best capacity for this keyboard is that it is designed to be compatible with any operating system on the market.

To conclude, it is important to consider when buying custom keys their quality and the best to use, but above all, it is necessary to know what is custom keycaps.

By Brandon S. Lee

Hi, My name Brandon S.Lee and I am a professional Gamer, I also worked with the keyboard making company called Logitech. I was the quality check manager of the Logitech keyboard department. Here we have a team of people who researched on the keyboards, talked with keyboard users and analyzes the user reviews and then write the product reviews.

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