PICTEK RGB Keyboard Review

PICTEK RGB Mechanical Keyboard Review

The game keyboard is not cheap. Key features include high-quality keys and gaming and keystrokes such as N-key switching and Cherry MX, boosting technology spirits. Look like the 4th of July Fireworks can flash with RGB unique lights. The desktop dashboard allows you to create almost unlimited macros.

If you want to take advantage of a free keyboard game, there is a Pictek’s gaming keyboard that you can get for $ 27. Usually, click the coupon on the product page with a minimum price of $ 33 and add the BI9WT2HV costume code number when paying.

PICTEK RGB Keyboard Review

If you are looking for a cheap RGB page with “F” lighting options and feel comfortable for general use or gaming, you are not looking for this Pictek individual page. After a week of use, I felt that this would be an excellent time to work with the diary. This was more than I expected, such as the first impression in a Pictek game.

Even if it is not an engineer, it looks like a ‘device’ when the keyboard is keyed. I will explain later. They did a great job, which is a new look!

You need to clarify your requirements. Neither the Corsair K70 nor the Razor Huntsman Elite (to be read in the list of best sports cars in 2020). But you can get it for less than $ 27. Pictek interprets the keys of the “sensing device,” meaning they are not as smooth as standard membrane keyboards – but this is not the opposite feeling compared to the Cherry MX Red Key.

On the other hand, the keyboard supports 25 key shading – that is, 25 keys can be pressed and saved at the same time – and keys can be removed for easy cleaning. The keyboard includes a set of media keys and volume controls and a keyboard that lets you reach the top.

The original examples are shown with ten software upgrades for RGB. Don’t you want light You can turn it off completely? A small phone alarm clock is also placed behind the keyboard. Too bad not to present. But it is worth buying a $ 27 subscription for RGB lighting.

The term “sensory device” used in some keyboards still holds me back. It is often awkward to cut sales of people looking for cheap keyboards.

When I hit the cow and decided to try this Michalek pic, I was amazed at how I felt. I have used a lot of keyboard instruments so that I can easily compare these keyboards.

Build Quality

Another important aspect of any keyboard is generic character formation. It is made of clean and robust plastic. Pictek said she has ten million keys to see if she can pass that test when she can exceed 10 million.

To test the temporal summation, I decided to bend the keyboard and push the knee while turning the keyboard. He turned a bit, and immediately my weight became a heavy burden – no worries about too much weight pressure.

RGB Lighting

Now onto how the lighting works here. You hold the FN key and press on the corresponding key to the effect that you want to have.

It’s effortless to do, and there is no software required to switch between the different modes. There are seven different modes in total. Waving mode will wave all of the colors throughout the keyboard always.

Spectrum mode will light up all of the keys the same color but still change between all of the different colors.

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