How Do You Change the Color of Your Keyboard?

If you are all ready and passionate about changing or improving the anatomy of your gaming setup so RGB keyboard is a must thing to ponder over. The most appealing factor of the RGB keyboard after the performance is lighting or lighting colors especially for the beginner of the gaming world. In case you have a gaming keyboard how do you change the color of your keyboard?

If you don’t know how to change the color of the keyboard light, this article right here will guide you thoroughly and provide all-inclusive insight into the topic.

How Do You Change the Color of Your Keyboard?

Most of the gaming keyboards come with features in which standard 16.8 million color options are the key feature when it comes to RGB backlighting. These are way too many colors that boost up the mood or reflect fantastic ambiance, which can rejoice or refresh your brain to perform the task you are up to.

It allows you to create splendid effects with the change in the backlight of the keyboard, primarily for typing or working you can adjust the backlighting of the keyboard to soft colors and vibrant colors for the gaming session.

Normally, RGB keyboards enable you to change the color with the combination of FN and Right Arrow key pressing simultaneously. On every combination press, the color changes one by one from the list enabling you to go through the colors options till you get the one you like. Not just the color of the entire keyboard, if you like you can change or adjust the color of separate keys, and that is surely an impressive feature.

Although you cannot change the color of all keyboards using this method as different types of keyboards require varied methods to change colors.  And sometimes it can be challenging enough to figure out changing keyboard color especially when the keyboard is all new to you.

Let’s take a look at methods of adjusting colors on different keyboards:

How to change the color of the Desktop keyboard?

To change the color of your computer keyboard you need to press keys in combination, Fn + C. The first combination press opens up the range of backlight color options the keyboard features. On the combination keys pressing usually 3 to 4 backlight colors activate by default. Although you can just add two custom colors in the set-up series of BIOS systems.

Here is the step-by-step process of changing your keyboard color.

  • Firstly, click the combination keys of Fn + C, then click on the option ‘Lighting’ sited at the left side of the navigation sidebar
  • Then you have to select the ‘Keyboard’ option located in the right-top corner
  • Now the three modes pop out such as static, animation, and off, you should select the ‘Static’ option for altering the backlight of the keyboard manually
  • This option allows you to manually change the backlight colors of the keyboard for specified parts

How to change the color of the keyboard laptop?

There are many laptops featuring keyboards with backlighting although very few of them enable users to adjust the colors of the keyboard. Laptops like these have integrated Windows 10 and if you have the same laptop and have a query like how do you change the color of your keyboard on windows 10, here comes the easy way explained in simple steps.

Generally, laptops that feature the keyboard’s backlight enable a user to adjust or change backlighting colors by using hotkeys. The same hotkeys are used for macro programs and dedicated applications on the keyboard. As we mentioned above, you can simply press the combination keys of Fn + C and change or adjust the colors of the keyboard’s backlighting. This simple method works most of the time but in case it does not work try using this method mentioned below:

  • You have to open the app first and click on ‘Set keyboard theme’ you will be offered various options of colors within the options tab. The tab commonly carries colors like blue, red, black, green, grey, and pink.

But if you want to alter the colors of the keyboard’s backlight using some other source yet you must follow the same method described. Initiate with the app opening and select the option of ‘set keyboard theme’ then tab on my image option. Then you should select an image from the folder of the gallery or you can try any other sources such as google photos etc.

How do you change the color of your keyboard on a Chromebook?

Since most Chromebooks come at affordable prices therefore manufacturers don’t bother including the feature of keyboard backlighting commonly. But those Chromebooks that offer this feature cost relatively high and there hardly will be customizing color backlighting option but it allows users to increase/decrease intensity or brightness.

To adjust the light intensity or brightness of the keyboard backlight, you need to locate the Alt key and keys of screen brightness adjustment. While pressing and holding the Alt button you need to click the screen brightness up in order to increase brightness and click the screen brightness down button for decreasing intensity or brightness of the backlight.

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How to adjust the color of the keyboard’s backlighting on Macbook Air?

For changing the color of the keyboard on MacBook Air, these are the simple steps you need to follow.

  • Begin with the Apple Menu and select the option of system preferences from the menu
  • Then you have to select the option of ‘Keyboard’ present in the tab of system preferences
  • Now you need to choose the ‘adjust keyboard brightness in the low light’ option and now by using this option you can change the backlight colors according to your preference and requirements.

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