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are membrane keyboards good for gaming

What do you think, are membrane keyboards good for gaming or not? Well, it’s not just peripherals that can make you good at gaming. Since mechanical keyboards have become immensely popular among gamers people using membrane keyboards are worried about the fact if they are good for gaming. Similarly, the hefty price of mechanical keyboards seems unjustifiable to many gamers or to those who are still using membrane keyboards.

Notably, mechanical keyboards are intended for gamers as these are commonly known as gaming keyboards, so these have to be best for gaming. Also, it is a confirmed fact that usually, people who shifted from membrane keyboards to mechanical keyboards feel a big difference anyway. In particular, when it comes to gaming experience or otherwise, mechanical keyboards definitely bring something unique and effective.

Are Membrane Keyboards Good for Gaming?

On the other hand, membrane keyboards can be good peripherals for gaming, but eventually, gaming is all about gamers’ skills and tricks. Precisely, the basic and plain aesthetic of membrane keyboards could not be able to offer an incredible gaming experience. These keyboards lack those special features that are supported enough for efficient gaming.

However, membrane keyboards are good for typing but are they good for gaming as well? In case you are going to buy a membrane keyboard and are curious about can you use membrane keyboards for gaming.

Here you get all such questions answered, in this post, we are pursuing membrane keyboard in-depth from its structure to its drawbacks and plus points.

Let’s dive into it straight away:

What are Membrane Keyboards?

The membrane keyboard is the descendant of modern keyboards. These are the standard keyboards normally used in offices, workshops, internet cafes, schools/universities, and many other places. Membrane keyboards are easy to manufacture therefore they are much more affordable than mechanical keyboards. These keyboards are widely used with PCs that is why commonly known as computer keyboards as well as commonly used in industrial control systems, pocket computing devices, and many others as specialized or small keyboards.

Typically, membrane keyboards are configured of three layers finished of rubber-like material. The top layer or membrane layer under each key moves a through-hole layer and simultaneously gets in contact with the lowest layer has electrical circuits printed. On every keytop pressing, it let pressure pads travel through and make electrical contact with circuits for a keypress.

Membrane Keyboards – Types

Commonly two types of membrane keyboard designs are available in the market, known as Flat membrane keyboard and dome switch membrane keyboard.

  • Dome Switch Membrane Keyboard

This type of keyboard uses dome-like switches in which the top layer has printed letters on it. Although some dome switches have a letter printed and others are laser strained. This is the keyboard design or types usually available with a regular laptop.

  • Flat Membrane Keyboard

Flat key design is what you usually see on printers (some types), microwaves, and various other tech-related devices. What makes this design unique is its keys in which the same pad is printed that users press for keypress actuation. However, this keyboard design uses a pressure pad but still does not offer substantial tactile feedback this makes this keyboard not suitable for typing.

Besides, membrane keyboards share the same sole and flexible rubber-like layer whereas mechanical keyboard is configured on a mechanism in which every key has its individual respective part.

What are the plus points of Membrane Keyboards?

Even though they are basically the improvements and development add on several benefits. Membrane keyboards are prominently silent, portable, and very much affordable.

  • Silent Keys

The worth discussing benefit of membrane keyboard that snatches the limelight from the mechanical keyboard is its quiet keys. That is why people prefer these keyboards to use in offices and meeting rooms.

It is because the separate keys mechanism also membrane keyboards are not complex made so they work quietly.

  • Portability

Membrane keyboards are relatively lighter in weight than mechanical keyboards as they are normally made out of plastic and it is much easier to carry them around. They are compact and lightweight, making them the perfect trip companion.

  • Inexpensive

It is the much-admired benefit that membrane keyboards contain. Since they are low-priced to produce, mass production is much more convenient and suits various popular brands.  Therefore, the market holds various variants of this type of keyboard available in such a competitive price range.

What are the drawbacks of Membrane Keyboards?

With some potential benefits membrane keyboards still offer some disadvantages that cannot be ignored. Obviously, the major issue with this keyboard type is typing problem, surely the drawbacks of the membrane keyboard paved the way for mechanical keyboards in the market.

  • Uneasy Typing Feel

This type of keyboard offers a mushy feel on typing that really hurts while typing or gaming session. The tactile feedback offered by mechanical keyboards is far much superior to the extent there is no comparison to membrane keyboards.

You need to put extra effort to press the keys on membrane keyboards, though, you adjust to that after some time but the factor certainly counts.

  • Key Rollover

Given how the mechanism of the membrane keyboard, this is absolutely impossible to press more than one key simultaneously.  However, the mechanical keyboards enable the user to press several keys at the same time and are competent enough to detect various keypresses.

This is the most needed factor especially when you play any fierce game in which you need to press multiple keys at times. Sometimes the issue of ghosting occurs in membrane keyboards, it happens when the data of multiple keys get blended and actuates any unpressed key.

  • Customizing

With membrane keyboard, you are not offered a feature of customization, in case you are tired of keyboard performance and willing to replace switches, so you cannot make changes with your keyboard in any way.

  • Durability

If you happen to break any single key of your keyboard multiple keys likely break off. The primary reason for this is considered the single setup for keys used in membrane keyboards.

Are Membrane Keyboard Good for Gaming?

Given the membrane, keyboards are not specialized gaming keyboards like mechanical ones so it can be understood that they cannot provide an efficient and substantial gaming experience. Still, membrane keyboards can be used for gaming as several renowned gamers have been used membrane keyboards for their initial training.

There is nothing wrong to say that membrane keyboards have somewhere been the part of pro gamers’ playing career, for instance, the use of membrane keyboards at the internet cafe.

It may not be perfect but there is nothing to feel bad about it more or less it gets the work done.

That is to say if you can afford to switch to a mechanical keyboard for any reason so go for it. Surely, mechanical keyboards are designed and crafted for accurate, efficient, and the best satisfying gaming and typing experience.

By Brandon S. Lee

Hi, My name Brandon S.Lee and I am a professional Gamer, I also worked with the keyboard making company called Logitech. I was the quality check manager of the Logitech keyboard department. Here we have a team of people who researched on the keyboards, talked with keyboard users and analyzes the user reviews and then write the product reviews.

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