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Best Keyboard for Apex Legends

Are you looking for decent gaming gear to help you with a competitive game like Apex Legends? Then you should not avoid this post of best keyboards for apex legends.

Streamers and gamers from all around the world have gone crazy over the awfully popular game Apex Legends. That’s so the enthusiasts are deemed for any edge or advantage to be used against competitors in the game. Peripherals, apparently, can be the game-changers as updated gears like keyboard and mouse make big difference.

We dedicated today’s post purposely to addressing the significance of Apex Legends keyboards as well as providing a thorough guide to help you get the finest keyboard for apex legends.

Even though you can play the game using traditional keyboards, what is this best apex legends keyboard hype all about?

If you want to enjoy the essence of consistent victory in Apex Legends or FPS gaming, a budget mechanical gaming keyboard is a key factor. These keyboards, in general, provide you with a competitive edge and an absolutely fun gaming session through improved performance and extra high-tech features.

The modern-day keyboards for apex legends offer a lot more such as over-the-top responsive switches, LED lights, easy access to a hotkey, and much more. Pro apex gamers from all over the world adore such premium gaming keyboards the most as these keyboards are designed with maneuver techniques to help the user maintain the upper hand in games.

You may be wondering what the perfect gaming keyboard is. And if so, the list of the 7 best keyboards for apex legends will guide you.  We have done complete testing and extensive research on the keyboards which are perfect for Apex legends. Also, you should not overlook the guide on keyboard settings for efficiency & pro gamer related to apex legends.

Let’s not waste time and start with the reviews first:

Best 7 Keyboard for Apex Legends

Image Product Unique Features Price
Corsair K70 Corsair K70
  • Wide keyboard size
  • 8 MP profile storage
  • Adjustable multimedia
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HyperX Alloy FPS HyperX Alloy FPS
  • Colored texture keycap
  • Cherry MX Blue switches
  • Integrated numeric pad
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Logitech G Pro Logitech G Pro
  • Life span: 70 million keypresses
  • Media control buttons
  • Adjustable functions
Check Price on Amazon
Razer BlackWidow Razer BlackWidow
  • Backlit keys
  • Razer green switches
  • Magnetically attached wrist rest
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Razer Cysona Razer Cysona
  • Support 80 million keys
  • Chroma per-key RGB lighting
  • Backlit keys
Check Price on Amazon
SteelSeries Apex SteelSeries Apex
  • Ergonomic design
  • RGB illumination matchless customization
  • Adjustable switches
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Roccat Vulcan 122 Roccat Vulcan 122
  • Media keys
  • Scroll wheel
  • Integrated macro and setting memory
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1. Corsair K70 RGB MK.2 Gaming Keyboard

Corsair K70 RGB MK.2 Rapidfire Mechanical Gaming Keyboard - USB...
  • Aircraft grade anodized brushed aluminum frame, built to withstand a lifetime of gaming
  • 8MB profile storage with hardware macro and lighting playback allow access to up to three stored profiles on the go, independent of external software
  • Per key dynamic multi color RGB backlighting offers near unlimited color customization and control
Corsair K70 is one of the super-popular gaming/mechanical keyboards, also used by pro players like Ninja and Summit1g. Undoubtedly, the prime keyboard we have come across so far with Cherry MX Speed mechanical switches and RGB lighting.

You can expect good tactile feedback while the actuation point of keys implies 12mm thus keys are perfect for fast gaming and typing. The keyboard offers 100% anti-ghosting as well as full-key rollover so that with the fastest in-gaming actions it ensures accurate keypress register every time.


  • Wide keyboard size
  • 8 MP profile storage
  • Adjustable multimedia & volume
  • Individually lit keys
  • Dynamic lighting control
  • Wrist rest

  • Ultra-modern slim design
  • Reliable & durable
  • Best in full-day comfort
  • Customizable functions
  • Lack of extra keycaps

2. HyperX Alloy Keyboard

HyperX Alloy FPS - Mechanical Gaming Keyboard & Accessories -...
  • Compact design ideal for FPS gameplay. Solid-steel frame.
  • Ultra-portable design with detachable cable.
  • Cherry MX Blue mechanical keys, Convenient USB charge port
The HyperX Alloy gaming keyboard is a smart pick in case you prefer the compact size and a specifically designed keyboard for FPS gaming. A precise gear without an ultra-flashy board but with a robust steel frame, backlit keys, and Cherry MX switches are some of its impressive highlights.

The tenkeyless mechanical keyboard is Myth’s and Shroud’s favorite gaming gear. Along with the affordable price range, what makes it best suited for apex legend is the fact that it is designed with a first-person shooter in mind.


  • Colored texture keycap
  • Cherry MX Blue switches
  • Integrated numeric pad
  • HyperX red LED backlight
  • Customize lighting mode function
  • Simple yet durable design
  • Portable size
  • 100% anti-ghosting
  • Full N-key rollover
  • No wrist rest
  • Only mobile charging option available

3. Logitech G Pro

Logitech G Pro Mechanical Gaming Keyboard, 16.8 Million Colors...
  • Pro grade Logitech G mechanical keyboard built to the exacting specifications of ESports athletes for a competition level blend of speed, precision and...
  • Durable Romer G switches deliver 25 percent faster actuation than standard mechanical switches so every keypress is nearly instantaneous from fingers to...
  • Ultra-portable sleek and compact design frees up table space for mouse movement and is easy to pack and transport to tournaments: Rock Solid Reliability
With the unique name G Pro, Logitech took everyone by storm with the surprise innovation of a keyboard outfitted with Romer-G mechanical tactile switches that claimed to perform much faster click actuation than other gaming keyboards on the market.

The keyboard holds a sleek and portable design and proposes dedicated controls for easy adjustments, however, for RGB lighting you have the option to pick from 16.8 million colors.

This tenkeyless keyboard is the best fit for high stake gaming as it has been the choice of Daequan and has high distortion.


  • Life span: 70 million keypresses
  • Media control buttons
  • Adjustable functions (for light and volume)
  • 26 key Rollover
  • TKL
  • Compact, sleek design
  • Detachable USB cable
  • Various angle adjustments
  • G light sync mechanism
  • No numeric keypad

4. Razer BlackWidow TE Chroma V2 TKL

Razer BlackWidow TE Chroma v2 TKL Tenkeyless Mechanical Gaming...
  • The #1 Best-Selling Gaming Peripherals Manufacturer in the US: Source - The NPD Group, Inc. U.S. Retail Tracking Service, Keyboards, Mice, PC Headset/Pc...
  • Signature Mechanical Switch for Gaming: Razer Green switch technology provides a satisfying click sound with 50 G of actuation force, ideal for typing and...
  • Tournament-Ready Design: A tenkeyless design with a detachable USB cable provides a portable form-factor for on-the-go gamers
Razer enjoyed the highest reputation due to their top-tier peripherals and yet again the TE: Tournament Edition has made its name as this TKL keyboard is certainly a premium gaming gear. Seagull, KingRichard, and others have used this thin and small keyboard offering 10-key anti-ghosting and 5 macro keys.

The award-winning mechanical keyboard claims to last 80 million keystrokes while the tactile and clicky switches require an actuation force of 50 G with great accuracy.


  • Backlit keys
  • Razer green switches
  • Magnetically attached wrist rest
  • Chroma lighting
  • Multi-functional digital dial
  • Customizable function
  • Portable, unique design
  • Faux leather padded wrist rest
  • Reliable and durable
  • RGB lighting
  • Click noise can be a bit annoying

5. Razer Cysona Chroma

Razer Cynosa Chroma Gaming Keyboard: Individually Backlit RGB...
  • All-Around Gaming Performance: Able to execute up to ten commands at the same time with built-in key rollover anti-ghosting
  • Ultimate Personalization & Gaming Immersion with Razer Chroma: Fully syncs with popular games, Razer hardware, Philips Hue, and gear from 30 plus partners;...
  • Spill-Resistant Design: Built to withstand most accidental liquid splashes
Razer successfully managed to bring the pocket-friendly, entry-level gaming-grade keyboard with independently programmable 104 backlit keys with RGB lighting. Synapse technology is not new for Razer fans, the keyboard offers fully customizable RGB lighting as well as syncing function with almost all razer peripherals.

Cysona Chroma is an all-rounder when it comes to gaming performance for instance the maven holds the ability of 10-key anti-ghosting because of built-in key rollover.

Although you should not expect an edge-sharp response like mechanical keyboards but being a membrane keyboard, it provides delicate, soft feedback with every keypress.razer cysona chroma


  • Support 80 million keys
  • Chroma per-key RGB lighting
  • Backlit keys
  • Programmable macros keys
  • Full-size keyboard
  • Gaming-grade keys for gaming
  • Software supported
  • Responsive and quiet
  • Very affordable
  • Only wire connectivity

6. SteelSeries Apex Pro

SteelSeries Apex Pro HyperMagnetic Gaming Keyboard — World's...
  • FULLY CUSTOMIZABLE & STUPIDLY FAST with OmniPoint 2.0 Adjustable HyperMagnetic switches
  • WORLD’S FASTEST KEYBOARD — 20x faster actuation, 11x faster response than traditional mechanical keyboards
  • RAPID TRIGGER — Eradicate latency arising from the physical movement of the switch through dynamic activation and deactivation of keys based on travel...
SteelSeries tried a different approach with mechanical keyboards and take a whole new direction with Apex Pro to make it an easily swappable keyboard. The keyboard, though, is crafted with Omnipoint switches, enabling adjustments of actuation distance varied from 0.4 mm to 3.6 mm so that you can tweak every key as per your preferred actuation.

The solid build of the keyboard comes from an aircraft-grade aluminum alloy body that guaranty stability and durability while the magnetic wrist rest offer great wrist and palm support.

The gaming keyboard is equipped with dynamic RGB lighting, dedicated media controls for convenience as well an integrated OLED display in which the keyboard shows every essential detail.


  • Ergonomic design
  • RGB illumination matchless customization
  • Adjustable switches (linear switches)
  • N-Key Rollover
  • Dedicated media keys
  • Full-size keyboard TKL
  • USB connectivity
  • RGB backlighting
  • Ultra-responsive and quick
  • Heavyweight

7. Roccat Vulcan 122

ROCCAT Vulcan 122 Mechanical PC Tactile Gaming Keyboard, Titan...
  • TITAN SWITCH MECHANICAL (TACTILE) - Designed and built entirely by ROCCAT engineers and developed for gamers who love the feel of mechanical switches, but...
  • ADVANCED ANTI-GHOSTING - Technology optimized for gamers to ensure every key stroke of the most-used keys is registered – no matter how frantic the...
  • AIMO ILLUMINATION - ROCCAT’s proprietary lighting eco-system connects compatible devices present vivid lighting scenarios right out of the box, without...
In the case of Roccat Vulcan Gaming Keyboard, the wow quotient is most probably the design and its special features. They managed to impress the fraternity of pro gamers like Dr.Disrespect.

The finest keyboard has Roccat’s made Titan switches although the option of either linear or tactile versions of switches is impressive many feel the absence of a clicky option – still, the actuation distance of 3.6mm and 1.8mm actuation point is good enough for fast & accurate keystrokes.

The switches are incredible to type on and gaming on while the keyboard for overwatch comes with backlighting with 16.8 m color per-key RGB, which means that each key has its specific LED, even you can try various adjustments and lighting effects.


  • Media keys
  • Scroll wheel
  • Integrated macro and setting memory
  • Remappable keys
  • Advanced anti-ghosting
  • Full size and eye-catching design
  • Lasting durability
  • Removable palm rest
  • AIMO illumination
  • Easy to use and maintain
  • Bit noisy
  • Lack of USB pass-through

Best Keyboard for Apex Legends – Buying Guide:

If you are up to getting a keyboard for apex legends, you must take all the major factors into account. Along with budget and warranty, you should look out for padded wrist rest, switches with less actuation force, adjustability, and durability.

Once you are done with the keyboard picked and all set to get it rolling, it’s high time for optimizing keyboard settings as well as configuring its loadout.

Let’s get started:

Keyboard Settings for Apex Legends – Easy Gaming Configuration

You need wide-ranging keyboard actions for Apex Legends’ gameplay. Although the game itself owns presets settings still by using different keys on the keyboard and mouse individuals and various other actions can be customized easily.

The mentioned setup is an example in case you are required a reference point, to begin with:

Sprint L-Shift
Crouch C
Jump Space bar
Pickup/Interact F
Tactile ability Q
Inventory Tab
Ultimate ability Z
Melee V
Fire Mode B
Grenade G
Shield H
Reload R
Health Item 4

It is almost the same setup used in ‘Shroud’ and many other pro gamer configurations. The setup is a perfect combination that offers easy access to both defensive and offensive actions. Although it is not an all-inclusive setup but pro gamers after considering their playstyle prefer customizing things accordingly.

In this case, performing in creative mode is a good way to get to the bottom of what suits you best as per your style of playing.

Apex Legends Keyboard Settings of Professional Players


Sprint L-Shift
Crouch C
Ultimate ability Z
Tactical ability Q
Jump Mousewheel down
Crouch (hold) L-Ctrl
Inventory Tab
Pickup / Interact F
Melee Mouse 4
Fire mode B
Aim (hold) Right-click
Reload R
Selected health item 5
Shield cell 3
Phoenix kit X
Shield battery Mouse 5
Ping Mousewheel
Grenade G

These are the keybindings from a former professional gamer CS: GO (Cloud 9). The setup promotes speed and ease with all health and shield hotkeys for easy access.


Jump Space
Sprint L-Shift
Tactile ability Mouse 5
Crouch (toggle) C
Ultimate ability Mouse 4
Crouch (hold) Left Ctrl
Inventory Tab
Pickup / Interact E
Fire mode B
Reload R
Melee V
Health Item Q
Shield toggle H
Equip Grenade G
Cycle weapon Middle mouse

Ninja is another incredible player and such a famous streamer, his keybind settings are very well-suited for all levels of players and considered standard.

King Richards:

Sprint L-Shift
Crouch (toggle) L-Ctrl
Jump Space
Ultimate ability Y/Mouse 5
Tactile ability Q
Fire mode B
Interact / Pickup F
Reload R
Melee Scroll down
Shield Toggle H
Equip Grenade E
Health Item Mouse 4

It is popular due to its incredible tactical and way more friendly approach.

Most important factors for a keyboard for Apex Legends

When buying a keyboard for Apex Legends, there are a few key factors to consider to ensure that you get the best possible experience while playing the game:

  1. Mechanical switches: Mechanical switches are known for providing a more responsive and tactile typing experience, which can be useful when playing fast-paced games like Apex Legends. Look for switches with a low actuation point (the point at which a key press registers) and a low actuation force (the amount of force required to press a key), as these will allow for faster and more precise input.
  2. N-key rollover: Make sure that your keyboard supports N-key rollover (NKRO), which ensures that all key presses are registered, even if multiple keys are pressed at the same time. This is important in Apex Legends, as you may need to press multiple keys at once to perform certain actions or maneuvers.
  3. Keybinding customization: Check if the keyboard allows you to customize your keybindings, this will allow you to adjust the layout of the keys to one that is most comfortable for you and also allow you to execute actions faster by binding important actions to keys that are easily accessible.
  4. Macro keys: If your keyboard has programmable macro keys, you can use them to set up specific actions or combinations of actions that you use frequently in the game. This will allow you to perform those actions with a single key press, rather than having to manually input them each time.
  5. Durability: Look for a keyboard with a durable construction, as gaming can be intense and you don’t want a keyboard that will break easily.
  6. RGB backlighting: It can be helpful to have a keyboard with RGB backlighting, which allows you to adjust the colors and brightness to better suit the lighting conditions in your room.

Ultimately, the most important factors to consider when buying a keyboard for Apex Legends is the switches and customization options. These will give you the most precise and responsive controls for playing the game.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the best keyboard for Apex?

  1. Corsair K70 RGB MK.2 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard
  2. HyperX Alloy Gaming Keyboard

Are apex keyboards good?

SteelSeries Apex Pro is an extremely responsive gaming keyboard. This extraordinarily bold keyboard has too much more than just any ordinary mechanical keyboard which includes fully customizable switches, media controls, an OLED smart display, magnetic wrist rest, etc.

Is the apex 3 keyboard worth it?

The ultra-responsive gaming keyboard has advanced ergonomics alongside a solid build. Apart from easy pressing switches, the excellent keyboard offers wrist rest, great tactile feedback, RGB lighting, and much more.

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What are the best keyboard settings for Apex Legends?

When it comes to playing Apex Legends, there are a few key settings that you can adjust on your keyboard to make the game more comfortable and increase your chances of success.

  1. Keybinds: The first step is to make sure your keybinds are set up in a way that is comfortable for you. You can change the default keybindings in the game’s settings menu, and many players choose to bind certain actions, such as jumping or crouching, to keys that are easily accessible.
  2. Key rollover: Consider setting your keyboard to N-Key rollover (NKRO) mode. This will ensure that all key presses are registered, even if multiple keys are pressed at the same time.
  3. Macro keys: If your keyboard has programmable macro keys, you can use them to set up specific actions or combinations of actions that you use frequently in the game. This will allow you to perform those actions with a single key press, rather than having to manually input them each time.
  4. Keyboard Profile: Many gaming keyboard software allows you to create multiple profiles that you can quickly switch between depending on what you are playing, you can assign a specific profile for Apex Legends.
  5. Backlighting: If your keyboard has RGB backlighting, you can adjust the colors and brightness to better suit the lighting conditions in your room.

These are some general settings that you can adjust on your keyboard to improve your Apex Legends experience. It’s important to find the settings that work best for you through experimenting, as every player is different and has different preferences.

Please let me know if you have any more questions or need more help.

What is Apex Legends?

Apex Legends is a free-to-play battle royale first-person shooter video game developed by Respawn Entertainment and published by Electronic Arts. The game was released for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One in February 2019.

In the game, players are divided into teams of three and dropped onto an island where they must fight to be the last team standing. The island is home to various weapons, equipment, and items that players can use to gain an advantage over their opponents.

Players also select one of several “Legends” to play as, each with their own unique abilities and playstyles. This adds a new level of strategy to the game, as players must not only worry about their own survival but also work to support and coordinate with their team.

Apex Legends was well received upon release, praised for its fast-paced action, unique characters, and the introduction of the Ping system, a communication system that allows players to mark locations and items of interest. The game quickly gained a large player base and it is considered one of the most popular games in the battle royale genre.

Final Verdict

Pro players are already convinced about the importance of a perfect keyboard for apex legends or FPS gaming. Expectantly, this list of best keyboards for apex legends will guide enthusiasts to select the best fit as most of them are pros by pros.

Although there are some pros and cons for everything make sure you check methodically and come across a decision based on personal situation, preference, need, and opinion. In addition, these gaming keyboards are hot-hit in the market and have some extraordinary features that you will never regret buying.

Instead, you have hundreds of other options available that you can get.


By Brandon S. Lee

Hi, My name Brandon S.Lee and I am a professional Gamer, I also worked with the keyboard making company called Logitech. I was the quality check manager of the Logitech keyboard department. Here we have a team of people who researched on the keyboards, talked with keyboard users and analyzes the user reviews and then write the product reviews.

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