How To Play Keyboard And Mouse On Rec Room Ps4

Playing rec room with a keyboard and mouse is more convenient than a remote controller. Playstation 4 or 5 users always worry about how to play keyboard and mouse on rec room ps4 without a VR headset. But no need to wonder about that because the rec room authorises players to play on Xbox, Ps4, iOS, Dualshock 4, Xbox One, Xbox 360, mouse, and keyboard. 

Unlike other Ps4 supporting games, the rec room has individual setup and controls to play on the keyboard and mouse especially when it connects with PlayStation or Xbox.

How To Play Keyboard And Mouse On Rec Room Ps4?

The control system of every game leads to the methods of using and playing a game with a specific device like Ps4 and Xbox that helps to increase the speed and features of the game. The rec room is supported with a keyboard and mouse under confident conditions. You can play rec room with the help of a keyboard and mouse on Ps4 by following the control system.

Here are some general actions set by default with specific keys.

Keys Actions
Press W, A, S, D Keys To move forward, back, left, and right
Indicate mouse To look forward, back, left, and right
Press left shift  To sprint
Press left ctrl  To toggle and slide with sprinting
Press space or Enter To jump forward
Press space two times To fly
Press left mouse button+esc key To watch menu or dashboard
Press E To Interact
Press Q To drop element from offhand
Press V To create 3rd person view
Hold down C To select emotes
Press C To repeat the latest emote
Press T To talk by pushing the mic
Press Y To text in-room chat
Press alt and scroll the mouse wheel To zoom in and out

These all actions allow on Ps4, and you can take them by pressing and holding the given keys. Further, you can get more actions with the movement of the mouse and wheel by holding the escape and space keys. Now, you can learn its left and right-hand actions, which apply to pro players who are called real gamers.

Left-Hand Actions

  • Press LMB to get left-side primary actions
  • Press RMB to take left-side secondary actions
  • Press the mouse and hold the f key to wave your hand and thumbs up

Right-Hand Actions

  • Press LMB to take right-side primary actions
  • Press RMB to get right-side secondary actions
  • Press 1, 2, 3, and 4 to get the left slot, back slot, right slot, and backpack menu

What Games Can I Use Keyboard And Mouse On PS4? 

The PlayStation 4 allows playing specific games on a keyboard and mouse and the rec room is one of them. First, you need to connect your keyboard and mouse to Ps4.  You can do that by just plugging the cables of the keyboard and mouse in front of the Ps4 sockets. Then you can play these games by knowing their controls.

  1. Warframe, Warthunder
  2. Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare, Black Ops Coldwar, Warzone, Skylines 
  3. Five Nights At Freddy’s and Freddy’s 2
  4. Ark: Survival Evolved
  5. Fortnite, Dayz
  6. Deep Rock Galactic, Final Fantasy XIV, Fortnite, House Flipper
  7. Minecraft, Mount&Blade: Warband
  8. Paladins, Paragon, Quack, Risk Of Rain 2
  9. Smit, Sipligate, Terraria, The Sims 4
  10. They Are Billions, Zombie Army 4
  11. Save sims 4 with Keyboard 


The rec room is simultaneously playing with friends by using the remote control. But in the case of a keyboard and mouse on overwatch, you just play it singly. If you don’t know how to play keyboard and mouse on rec room ps4, you can learn it in this guide because we explain every action widely.

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